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Ava’s Fantasies

Sometimes it’s a good thing to push yourself out of your comfort zone, and a lot of the time you find yourself very satisfied with your decision. Well that was my experience over the weekend, and honestly I’m so glad that I was able to just let go and allow myself to really surrender. I have always been really interested in intricate knot patterns that I’ve seen with bondage tying. And although I have had some rope work done on me its never been by someone who had a lot of experience and was just great at what they do. And in just a matter of hours, all of that changed.

I met this guy at a bar with some friends and I was just drawn to him immediately. Something about him just naturally demanded my attention and believe me, I wasn’t going to fight it. I think he noticed that my eyes were practically glued to him because he glanced over and me and then started walking in my direction. I could feel my heart beating faster as he approached me and introduced himself. Everything about him and his essence had me hooked. We got to talking and I find out that him and I have a lot in common, one of those shared interests being kink. I told him that I worked for a phone sex line and his eyes lit up. I think at that moment I just may have had him hooked as well.

We clicked so well that we both decided we should head back to his place and have some fun. Take some time to explore each others kinks and fantasies. When we walked into his house it was amazing, I could feel the butterfly’s in my stomach and trust me that doesn’t happen very often. It was like I just knew that this man was going to take me on a wild adventure. He excused himself while I sat on his soft black sectional and I could hear him looking through some drawers in his room. When he came back into the room he was holding a big thing of thick rope and a ball gag. I instantly got wet just looking at the combination. He asked me if I had ever been tied and suspended from the ceiling, and the answer was no I hadn’t. He came up and caressed my face as he told me to put my trust in him and to tell him right away if at any point I wanted him to stop.

I stripped down to my bra and panties and I could tell he was just memorized as he studied every inch of my body, so slowly and meticulously. He lead me over to different room that looked to be his play room. Different play furniture filled the room and my eyes were drawn to a black metal sex swing looking frame. He pulled the black plush ottoman over to me, and told me to get comfortable. He grabbed the rope and starting tying my arms behind my back, and worked his way around my chest and breasts. It’s hard to describe how many things were running through my mind as I felt the rope covering more and more of my body. I felt helpless and out of control, but it turned me on so much I could barely contain myself. Each time I felt his hands followed by the tightening of the rope, I couldn’t help but moan and quiver. As he finally got down to my knees he started to hook straps onto some of the knots on my back. He grabbed the ball gag and placed it in my mouth and around my head as he stared intensely into my eyes. He pushed the lever and the straps started to lift me up so I was hanging in the air.

I felt his hands touch my legs as he finished tying my legs bent at the knees and making sure my thighs stayed apart. He started kissing my neck and telling me how amazing I looked as his fingers started playing with my pussy. Telling me that tonight was all about me enjoying this experience. He opened a drawer and pulled out a Hitachi wand and I almost came just looking at it. He noticed my hard nipples and played with them as he touched the wand to my clit. Never in my life have I been so turned on and completely unable to squirm as hes just hitting all the right spots. Even the ball gag couldn’t stop my intense moans. He slid his fingers inside of me with the wand on my clit and I had the most intense orgasm that I will never forget.

From a sub of mine,

Ava’s gym always has time for dancers. With their lithe, spry athletically toned bodies, they make great customers. Annie was a twenty year-old wannabe ballerina with extensive training but with disappointing stamina levels when she decided to sign-up for one of Ava’s aggressive training programs. Annie had strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes, a tight little ass, amazingly toned legs and the most pert, spectacular little 32B breasts, you could ever hope to see. When Annie entered the gym in her dancer’s leotard, Ava was immediately drawn to the young women’s breasts, she imagined that they were so pert that they would stay in place even without the sports bra, Annie had on today.

Ava immediately suggested the “Ava Knows Best” training plan for Annie. Ava mentioned that she would personally be supervising the woman’s training and definitely could help her stamina. In addition to rigorous cardio and stretching, there was also to be a some psychologically training included. Annie would be listening to tapes at night and watching videos to relax her and improve her breathing and clear her mind in an effort to improve her stamina.

After a week of the physical exercises, Ava gave Annie the first of the recordings to listen to at night. She stressed that it was important to listen to the entire recording on repeat as she slept. Additionally, when she arrived to the gym tomorrow, she would start playing the videos as Annie worked out as well. What Annie didn’t know was that Ava, the gym owner, also had a degree in psychology with a minor in marketing. She had developed a number of subliminal messaging campaigns for her clients prior to owning the gym. In this case, Annie was being trained to not only increase her stamina for dancing but to also remove her inhibitions and to increase her sexual desire in general, and for Ava, in particular.

When Annie arrived in the morning, she was wearing a pair of skimpy lycra shorts and a barely there lycra sports bra just as the recording reminded her was her new favorite outfit. Furthermore, Ava noticed Annie blush as she gave her a much longer than usual hug when she arrived in the morning. As Annie commenced her workout, Ava began playing videos for her to watch with relaxing scenes from nature but spliced in were subliminal messages teaching Annie that she was in fact very submissive and needed someone powerful to serve. Every once in awhile, Ava’s image would appear telling her in a dominant voice, to push harder and work harder because she wanted to please Ava, didn’t she.

It’s been a month since Annie’s training began, she has never been more physically or mentally fit in her life. She just got the lead in the upcoming ballet in town and never has been happier. She is telling Ava all of this in between licks of her goddess’s pussy. She licks Goddess Ava’s pussy at the start of each workout and gets fucked by Goddess Ava’s huge 8″ strap-on at the end of each workout. In fact, while Goddess Ava films her for some of her top clients to watch, Annie does each workout now with a pair of custom lycra shorts which has a dildo in the front and a buttplug attached in the back. Today, is a big day for Annie, from now on she will be working in the gym for Goddess Ava. Someone as mindfucked and constantly horny as Annie who is also a flexible and toned dancer will be an invaluable asset for men who need to exercise their cock muscles, and women who need their inner thighs worked. For Annie, it is great to serve a goddess like Ava.

Ava walked into the gym wearing her lilac leggings and yellow lycra sports bra. All heads turned any time, she entered the gym. Everyone wanted to see her, she was that beautiful, athletic and powerful. Her 34D plush breasts were as toned as every part of her goddess body. You can get a lot of time working out when you run your own gym. It had been Joe’s gym but a few months after he “dated” Ava, Joe wasn’t around any more – although there was one person who swore the new nighttime janitor looked an awful lot like Joe – and it was Ava’s gym now.

On this day, Lexi, a well-toned 5-foot, 18 year-old gymnast with blonde hair, blue eyes, a perfectly toned heart-shaped butt and perfect pert C-cup tits and who wanted to spend the summer getting in even better shape to prepare for her upcoming first season of college gymnastics was applying for a job at Ava’s gym. When Lexie entered the gym, she was pointed toward Ava, of whose beauty she was immediately in awe. Lexi liked boys but hadn’t dated, Jim Nastics, was the only boy she had time for she often joked to her friends. Ava sized up Lexi and immediately decided she wanted to have her. For her own part, Lexi looked amazing in leotard and yoga pants, she admitted she wasn’t sure what to wear for this interview but felt most comfortable in this attire. Ava hired Lexi after a brief token interview and even offered to help train Lexi each day after her shift was complete.

For the past four weeks, Lexi had been working for Ava. All the customers of the gym loved her and Ava had put together a cardio and bodysculpting regime for Lexi that had her in the best shape of her life. Furthermore, Lexi was great at following orders. Anytime that Ava need Lexi to do anything in the gym, she was more than willing to oblige. She followed her new exercise regime and even the diet that Ava recommended without question. In fact, after initial shyness about wearing a sports bra all day, she know eagerly showed up daily in an outfit like Ava’s; namely, skintight lilac leggings and a matching lycra sports bra. She was so comfortable in it now, she wore it on the bus to and from work. On this night, however, Ava had a different type of training in mind.

When the last customer left the gym at 10PM, Lexi approached Ava for instructions on her workout for the evening. Ava instructed her to change into a pair of very small spandex workout shorts and a similarly tightfitting sports bra that she handed to her. Lexi did as instructed and the workout proceeded as usual; however, as the workout came to a close, Ava said the following: “Lexi, to end our time tonight, I would like to train you on something that I think would be very beneficial to this gym and our customers. A number of customers have requested a massage service at the gym since they are so sore from working out. I don’t have time to do it myself but I would be glad to show you how to do it, plus you must be so sore from that workout.” Lexi nodded in agreement. “Follow me.” Ava led Lexi to a room that previously had been an unused office space. Now, the room had a large massage table in the middle with a variety of items such as oils and massage tools inside a nearby cabinet. Ava instructed Lexi to lie down on the table and she began massaging up and down the gymnast’s taut, muscular legs. She could see the tension relief in Lexi’s face as she proceeded to massage her from her feet up to her lycra covered ass. Ava moved up to Lexi’s back and shoulders as the girl seemed nearly entranced with the pleasure she was feeling from the massage. Before Lexi even knew what was happening, Ava slowly removed the clasp on the gymnast’s sports bra to get full access to her back. She started to slide the back of Lexi’s lycra shorts so that she could work the girl’s perfect ass. It was majestic and Ava had to control her own urges as she continued. “Flip over, pet,” Ava said which Lexi did obligingly without even realizing what she had been called.

Ava removed the gymnast’s sports bra completely and began massaging the most pert pair of 32C breasts, she could have ever dreamed of seeing. Ava moved her hands down the gymnast’s torso, as the girl basked in the glow of total relaxation. Ava slid the gymnast’s spandex shorts down to her knees, exposing the most adorable smooth pink box that Ava had ever seen. As she worked her hands down the front of Lexi’s body Ava started talking softly to her. “You are comfortable, Lexi. You are relaxed, Lexi. You don’t have a care or stress in the world, Lexi. You love me touching you don’t you, Lexi.” As Lexi nodded and squirmed in desire, Ava continued. “You love doing what I tell you don’t you, Lexi? You crave me telling you to do more, Lexi. I see how you look at me. You secretly lust after me, don’t you, Lexi?” The gymnast’s face turned crimson but she was too aroused to do anything but nod in agreement. “You think of me as a goddess, don’t you, Lexi? I am a goddess to you. You want to do what I tell you. You know I am your goddess. You crave me sexually don’t you, Lexi?” Lexi mumbled agreement. “Look how wet you are down here, young lady. You really must like doing things for me and thinking about me. I think you need to be more than just my employee. I think you need to be my submissive. Don’t you, Lexi?” The gymnast’s wetness answered the question but she still mumbled out a “Yes”.

“What did you say, pet?”

“I said yes.”

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, I want to be your submissive.”

“Yes, Goddess, I want to be your submissive is what you need to say. When we are alone from now on, you will call me Goddess Ava and I will call you sub lexi or pet. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Goddess Ava.”

“Good, now I am going to massage the inside of that tight little box of yours and when you cum, I want you to say. “I love you, Goddess Ava and I love being your sub!” When you do that you will be mine.” Ava started rubbing the gymnast’s inner thighs and softly inserting her fingers inside. Lexi’s pleasure was reaching a feverish pitch and suddenly she started convulsing with orgasmic delight.

“I love you, Goddess Ava and I love being your sub!”, Lexi shouted.

“Now, go get showered and change and I will tell you about how things will change around here from now on, sub lexi.”

It was going to be an amazing rest of the summer for Goddess Ava and her gymnast sub lexi.


From a sub of mine,

Ava is amazing. I mean, obviously, she is gorgeous with spectacular luscious lips; deep, dark mesmerizing eyes that you could get lost in for hours; an exquisite curvy yet athletic body highlighted by 34D plushly perfect breasts and an immaculate ass. She is witty, intelligent, and sternly caring with an amazing air of dominance that makes it easy for one to know his/her place is at her feet.

Ava is a goddess. Everything about her is heavenly. Her power is evident the first time that you see her or talk to her. You need to please her. You know that she knows what is best for you. She does know what is best for you. When you are in her presence, you want to please her – no, you need to please her. She cares about you; so, you want to improve yourself for her – no, you need to improve yourself for her. Before you know it, you are working out – because she works out to keep her body athletic and toned. You are eating better – because she eats a diet that keeps her looking amazing and you need to look your best to please her.

Ava is brilliant. She knows so much about so many things. You love talking to her. She is so informative. She provides insight and opinions that shape the way you think. She knows what is right and when she tells you what that is, it becomes your gospel. You want to think like Ava does because she is so much smarter than you – no, you need to think like Ava wants you to because it is right. She always knows what is best for you – what your social interactions should be; what your fetishes, obsessions and desires should be; what you should be attracted to. You want to get turned on by what Ava says you like – no, you need to get turned on by what Ava says you like because someone that brilliant could never be wrong.

Ava oozes sensual dominance. Her voice is soothing, yet powerful. Her words are as hypnotic as her mesmerizing eyes. Interacting with her, you immediately know that you are inferior to her in every way. You know that she must only have true gods as her boyfriends and lovers. You want to do all you can to make sure that any time she spends with them maximizes her happiness and pleasure. You need to feel cucked by the gods that she fucks and loves. You need to realize how inferior to her you really are. It’s what really excites you, doesn’t it?

There is no domme like Ava. She is perfection and dominance all wrapped into one. She is incredibly beautiful, amazingly talented, supremely intelligent and brings you to your knees in awe of her superiority over you. She is the most amazing domme in the world.

From a cuck sub of mine,

Ava and I had been dating for about six months. We had spent time together shopping in the finest stores, dining in the finest restaurants, and traveling to some amazing places. I was ecstatic to have someone as beautiful, intelligent and amazing as her by my side. Her beautiful deep eyes, her lusciously kissable lips and seeing her amazing 34D breasts nearly bursting out of any clothing she wore were all amazing. I was so eager to please her and to be with her that I hadn’t even really pushed things when all we ever seemed to do sexually was a soft peck on the cheek or brief kiss on the lips, a short embrace or holding hands. However, I was more than excited when she told me she had a surprise for me and to meet her at a hotel room, she had reserved for just the event.

When I arrived at the room, Ava was there in a form fitting silk babydoll lying on the hotel room bed. She told me to go into the bathroom and change into what she had left for me. I eagerly did as instructed. All that was there when I arrived was a pair of white lycra compression shorts and a matching lycra top. As I eagerly changed into these clothes, I could feel my 6″ cock begin to grow. When I slipped the shorts on the outline of my average bulge was apparent. I walked out of the bathroom to see Ava hanging up the phone. Not thinking anything of it at the time, I walked over to her where she looked me up and down as if performing an inspection. She got up from the bed and walked over to me, still sizing me up from head to toe. “Turn around,” she instructed as she patted first my ass and then slowly stroked my spandex clad bulge. “Hmmm. Hmmm. Not bad. Not bad. Not great but not bad,” she added. She slipped her baby doll down to her waist, exposing her absolutely exquisite 34D mounds of mammalia. “Okay, I showed you, mine. Now, you show me yours,” as she pointed down to my rock hard bulge.

As my cock sprung out of my lycra with minimal help from my hand, there was a knock on the door. “Hmmm, I thought you could be a little bit bigger and harder after what you’ve just seen boy,” she said with a tone of ridicule. At which point, my cock started to get limp. “Wait right there and don’t move a muscle,” she instructed.

Ava went over to the door and opened it. In walked a hulking man, about 6’5″ with the sculpted body of a Greek god. He immediately kissed Ava passionately on the lips and started rubbing her exposed plush breasts. “Boy, this is my lover Brock,” she said unflinchingly, “Brock, this is my silly little boyfriend.” While I stood there dazed and a bit confused, Brock began to disrobe as Ava went into my bag to take the Magnum condoms she had told me to bring. “By the look of his little thing, he won’t be needing these,” Ava said with a sadistic chuckle to Brock, “You on the other hand my Adonis will definitely be needing them.”

Brock finished taking off his boxers and exposed his cock which had to be at least 9″ long while flaccid. Ava stripped out of her babydoll and headed to the bed pulling Brock with her. “Boy, you will be playing with that dicklet while you watch a real man fuck me. Brock, come fuck me!”. She did not have to ask Brock twice, he immediately leapt on to the bed and began fucking my girlfriend as if his life depended on it. His now hard cock was at gargantuan proportions. I watched in disbelief amazed that I was finally getting a chance to see Ava in all her glory naked, yet it was another man who was having the honor of fucking her. Without realizing it, I was frantically stroking my inferior cock as I watched them in the throes of intense passion. My cock was harder that it had ever been. “See, I told you he’d like it,” Ava said laughingly to Brock, “he’s good for some things like shopping or dinner but it takes a real man like you, Brock, to fuck a goddess like me.”

As the two lovers surged toward an amazing joint climax, my cock was ready to burst. “Don’t you dare cum, until we are done and are ready for you, boy!”, Ava exclaimed right before her and Brock exploded in euphoria. I was as hard as I had ever been as Ava whispered instructions to Brock, who then proceeded to approach me. “Are you ready to cum, boy?”, she inquired as I was nearly bursting. I nodded eagerly and desperately for release. “Now, Brock,” she said, and he immediately began squeezing the contents of his recently filled condom onto my hair and face. When he was finished, he stuck the outside of the condom in my mouth, “You may cum now boy, covered in and tasting the juices of your goddess and my lover.”

I exploded with the most amazing orgasm of my life as my girlfriend Ava and her lover Brock howled in delight. “Hope you are enjoying the first day of your new life, boy.” I knew I was going to be Ava’s cuckold from now on.

If you want to know how to have my body melting in your hands, run your fingers threw my hair while you talk dirty in my ear. Slowly start tracing your fingers down to my tits and feel my hard nipples. Rolling and pinching them as moans escape my lips. Your warm lips pressing against my neck as you kiss and bite your way down. Just the feeling of your breath against my neck makes my back arch and my toes curl. Your hands pressing against my waist makes my pussy so wet.

This is everything my body has been so desperately needing. Your fingers running through my hair as you start running your other hand up my shirt. Sitting me up so I can slowly pull my shirt up and over my head before throwing it to the floor. You slide the straps of my bra off of my shoulders and kiss your way from my collar bone to my tits. Tightly gripping them as you bite and suck on my nipples. My heart is racing and my pussy is aching to be filled. I start to unbutton my pants as your kisses make their way down my stomach. As I eagerly strip my pants off I see you do the same. Your hard cock throbbing and standing at attention for me.

You lean over me and trace your tongue down my body before making your way down to my pussy. Opening your mouth to gently grip my panties between your teeth and guiding them down over my soft thighs. You pull my legs down to the end of the bed and get down on your knees. Wrapping my legs around your head as you grip my thighs tightly and start exploring my wet pussy with your tongue. Dancing over my clit and driving my body wild. I feel one of your hands make their way between my thighs and your fingers start sliding inside of me. Perfectly balancing the strokes over my clit with your fingers inside of me pushes me right over the edge and my thighs tightly grip around your head and giving you a taste of my sweet cum.

You stand up and slowly lower yourself down on top of me. Teasing my throbbing clit with the tip of your cock. Squeezing my tit as you slide your hard cock inside of me. Biting my neck as you stretch my tight little pussy with each stroke. Licking your fingertips before you slide them back down to my clit and slowly stroke it as you fuck me. Telling me how much you love burying your thick cock inside of me. Telling me how long you have waited to be able to fill me up with your hot cum. Speeding up your stroke and pumping my pussy harder with your hand firmly around my throat sends me over the edge. The tight contractions of my orgasm sending you over the edge and I can feel your cock throb with every pump of cum. Slowly pulling your cock out of me so I can taste our cum together and suck that cock clean.

I returned to the gym hoping he would be there. Today, I was in my skintight shiny, purple leggings with matching purple sports bra. My super cute sneakers made the outfit completely irresistible. I made sure my hair looked as amazing as my tight, fuckable body did. I looked perfect as you would expect from a goddess.

He was sweaty by the time I got to the gym – a white compression shirt clinging to his glistening body and white spandex shorts that could barely hide and contain his raging 8″ cock. He was bending over to pick up a dumbbell when I passed by and squeezed his firm, athletic ass. He smiled as I walked toward the treadmill. Today, the gym was completely empty besides the two of us. I started running on the treadmill as he worked his amazing muscles. My 34D breasts could barely be contained by my sports bra. My leggings were so tight it was if they had been painted on.

What I had learned since our encounter yesterday was that he was the owner of this gym. He left the room for about thirty minutes while I continued my run on the treadmill. When he returned, his top was removed and his chiseled frame was on full display. His cock was rock hard against its spandex shorts prison. He locked the door as he entered and walked over to me. He had the lilac leggings that I had left in my locker from yesterday. He took his bulging erection out from his shorts and began stroking as he watched me. When the precum started to flow he once again used the inside of those leggings as his cum rag.

I removed my sports bra and let my perfect breasts become exposed for his view. Just when I thought his cock couldn’t get any harder, it sprang further to life. His dripping precum now was filling the inside of my lilac leggings like a baker icing a cake. I walked over toward him and put my immaculate purple leggings clad ass in front of his face. I slowly removed the leggings to expose my perfect ass cheeks unencumbered by any underwear. He put down the lilac leggings and grabbed me from behind. His strong hands, caressed my tits as he began thrusting deep inside my eager, exposed ass. I could feel his man meat get harder and harder inside me as we thrust our perfect, athletic bodies in synchronized bliss.

I could feel him start to quiver as his cum began to boil inside his balls. I inched over to the lilac leggings as he fucked my ass repeatedly and made my nipples rock hard with his teasing. When I could sense he was about ready to explode I pulled away from him and handed him the lilac leggings. He exploded his stream of cum inside the crotch area as if he had been storing it for weeks. The lilac leggings now had a shiny white frosting inside the crotch area. I took his cock inside my mouth and cleaned it, then I proceeded to start licking up the cum off the lilac leggings. I picked up his spandex shorts and rubbed the inside of the crotch area against my super wet box. We each took our bottoms that had been blessed by the other’s cum and put them on. I kissed him on the lips with the taste of his cum still apparent. I whispered to him that I would be back tomorrow when his cock and my box would get to experience each others’ cum for real.

It was early in the morning as I confidently entered the fitness center. My skintight lilac leggings were caressing my sexy, athletic legs and perfectly toned ass. My plush tits were squeezed into my amazing purple sports bra. The gym was fairly empty as I headed to the treadmill to start my workout. I put my noise cancelling headphones on and starting listening to my favorite workout music playlist. My ass and and 34D tits bounced in hypnotic rhythm to the music and the pace of the treadmill. I was feeling as good as I knew I looked.

After about 30 minutes on the treadmill, I noticed him from across the room. An amazing specimen of male physique and power. His rock hard abs and well-toned biceps were apparent through his skin tight compression shirt. His lycra shorts hugged his muscular thighs and made it clear that his muscles weren’t the only part of him that was large. I noticed that he was as enamored with my form as I was with his. I smiled to myself, as I upped the pace of the treadmill to give him a further show. He seemed to be almost hypnotized as he stared at my tight ass and amazing tits bouncing up and down, up and down. I continued my workout for an additional 30 minutes.

As I stepped off the treadmill glistening from an amazing workout, he started toward me with a towel. He introduced himself, although I wasn’t really interested in what he was saying. I took the towel and stepped off the treadmill. I pretended to stumble, so that I could fall toward him. He caught me and suddenly shivered as I reached out and squeezed his already hard spandex clad cock to maintain my balance. As he helped me to my feet, I kept my hand around his cock feeling it growing harder by the second. I whispered for to him to follow me out to my car.

Within seconds, his spandex shorts were down exposing his gorgeous, huge 8″ man meat. I started teasing his erection with my lips and tongue, it didn’t take long before the precum was flowing. I had him rub his dripping cock along the inside of my pulled down leggings, as I wanted to have him bless my leggings with his juices. When my leggings were lubricated with his precum, I took his cock back to my mouth and pulled my leggings back up to feel his precum against both set of my lips. I sucked him over and over until he exploded in my mouth with his tasty seed. I pulled him toward me for a snowball kiss then let him know I’d be back tomorrow and told him to leave. If he wanted to see and pleasure more of my perfect body, he needed to prove it by working out daily with that amazing cock hard in anticipation. Working out is going to be so much fun now.

As much as I love being a strong and powerful domme sometime I just have a longing to be dominated myself. I love cracking my whip over a little sub sluts ass. But sometimes I need to be the one who is bent over and tied up while you paddle my ass until its bruised. I love making my subs choke on my big thick veiny strap-on. But today I was craving something a little different. I wanted to be the one on my knees choking on a big thick cock while being told how much of a little cum slut I was.

Thankfully I knew just the person I wanted to be submitting to. He is tall, sexy, and strong and just the right person to bring out the little submissive cum slut inside of me. Just the anticipation of him coming through the door had my pussy wet and my knees a little weak. When he was finally in front of me it was like a light switch turned on and I was completely at his mercy. He grabbed some of my hair and told me to get to work. So I slid down onto my knees and started to rub his cock over his pants while I undid his jeans. Sliding my hands into his boxers and pulling his thick cock out and admiring it.

My mouth was watering as his cock finally parted my lips. He gripped my hair tighter and started throat fucking me while telling me how good of a little cum slut I was. He pulled my mouth off of his cock and told me to beg for it. I begged and pleaded for his cock before he rammed it back down my throat again. He thrust into my mouth a few more times before he lifted me up and turned me around. Pushed his thick cock up against my pussy and started rubbing it against my clit. Talking dirty in my ear about how a naughty little slut like me deserves to be punished. He reached around and started pinching my nipples while he pushed his cock inside of me. Smacking my ass as he pumped his cock in and out of me.

He pulled his cock out and starting cracking the flogger over my ass. Telling me to beg for more like the little slut that I was. Making me rock into each lash and beg him for another. Then he rolled me onto my back and tucked my knees to my chest. Shoving his cock inside of me and telling me to beg for his cum. Tell him how badly I wanted him to cum all over my face. It felt so amazing I stated cuming all over his cock and he told me to open my mouth and stick my tongue out. Then he started pumping his load out all over my face. Calling me a good little cum whore and lifting me up so I could clean all of my cum off of his cock. It was everything I had been needing so bad…

No matter what I do it seems that my extremely high sex drive never lets up. Even during times like running simple errands I cant seem to get sex out of my mind. I might be standing there just pumping my gas and all Im thinking about is how much Id like the guy across the parking lot to be bending me over the hood of my car. I find myself being the most tempted when I go to the gym to work out and see all of the fit and sexy men surrounding me.

A week or so ago I showed up to the gym to get my work out in for the day and I couldnt help but notice this guy staring at me right as I walked through the doors. He was tall, buff, and had eyes that I could just get lost in. My first instinct was to glance down and see if I could see his cock print through his basketball short. I could tell that he had a nice thick cock just from the way his shorts fell over his bulge. I could feel my pussy getting wet just thinking about it. I knew I needed to go into the locker room and gather myself. I went in and got changed and was ready to further engage in this game of cat and mouse I love to play.

As soon as I walked out of the locker room I would immediately feel his eyes locked on to me. But I acted like I didnt notice him at all. I walked around the get onto the treadmill in front of him and I purposely pulled my leggings up so he could see the way they were form fitted and nice and tight on my ass. I casually glanced at the mirrors that line most of the gyms walls and I could see him staring intently at my ass as I was jogging. Then I decided it was time to go and do my squats. I did a couple
of sets and noticed him moving to a machine closer to me. So I decided to go up to him and introduce myself and ask him if he could help me with my form and he agreed. Lightly placing his hands against my ass and thighs as he explained to me what areas I should be feeling the reps in.

He said his name was Tyler and there was just something about him that I knew I needed to have. I told him that I was free after this and was wondering if we wanted to get to know each other better and he agreed. I swear I could see his cock twitch when those words left my mouth. Like he had been waiting to ask me but was waiting for the right time. I had him come back to my car with me so he could bury his face in my pussy and give me some relief I had been needing all day long. He shoved his fingers inside of me while he was licking my clit and it didnt take long for me to cum all over his face. He kissed me so I could taste myself and then I put his cock into my mouth. I told him to grab a fist full of my hair and
start fucking my face and as he kept pumping his cock into my mouth I could feel him start throbbing even harder and then he filled my mouth up with cum. Now Im definitely looking forward to the next time we run into each other at the gym.

Every year I always take it upon myself to plan some kind of end of summer trip with some friends. Its like a celebration of summer and sexuality. Anything goes and everyone there is more than ready to have a great time. This year happens to have been one of the most fun. As soon as we all arrived it was very obvious that there was a lot of mutual attraction between us all. Now it was time to find out where exactly it was going to be taking us.

It wasn’t long before we all found ourselves skinny dipping In the lake and exploring each others naked bodies. I was spread out on the waterline my feet in the water with my sexy blonde friend stacey’s face between my thighs. Her fingers tracing her way up my thighs all the way to my wet little pussy. Her tongue tracing over my clit making my toes curl and my back arch. James comes over and sits besides us and starts taking out his hard throbbing cock. I reach around to grab it and start teasing it with my tongue and sliding it down my throat.

I tell Stacey to switch with me so I can finally get a taste of her sweet little pussy. I lay a towel underneath her and start kissing my way up her thighs while James gets behind me and starts sliding his fingers inside of me and playing with my clit. I start licking her clit and fingering her as James starts sliding his throbbing cock inside of me. His thick cock stretching my tight little cunt with every thrust. Stacey starts moaning even loader as her tight little pussy starts contracting around my fingers and I can taste her cum. Justin starts pounding me even harder and I start to cum all over his cock.

The three of us find the rest of the group and decide to partner up and start playing with each other around the fire while I went and got my box of toys for everyone. There’s nothing better then being out in nature with amazing people who are great at making you cum. That is why these trips will always be a highlight of the year for me.

You have kept me waiting for so long I just cant take it anymore. I need to give in and let you take over. Take control and tie me up like the little fuckslut that I am. Make me beg to be pushed farther than I ever have before. I need to you to show your ownership and take me. Burn it into my brain that I am your belonging and I am to do as you say when you say it. I need that kind of control in my life.

Place the ball gag into my mouth and strap it tightly around my head. Gliding your fingers up and down the side of my face. Slowly brushing the pieces of hair out of my face and tucking them behind my ear. Telling me how much you love seeing me on my knees bound and restrained. You tie my ankles and wrist together before bending me over your knee. Taking your whip and lashing my ass over and over. Smiling wider as the muffled cries escape my lips. You whisper in my ear that you own me. And that you will ALWAYS own me. Those words make me so wet. But I the pain of my welting ass sends chills through my body and I can barely breath.

You flip me over and grab your wand. Tucking my bound ankles up towards my ass and spreading my knees apart as you rip my thong right off. Placing the wand directly onto my clit while you shove your fingers inside of me. Muffled moans finding there way through the ball gag as my whole body quivers. It feels so amazing I’m already starting to cum. But you don’t stop there. My body starts to shake and you don’t stop pumping your fingers in and out of me while the wands vibrating on my clit and I cant take it anymore. I’m cumming over and over and I cant stop my legs from moving and my body from shaking.

You unstrap my ball gag and pull out your throbbing cock while keeping the wand on my clit. Ordering me to open up my little whore mouth and suck Daddies cock. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and forcefully fucking my mouth. Telling me how much you love watching the tears roll down my cheeks while my lips are wrapped around your cock. A couple more strokes and you pull your cock out of my mouth and flip me over. Quickly burying every last inch of your cock deep inside of me I cant help but moan louder every time you pump your cock inside of me. Grabbing onto my hips and thrusting deep inside me. I feel myself start to cum and my pussy tightly contracting around your cock. You pull out and grab my hair and pump your load out all over my face. Making me one very happy little fuckslut.

Sometimes I think one of my best qualities is how much of a brat I am. No matter what it is I always seem to find a way to get exactly what it is that I need. Its like he just cant resist when I’m being a brat and running my mouth he needs to give me what I want. And he knows exactly what that is. I start talking back and being sassy and the next moment I’m on my knees and he has a fist full of my hair. Telling me to open up my bratty little mouth. I swear it’s like he can read my mind and he knew what I so desperately needed was to have his cock throbbing in my mouth.

But of course getting my mouth fucked is never enough for a little brat like me. I always need more and he is more than happy to give that to me. After he has finished fucking my mouth he stands me up only to bend me right over his knee. Telling me how much he just can’t resist punishing me for having such a sassy mouth. That he knows exactly what I am doing and he is going to make me pay for it. Just hearing those words come out of his mouth make me wet. He pulls down my panties and starts sliding his fingers in my pussy. Teasing my clit and telling me how bad I am going to pay for being brat.

He then puts me on the bend and tells me to get on my hands and knees while he grabs the paddle. Firmly gripping the leather paddle he wraps his fingers up in my hair and start paddling my ass. Lash after lash telling me how much of a sassy little brat I’ve been and how hard he is going to fuck me. He knows how much I love when he takes control and puts me in my place. After he has spanked me so hard that my ass begins to bruise he decides I am ready to really get my naughty little pussy pounded.

He pulls me to the end of the bed and forces my head down. Demanding I spread my ass apart for him as he slowly drips some lube between my ass cheeks. He smacks my ass with his hands a few times before sliding his thumb in my ass. He bends over me to whisper in my ear how much of a sassy little bitch I have been and how bad he knows I need his throbbing cock inside of me. He pushes his thumb inside a little deeper as he pressed the head of his cock into my wet pussy. Talking dirty in my ear as he starts thrusting in and out of me. I can feel how close I am and it only took one more hard thrust to push me over the edge. The contracting of my tight pussy makes him blow every last drop of cum inside of me. It was exactly what I needed.

I’m so used to taking control that it is always so exciting to finally give it away. Feeling the dominant presence just standing over me starts to melt away all my anxiety. At that very second its like a switch flips and I can feel myself becoming more and more submissive by the second. You kneel down to me and grab my face, looking intensely into my eyes. Almost as if to say to me with only a look how far you are going to be taking me tonight.

I can feel my heart racing as you order me to stand up. Feeling weak at the knees with anticipation you order me to bend over the table and arch my back. Its been so long since I was paddled properly I can feel myself getting wet even before his lashes touch my tight little ass. I brace myself against the table before he starts lashing my ass over and over again. My moans and whimpers seeming to fuel him in paddling me even harder. One last lash and he orders me to my knees. I can see his hard cock tightly confined in his pants as I drop down and start undoing his belt. He grabs a fist full of my hair and pushes my mouth down around his throbbing cock.

I can feel his cock throbbing faster and faster before he pulls my mouth off of him and orders me down to the ground. Ripping my little g-string off and burying his face into my neck and biting his way down to my breast. Talking dirty in my ear and telling me how I’m such a naughty little slut and how hard he is going to pound my sweet little pussy. He takes my breast into his mouth and start rolling my nipple between his teeth making me moan like crazy. Continuing to talk dirty to me and taunt me telling me how badly he knows I need his hard cock inside of me.

I start begging him to fuck me, telling him how badly I need him, how badly my pussy needs to be pounded. He grabs his cock and pushes it right up against my wet little clit. Teasing it before forcing every last inch of himself inside of. I cant help but let out a scream. He starts pumping me harder and faster and I know I’m about to cum. He tightly wraps his hand around my throat and tells me to cum all over his cock. I started cuming and my pussy contracting around his cock pushed him over the edge and I could feel him pumping out every last drop off his cum inside of me. He pulled his cock out and made me suck all of my cum off of his cock like a good little sub. Sometimes I need nothing more than for someone to put me in my place.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body and trust me slut you have plenty of it to spare. Your whimpers and cries make me so happy and I just cant help but get a big devious smile. It’s like your bitching and screaming awakens a more sinister part of me inside. Now it’s time to push you to your breaking point and see just how much fun I can have toying with your pathetic body and mind.

I’m strapping you down to my table so you can’t wiggle much or even really move. I slowly drag my long nails up and down your body as you quiver and shake, admiring just how frightened you really are. I slowly remove the ball gag from your mouth so I can listen to you beg and plead for me to stop. Telling me how you can’t take it anymore. Too bad for you I don’t feel sorry one bit. I know you can take it slut and honestly you have no choice because I am going to make you.

I take my latex whip and start striking it up and down your legs. Laughing as you cry out in pain. I love marking up my little sluts. It’s like my own way of branding my ownership onto your weak little body. Lash after lash you cry out tears rolling down your face. Then I move my strike up to your pathetic cock and balls. You know that a small cock like your’s deserves to be beaten. Momentarily I decided to switch out for whip for a riding crop. I lift your tiny little cock so I can strike your balls over and over until they begin to welt. It’s my job to have you leave here black and blue.

I now place the ball gag back into your little whore mouth and grab the clamps. Tightly placing them on your nipples and beginning to twist them back and forth. Your muffled screams just drive me to push you harder. I unstrap your ankles so you can bend your knees. I grab the large vibrating butt plug and begin driving it nice and deep into your ass. You cant help but start to get hard as it stretches your ass further. I start twisting your clamps as you start to throb and tell you how pathetic you are for getting hard while I beat you. But deep down you like that don’t you? You like knowing how pathetic you are and how small your cock is? You know that it is worthless and that’s why I must punish you by beating it. You know that you are nothing and that’s why you deserve every last second of this slut. Now bite the gag and take it.

It’s priceless seeing the nervousness on your face. Seeing the fear in your eyes when I tell you my mission is to turn you into a slut. Your whole life you have never taken the opportunity to go all the way. To finally feel the pleasure of having sex with someone. I know that regret plagues you every single day. You question every decision you have made and wonder how you ended up still being a virgin later in life. But you know deep down that all of that is about to change. And you’re truly unsure of exactly how to feel about it.

Part of you is scared and doesn’t know if you’re really ready yet. The other part of you has been craving this moment for many years. This part has began to out way the fear as you find yourself obsessing over how badly you really want to be a little slut. How badly you want to give into your desires and finally break free of those chains that have held you in for so long. But just the thought alone of breaking free makes your cock throb uncontrollably.

Today is the day we begin your training. Teaching you to act on your desires and to no longer fear the pleasure that they bring. I’ve invited a special guest today for you. Shes tall and blonde with a toned and tight body. The moment she walked in the door I could tell that your heart skipped a beat, your knees begun to shake, and your cock got hard as a rock. At that very moment you knew it was going to happen. You weren’t going to walk out of this room a virgin any longer. She walked up to you placing her hands on your thighs and smiling as she noticed your growing bulge. It was very obvious how excited you were to see her.

She tells you to lay back and relax as she guides the way. Slowly taking off your pants and freeing your throbbing cock. You glance over at me desiring a look of approval. I can tell that my nod in approval gave you comfort as she began to stroke your cock. Getting down onto her knees and wrapping her lips around your head. Hearing that moan escape your lips as she began to suck was a glorious moment. Right then and there I knew that you were going to be hooked.

She then started taking her clothes off and I could see the nervousness on your face. Here it is, the moment you have been waiting so long to experience. You have finally faced it head on. She climbs on top of you and grabs your cock slowly teasing the tip against her wet pussy driving you wild. With one slow motion she sits down on your cock. Sliding every last inch inside of her. Your eyes are rolling back as she begins to ride you and you cant hold back from moaning. She speeds up her pace and your breathing gets faster and your toes begin to curl. She grips the back of your neck to grind herself against you as you let out another moan and pump out every last drop of your cum. I told you not to be scared, I know it was better than you had ever imagined.

Today’s the day I get all done up and make sure I am looking my best. Daddy loves when I do my makeup and wear a pretty little skirt for him. All day I go over every little detail in my head making sure that I do everything right for Daddy. Smooth skin nicely shaved and touched with the scent of warm vanilla. My breasts pushed up and glossed with a touch of sparkle just to catch Daddies eyes. His favorite perfume dabbed onto my neck so when he hugs me he takes in my intoxicating scent.

Finally the time comes for Daddy to get off of work and I just can’t wait to go and meet him. I walk down the street to his house and the sight of his car just makes my heart flutter and my pussy wet. Walking up the steps and I ringing his bell always makes me smile. I know right on the other side Daddies cock awaits me. He opens the door for me and automatically I can see his cock throb in his pants. I step inside and he closes the door and wraps his arms around me. Burying his face in my neck and taking in my sweet smell. He kisses my neck before he begins biting his way down my neck and to my breasts. He tells me how bad bad his babygirl has been and how much I need to be punished. Those words alone make my knees shake.

Daddy pushes me down to my knees and I already know what to do. I open my mouth for Daddy as he pulls his stiff cock out and begins to slap it against my tongue. I stroke his cock as I make my way down to his balls. Licking and sucking on them before Daddy pulls me back to my feet. He rips open my shirt and bends me over the couch. Taking his belt off and eagerly lashing it against my tight little ass over and over. Daddy knows just how I like it. My ass stinging and red and my pussy dripping wet.

Daddy grabs his hard throbbing cock and smacks it against my ass. Ordering me to beg for it. I tell Daddy how badly I need his cock, how every second of every day I crave him, I need to be fucked by Daddies big cock. He grips my ass and slams every last inch inside of me. Forcing moans from my mouth and juice from pussy he pounds me harder and harder. Grabbing a fist full of my hair and forcing himself as deep inside me as he could I feel myself start to cum all over Daddies cock. He slows he pace as my pussy contracts around him. He flips me over and onto my knees once again to have me suck my cum off of his cock. He thrusts into my mouth again and begins filling my mouth with his cum as well. Thank you Daddy

I want to be the thing you find yourself craving throughout the day. The touch that you so desperately end up seeking. The presence that every part of you desires. I want to sneak my way into your thoughts and become everything that you need. I know its already begun, I know you smile at the thought of my sweet taste on your tongue.

My body is that of a Goddess. Leaving you shaken and stunned with every inch of my petite and curvy frame. My legs and tight round ass making your mouth water and your tongue dance. My big breasts enticing you to get on your knees and take them each into your mouth burying your face in between. Trust me now I know I am everything you need.

But just wait, that’s not all. One of my most precious secrets hiding just beneath. Your hands slide my dress up my silky smooth thighs revealing the central point of your obsession. That beautiful tight little pussy just ready and waiting to be met with your lips. My soft pussy and sweet taste is like heaven graced your lips. Your tongue dancing through euphoria. The taste of my cum being your ultimate reward. I promise you every last inch of me is beyond unforgettable…

I know your anticipation has been building. You have been waiting for this day for weeks. Dressed in an all white teddy with white lace panties and stockings. Lace garter belts tightly hugging each of your thighs. Your hands gently rubbing your growing bulge through your panties. Your craving for my touch growing stronger by the minute.

The moment has finally arrived and it’s my chance to show you that you’re mine. Your knees shaking and your man clit throbbing I order you to turn over. I know how much a little slut like you needs discipline. You need to be shown over and over again that you are owned. I pick up the leather belt and slowly trace it over your ass letting you know the lashes are soon to follow. You know the drill slut pull your little panties down and bend over. Lash after lash I strike to make perfectly crossed marks up and down your ass as well as side to side. I love hearing you scream and moan every time that belt connects with your ass. Each bruise symbolizing my ownership over you.

Now it’s time for your panty check. I can see how my dominance has such an intense affect on you. Your man clit throbbing as I push your panties to the side. You know I expect that man pussy to be filled to the brim. I grab a big glass cock and begin to push it up against your slit ordering you to play with that clit. I love seeing you quiver and moan as I begin to slide it in. I stop pumping the cock inside of you and order you to beg for it. Tell me how badly you need that cock inside of you. Beg me to fuck that man pussy and make you fill those little lace panties for me.

I grab the belt and give you a lash to the balls. Your eyes starting to tear up and you beg and plead for me to take what is mine. Begging me to make you my little fuck slut and pump that man pussy of yours. While you play with your clit I start pumping the cock in and out of you. Ordering you to fill those lace panties up for me while I pump it faster and faster. I give that ass one last lash before you start to cum uncontrollably. Filling those panties with cum as your knees are shaking and your struggling to catch your breath. Then the faint words followed, Thank you Goddess.

I seem to have just woke up with a specific kind of craving. The kind of hunger for some kink that just cant be ignored. There wasn’t a single second throughout the day that I wasn’t thinking about getting fucked. Not a moment passed that I wasn’t planning exactly how I was going to be getting my tight little cunt filled that night. Only a few hours had passed and my panties were already soaking wet.

I got myself ready and dressed in this skin tight black dress that just hugged every curve of my body in all the right ways. The deep plunging neckline perfectly showcasing my big breast. Black stiletto pumps making my tight round ass and legs look irresistible. I slipped on a tiny little black g-string and put on a few squirts of my favorite perfume. Now it was time to set out on my search for what I had been craving all day.

I arrived at the club and already I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. Both men and women staring intensely at my body like they were undressing me with their eyes. At that moment I started to consider that maybe it wasn’t only dick that I would end up with tonight. Some of the ladies I laid eyes on I would love to have tasted as well. As I turned the corner I noticed this tall muscular man eyeing me up and down. Just the sight of him made me wet. He started to walk towards me and his scent was intoxicating. He leaned toward me to whisper in my ear how amazing I looked and how much he would love to get a taste of me. I grinned and giggled a little knowing I had found exactly what I had been searching for.

I grabbed his hand and led him to one of the VIP sections of the club. I could feel the anticipation growing inside of me. He sat down and I climbed on top. Talking dirty in his ear telling him how much I needed to fucked nice and hard. He grinned and told me excepted the challenge as wrapped his fingers in my hair, pulling it back and started kissing me neck. Slowly making his way down my chest and pulling my tits out of my dress. Taking them into his mouth and biting and sucking on my nipples. I
started rubbing his cock that was almost ripping its way out of his jeans. I told him to bend me over the table and give me what I had been needing.

We both stood up and he unzipped his pants. Letting his big throbbing cock free finally. I stood in amazement of how huge his cock really was. I could feel my mouth starting to water and I knew I needed to taste him. I dropped to my knees and began sliding his cock down throat. Teasing his head with my tongue before tracing it down to his balls and putting them into my mouth. He grabbed me by hair again and told me he was ready to take my tight little cunt. Bending me over the table and smacking my ass before pushing his throbbing cock against my wet little clit and sliding it into my pussy. I could feel every inch of him stretching my pussy as he pounded himself in and out of me. It was everything I had been needing. I played with my clit until he thrust again and I felt myself begin to cum all over his cock. He pulled it out and turned me around and told me to open my mouth and he pumped every last drop of his cum into my little whore mouth. I left that night a very satisfied little slut <3

Tell me you’re my little slut, the commands hiss from my lips. I’ll take you to places you have never been just let your control slip. I will guide you to euphoria through pleasure, pain, and much more. There’s no room for doubt or shame just let your worries go. But don’t forget in the midst of the trance to praise and say my name.

Silk bound around your eyes leaves your mind to sit and wonder. My leather whip sliding up your thighs raising every hair on your body. Chills run through your spine as you start to quiver and shake. You feel the touch of hot oil slowly dripping from your chest down to your toes. The anticipating building while your cock begins to throb. Slowly feeling my hands tracing up your inner thighs a moan escapes your lips.

I whisper into your ear to just relax and let me guide the way. My delicate hands find their way to your package. Hard, pulsing, and ready you feel your head met with a kiss. My tongue dancing up and down your
cock then sliding down to those tight full balls. Sliding your cock down my throat while firmly squeezing your balls. Slowly feeling all of that cum building. A smooth and steady pace leaving your toes curling. I want every last drop, the words escaping my lips. My mouth filled with cum, and moans leaving your lips. Take a moment and get ready. The journey has just begun…

It’s always such a pleasure getting to use and abuse your body. Teasing your nipples as I twist and pull them. Sucking on them and biting down on your nipples with my teeth. I love hearing you moan and whimper as my teeth dig in deeper. Only taking them out of my mouth to place the metal clamps onto them.

I get you on all fours and tell you to keep your back arched. Running my nails up the back of your thighs before grabbing my leather paddle. The look of anticipation and fear written all over your face. Each lash of the paddle making you quiver and moan for me. I demand you cry out my name as you receive your beating. Striking you over and over until I’m sure I have left my mark.

I order you onto your back with your knees up to your chest. Twisting and pulling on your nipples clamps so you cry out for me. Grabbing my dildo and pushing it right up against your ass. Forcibly shoving the tip in your ass as I’m talking dirty into your ear. Watching your legs start shaking uncontrollably as I pump your ass faster.

Twisting your nipples even harder as I shove the toy completely inside of you and order you to stroke your cock. Whimpering to me as you get closer and closer to the edge. Pulling on your nipples and pounding your ass I order you to aim your cock toward your face. Telling you that you will be cuming all over your little whore mouth. One last pump of the toy and all that cum begins to cover your face.
I know how much it turns you on when I’m talking dirty in your ear. Slowly
stroking your cock while kissing on your neck. I can tell it drives you
wild as you start throbbing harder in my hands. Your hips starting to
thrust with the stroke of my hand.

I can hear your breathing getting faster. Your toes starting to curl as I
switch the direction of my stroke. Slowly kissing your lips before getting
down onto my knees. Tracing my tongue down to your balls. Taking them into
my mouth while I continue to stroke your throbbing cock. Licking my way
back up to the head. Teasing my tongue up and down your shaft.

I tell you to grab a fist full of my hair as I part my lips and slide your
cock into my mouth. You feel the warmth of my mouth wrapped around you as
I begin to suck. I love hearing a moan escape your lips as I relax my
throat and slide you all the way down. My lips against your base. Speeding
up my rhythm as I feel your cock pulsing harder. One last stroke and I
feel your cock start to pump my throat full of cum.

I love going and buying new sex toys. I always get so excited on the way
home that my panties are soaked by the time I arrive. I finally hop on my
bed and dump my new bag of toys out. Its so hard picking which one I want
to slide into my wet little pussy first. Today I chose my new eight inch
glass dildo.

There’s nothing else quite like the feeling of a glass toy sliding in and
out of you. My pink glass toy was nice and thick and each vein was
perfectly sculpted. Giving me the most intense sensations as I started
pumping it in and out of me faster and faster. With every stroke I could
feel myself getting even closer to cumming.

I tucked my legs up to my chest and fucking myself even deeper with the
toy as I starting rubbing my clit. Waves of pleasure just rushing through
my body. I can feel my wet cunt start to contract and know Im right there.
Swirling the toy around inside me and playing with clit until I came all
over my new glass toy. Definitely made my day 😉
I love dressing up for you. There is nothing more excited then going out
and getting the perfect little outfit to surprise you with. I know how
much you love my thigh high stocking, garter belt, and corset. Teasing my
wet little pussy and telling me how much you love your little cum slut.

Cuffing me up to the beg post and teasing my clit. Watching my squirm and
moan and you speed up your pace. Biting and sucking on my nipples and
kissing my neck. You know how much I love when you call me a dirty fucking
whore before you shove your cock between my lips.

Bend me over and paddle me until my ass is red and bruised. Make me beg
for more as you tease me with just the tip of your cock. You love seeing
the desperation in my eyes when my pussy is soaked and aching for your
cock. Begging you over and over again until you feel I’ve earned it. Then
relentlessly pounding my tight little cunt with the bullet on my clit
until I scream and cum all over your throbbing cock.
You have no idea how much I crave your touch. Feeling your fingers glide
over my soft skin. The way your breath feels against my neck as you kiss
me slowly from my ears down to my breast. Teasing my hard nipples with the
tip of your tongue. My body slowly grinding against yours. Our bodies
perfectly in sync with one another.

I can feel my heart racing in my chest. Everything about you drives me
wild with passion and pleasure. You lay me on my back and kiss your way
from my breast down my stomach and to my hips. Nibbling on my panties and
slowly sliding them down my thighs. Putting your arms under my knees and
my legs over your shoulders kissing your way up my thighs. Your tongue
teasing my clit as my back arches you grab onto my hips and start eagerly
eating my sweet pussy.

Through waves of pleasure I whisper to you how badly I want you inside me.
Have you lay back as I climb on top of you. Passionately kissing your lips
before sliding your throbbing cock into my tight little pussy. Biting your
neck and talking dirty in your ear as I ride you. I can feel myself
getting closer and I start riding you faster. Both of our eyes locked onto
one anothers. Another moan escapes my lips as I feel your cock start to
pulse. That was just enough to push me over the edge and we both came
perfectly in sync once again. This is why youre someone I could never
It’s always the highlight of my weekend when you watch me get fucked. I’ll
tie you to a chair sitting directly beside the bed. Stripping myself down
naked as my friend walks in. Closing the door and dropping his pants. His
big black cock already throbbing and ready.

I lay back and start playing with my wet little pussy. Teasing you about
how hard your cock is starting to throb thinking about another man
satisfying me. He gets onto the beg and shoves his fingers deep inside me.
Twisting and pulling on my nipples as I beg for more. Beg for his big
black cock in my tight little cunt.

Grabbing my hair and bending me over he forces every last inch inside of
me. Rubbing my clit and pounding my pussy I can feel myself getting close.
I look him in his eyes as hes tied up whimpering, cock hard as a rock. I
whisper you would never be able to make me cum like this. Another moan
escaped my lips before whole body tensed up and I came hard all over that
big black cock. Now let the poor little boy lick it all off 😉
Come here my little slut, I have a present for you. Go get dolled up and
put on your little pink skirt. I brought home some guest who cant wait to
meet you. Watching the excitement in your eyes as those words left my

Slowly making your way down the stairs in your heels, stockings,and skirt.
Sit between these boys right here darling. Lift up your skirt so I can put
your small cock away in it’s cage. Tonight you will servicing my friends.

On your hands and knees the men start fucking your ass and your little
bitch mouth. Pounding you back and forth uncontrollably. Your pathetic
small cock locked away while you get fucked by REAL COCK!! Your knees and
elbows shaking as they both fill you up with cum. Good job slut, let’s go
get you cleaned up.
I love how you always know exactly what to say. Saying just the right
thing when your talking dirty in my ear. You’ve been teasing me all day
and you have made me such a delicious, wet mess in between my thighs. I
know how badly you want a taste.

You drop down onto your knees before me. Watching you licking your lips
with anticipation I slide my wet panties off and shove them into your
mouth. I love watching you as you eagerly lick and suck on them until
they are nice and clean for me. But its not enough to fulfill your

As you lay down on the bed I stand over you and squat down right over
your face. Teasing you with my wet pussy in your face, you beg me to
give it all to you. Your tongue out and ready to devour me as I get
closer and closer. I can feel your hot breath against my dripping cunt,
making me want your touch even more.

I get down even lower and finally give you what we both have been
wanting. You wrap your arms around my back above my ass and pull me into
you as much as you can. My motion becoming faster as I really start
riding your face and smothering you with my wet cunt. You grip me tight
as I feel the waves of orgasm flow threw my body. My thighs clench
against your face as my juices run down your chin. Just what we were
Well that’s enough edging for now. It’s good to give a hard cock a break
every three hours or so. I don’t want to hurt your small cock with sexual
frustration, just your swollen blue balls.

I’ll be back in a few hours for round two. While you’re tied to my bed,
take the time to think about what you’ll say to me when i remove your ball
gag. Think about what you will promise me if I let you have an orgasm.
What is it worth to you?

Be creative and really impress me with your offer. One way or another, you
will leave here in a chastity belt and I’ll hold the keys. The question is
can you actually offer me enough to convince me to let you spurt what by
now is a truly massive load before you go into a tiny spiked cage?

What will you do for that release? How much is it worth to you? I’m so
curious to find out what you pick.
Such a pathetic excuse of a man. Standing in front of me in your little
pink thong and school girl skirt. Dripping oil all over your body. Bending
over and shaking your ass for the group of 5 men I brought home from the

They all sit lined up as you flaunt your body. I order them all to pull
out their cocks and start stroking. One by one you get down on your knees
and start sucking their cocks. Going down the line getting them all on

Bend over you cock hungry little fuck toy. I know your ass is just aching
with anticipation. I love watching them take turns shoving their cocks
down your throat and pumping your ass. Get on your knees whore and open
your mouth. All 5 men standing in a circle jerk cumming all over your
face. Lick it all up slut, don’t waste a drop.
Tie me up and make me your slave. Show me just how much pleasure I can get
from the pain. Making sure my wrist and ankles are bound tightly. That way
I cant squirm. Tracing your fingers around my lips before ordering me to
close my eyes and open my mouth.

I feel you placing the metal ring gag into my mouth. Whispering into my
ear how big of a load you have for your little cumslut. Bending me over
your knee and paddling my ass over and over again. Each strike of the
paddle making my pussy wet with anticipation.

Putting me face down ass up on the bed before shoving his hard cock into
my tight little cunt. With a fist full of my hair he continued bouncing my
ass up and down on his cock. Teasing my clit and telling me I’m his little
fuck toy. Another hard stroke and I came all over his cock.

He flipped me over and then shoved his cock threw my ring gag. Telling me
to suck all my cum off of his cock. Forcing his cock deeper and deeper
down my throat. He told me to get ready as he began filling my tight
little throat. Good little cumsluts dont miss a drop.
Although I really love being in control, I equally enjoy giving it away.
Sometime I just really need to be dominated. Giving you complete ownership
of every inch of my body. Completely dedicated to being your little
cum slut.

You tie my wrist and arms tightly behind my back. Slowly teasing my
nipples and getting them hard before putting on the clamps. The feeling of
the clamps immediately making my pussy wet. Getting right up to my ear and
talking dirty to me.

You know just what to do to get me going. Bending me over your knee and
spanking my ass. Taking your other hand and shoving your fingers in my
mouth muffling my moans. Telling me I’m a good little girl while you shove
your fingers into my tight wet pussy.

Taking me over to the bed and bending me over. Taking your big hard cock
out and teasing my wet cunt. Grabbing my hair and shoving the entire
length of your cock into my pussy. My back arched and ass bouncing on his
cock until he filled my tight little pussy up. Everything your little
cum slut has been needing.
As part of your slut training today we will be exploring some sensory
play. Standing in front of me I order you to strip down naked. The
anticipation sending chills down your spine. Behind you is a leather
inversion table. Cum here slut and lay down. You know the rules.

As you’re laying there I pull out my black silk scarf. Running the end of
it up and down your body. Teasing your cock and balls before bringing it
up to your face. Placing it over your eyes to blindfold you. One by one
feeling the restraints being tightened around your wrists and ankles. Last
but not least ordering you to open your mouth as I insert your metal ring

Your heart starts racing as the room gets silent. The sound of a match
being struck excites you. With just that sound your cock throbs. As the
candle wax heats up its time for some teasing. Taking my feather flogger
and tracing it up and down your body slowly. Licking my fingertip just to
slowly massage the head of his cock.

Completely bound by your Goddess you are at my mercy. You hear me blow out
one of the candles. Chills run down your body anticipating where I will
drip it first. Slowly I start to drip the hot wax over your balls as you
gasp. The intense sensation still radiating through your body.

All of a sudden the table flips and you are completely upside down. You
feel my nails tracing up and down your body. Taking my whip and striking
you again and again. Red marks and bruises cover your entire body. You
feel the intense pressure of clamps being placed onto your nipples.

Now its time for my favorite part. Pulling out my vibrating anal plug.
Lubing it up and sliding it into your ass. Deep moans starting to escape
your mouth as you get closer and closer. I squeeze the base of your cock
pushing all that cum into your balls before starting to stroke your cock
harder and faster. Right as you start to cum I hold your cock to make sure
you cum all over your own face and into your mouth. Good little whores
swallow their cum.
As the fall season slowly approaches I can’t help but have this intense
craving for some spontaneity. This indescribable desire I have had for
some time now. Taking a little vacation to a private cabin in the woods.
Snow perfectly covering the landscape around it. The large stone fireplace
sitting right in front of a soft fur rug. The perfect place for some
phenomenal foreplay to take place.

We lay side by side in front of the fire, I lean towards him softly
kissing his neck. Taking some ice and slowly tracing in down his chest,
sending chills through his body. Our naked silhouettes illuminated in the
candles flickering light. My delicate hands finding their way down to his
already throbbing cock. Leaning down and placing my soft lips to his

With each stroke taking more and more of his throbbing cock into my
mouth. As he pulses harder and harder I can feel him getting closer and
closer. Just before hes about to cum, I pause. Removing my hands and
taking my feather flogger and gently teasing his sensitive cock. It gets
me so wet just watching as I edge him further and further. Making
absolutely sure he does not cum until I say.

Nothing turns me on more than look of pure desperation on his face as he
is completely in my control. He knows his cock belongs to Goddess Ava,
and now begins his slut training. As I lay back and spread my legs I
firmly grab him swollen cock. Placing his head softly on my wet pussy
lips. Slowly teasing his throbbing cock with the feeling of my tight pink

After edging him over and over again I’ve decided to finally let him cum.
His breathing getting heavier and faster as I guide him inside of me.
Forcing his hard cock into my tight little pink pussy. His balls tight
and full of cum just begging to be released. Feeling him beginning to
tremble I whispered into his ear “cum for Goddess Ava, empty those balls
for me”. Another stroke and he let out a gasp, his toes curling, as
Goddess Ava drained every last bit of cum from her little slut……
Have you been a dirty little fucking boy?? Mommy has not been pleased with
your disobedience. Youre practically begging to be sucked into my vaccuum
bag arent you?? I hope youre ready to be punished. You belong in the dark.
Abandoned in the corner of mommys bag. Maybe your punishment will teach
you to listen better!!
Sit down. Be still. The sounds of metal clanking. Slowly placing the
blindfold over your eyes. Tightly securing it behind your head. Pressure.
Your head being strapped down. Immobilized completely. Open wide. Pushing
into your mouth. A familiar feeling. Goddess Ava’s favorite. The ring gag.
Leather. Strap by strap you are completely bound. Unable to move an inch.
A seductive yet twisted laugh escapes her venomous lips. Unzipping. Big
breasts escaping a tight latex bodysuit. Muffled. Jammed. Breasts fill the
ring gag allowing no room for air. Suffocating his pleas for mercy.
Sadistic. Sinister. Dark fantasies being taken out on another victim. His
face starting to change color. Slowly removing those big breasts. Gasp. So
close to death, yet so close to the edge. No pleasure goes unpunished. Not
in my dungeon.
I love to take control and make my slaves obey my every command. But It
gets me so hot to think about being dominated by a big, tall, and strong
man. It makes me so wet to have a man pick me up and throw me against the
wall. Just get aggressive with me and rip my clothes off. Bite my neck and
pull my hair. I’ll dress up and be your naughty little sub. Will you bend
me over and spank me for being a bad little girl?? 😉 Make me your
plaything, your fuckslut, your cock hungry little cum whore. Ive been
dreaming all night of all the ways you could take me. All I need now is
you 😉 xoxo, Ava
I love trying new things, exploring places I’ve never been before. It
makes me slightly nervous and I start getting those butterflies in my
stomach. But then my inner vixen decides to show herself. And doubt
quickly becomes desire. Dare to let me take control. Dare to be dominated.
It will happen so fast, you will have no idea how you got there. Tied up
and pleading. Begging me to show you how bad I really can be, just one
more time. 😉
I woke up in the middle of the night wet, hot, and bothered. I opened my
laptop to see If I could find a good porn video to watch while I let my
vibrator slide in and out of my tight pink pussy. There was one in
particular that caught my eye. It had me aching with anticipation before
I even pressed play. The couple had been trying out a new piece of sex
furniture. They had got themselves a sex swing. But not just any sex
swing, a bungee sex swing. I had never seen anything like this. Watching
the hot brunette in the video bounce up and down on that big black cock
made me cum over and over again. Continuing to play it over and over
while I pushed myself over the edge more times than I can count. After
an hour of hard playtime I had not only exhausted myself, but also the
batteries in my vibrator. I finally drifted off to sleep. But
before I knew it, the idea of being fucked on that swing had made its way
into my dreams. And at that very moment, I knew it was going to be a
long night 😉
This entire holiday I just haven’t been able to get some of my calls
off my mind. There are so many new things that I’ve been dying to try.
My biggest fantasy has been being blindfolded and tied up. The idea of
losing all control more and more with the tying of each knot just turns
me on.
Screaming, Scratching, and Pulling hair. The sweet sent of sex filling the
midnight air. I can hear the waves crashing up against the oceans shore. I
hear him let out a gasp as i slowly slide his cock deep into my mouth, and
down my throat. Wet warmth sliding back and forth, I can feel him
throbbing harder and harder with every fluid movement. He reaches down my
body from my breast to my navel. Slowly i can feel him slide his hand into
my panties, pushing the lace to the side he begins to slowly massage my
clit. I know he cant help but notice how wet I’ve become with anticipation
of what is about to cum. He begins to speed up his pace. I let out a
sensual moan as my body begins to climb to depths of pleasure i have yet
to explore. He looks me in my eyes and tells me to sit. I obey and wrap my
knees around his face and take his cock back into my mouth. Together we
find rhythm and we continue to work each other up to orgasm. I feel his
throbbing cock begin to pulse underneath and I know hes almost there. My
body starts to squirm and I let out a moan of pure ecstasy. I speed up my
stroke, and keep sucking as i feel my mouth starting to fill with his hot
cum. We both cum together, and we gaze at the horizon for a moment before
we both give each other a look of amazement. A vacation I could never
xoxo, Ava