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Hi, I'm Ava for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.412.8211 (ask for Ava) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 21
Height: 5' 3"
Weight: 115
Measurements: 34d.26.36
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
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Likes: Black stiletto thigh high boots, leather, corsets, role playing, bondage tying, vibrators, nipple clamps, cuffs, whips, chains, and so much more. Just give me a call and we can talk all about each others likes.
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Ava’s Fantasies

I know how much it turns you on when I’m talking dirty in your ear. Slowly
stroking your cock while kissing on your neck. I can tell it drives you
wild as you start throbbing harder in my hands. Your hips starting to
thrust with the stroke of my hand.

I can hear your breathing getting faster. Your toes starting to curl as I
switch the direction of my stroke. Slowly kissing your lips before getting
down onto my knees. Tracing my tongue down to your balls. Taking them into
my mouth while I continue to stroke your throbbing cock. Licking my way
back up to the head. Teasing my tongue up and down your shaft.

I tell you to grab a fist full of my hair as I part my lips and slide your
cock into my mouth. You feel the warmth of my mouth wrapped around you as
I begin to suck. I love hearing a moan escape your lips as I relax my
throat and slide you all the way down. My lips against your base. Speeding
up my rhythm as I feel your cock pulsing harder. One last stroke and I
feel your cock start to pump my throat full of cum.

I love going and buying new sex toys. I always get so excited on the way
home that my panties are soaked by the time I arrive. I finally hop on my
bed and dump my new bag of toys out. Its so hard picking which one I want
to slide into my wet little pussy first. Today I chose my new eight inch
glass dildo.

There’s nothing else quite like the feeling of a glass toy sliding in and
out of you. My pink glass toy was nice and thick and each vein was
perfectly sculpted. Giving me the most intense sensations as I started
pumping it in and out of me faster and faster. With every stroke I could
feel myself getting even closer to cumming.

I tucked my legs up to my chest and fucking myself even deeper with the
toy as I starting rubbing my clit. Waves of pleasure just rushing through
my body. I can feel my wet cunt start to contract and know Im right there.
Swirling the toy around inside me and playing with clit until I came all
over my new glass toy. Definitely made my day 😉
I love dressing up for you. There is nothing more excited then going out
and getting the perfect little outfit to surprise you with. I know how
much you love my thigh high stocking, garter belt, and corset. Teasing my
wet little pussy and telling me how much you love your little cum slut.

Cuffing me up to the beg post and teasing my clit. Watching my squirm and
moan and you speed up your pace. Biting and sucking on my nipples and
kissing my neck. You know how much I love when you call me a dirty fucking
whore before you shove your cock between my lips.

Bend me over and paddle me until my ass is red and bruised. Make me beg
for more as you tease me with just the tip of your cock. You love seeing
the desperation in my eyes when my pussy is soaked and aching for your
cock. Begging you over and over again until you feel I’ve earned it. Then
relentlessly pounding my tight little cunt with the bullet on my clit
until I scream and cum all over your throbbing cock.
You have no idea how much I crave your touch. Feeling your fingers glide
over my soft skin. The way your breath feels against my neck as you kiss
me slowly from my ears down to my breast. Teasing my hard nipples with the
tip of your tongue. My body slowly grinding against yours. Our bodies
perfectly in sync with one another.

I can feel my heart racing in my chest. Everything about you drives me
wild with passion and pleasure. You lay me on my back and kiss your way
from my breast down my stomach and to my hips. Nibbling on my panties and
slowly sliding them down my thighs. Putting your arms under my knees and
my legs over your shoulders kissing your way up my thighs. Your tongue
teasing my clit as my back arches you grab onto my hips and start eagerly
eating my sweet pussy.

Through waves of pleasure I whisper to you how badly I want you inside me.
Have you lay back as I climb on top of you. Passionately kissing your lips
before sliding your throbbing cock into my tight little pussy. Biting your
neck and talking dirty in your ear as I ride you. I can feel myself
getting closer and I start riding you faster. Both of our eyes locked onto
one anothers. Another moan escapes my lips as I feel your cock start to
pulse. That was just enough to push me over the edge and we both came
perfectly in sync once again. This is why youre someone I could never
It’s always the highlight of my weekend when you watch me get fucked. I’ll
tie you to a chair sitting directly beside the bed. Stripping myself down
naked as my friend walks in. Closing the door and dropping his pants. His
big black cock already throbbing and ready.

I lay back and start playing with my wet little pussy. Teasing you about
how hard your cock is starting to throb thinking about another man
satisfying me. He gets onto the beg and shoves his fingers deep inside me.
Twisting and pulling on my nipples as I beg for more. Beg for his big
black cock in my tight little cunt.

Grabbing my hair and bending me over he forces every last inch inside of
me. Rubbing my clit and pounding my pussy I can feel myself getting close.
I look him in his eyes as hes tied up whimpering, cock hard as a rock. I
whisper you would never be able to make me cum like this. Another moan
escaped my lips before whole body tensed up and I came hard all over that
big black cock. Now let the poor little boy lick it all off 😉
Come here my little slut, I have a present for you. Go get dolled up and
put on your little pink skirt. I brought home some guest who cant wait to
meet you. Watching the excitement in your eyes as those words left my

Slowly making your way down the stairs in your heels, stockings,and skirt.
Sit between these boys right here darling. Lift up your skirt so I can put
your small cock away in it’s cage. Tonight you will servicing my friends.

On your hands and knees the men start fucking your ass and your little
bitch mouth. Pounding you back and forth uncontrollably. Your pathetic
small cock locked away while you get fucked by REAL COCK!! Your knees and
elbows shaking as they both fill you up with cum. Good job slut, let’s go
get you cleaned up.
I love how you always know exactly what to say. Saying just the right
thing when your talking dirty in my ear. You’ve been teasing me all day
and you have made me such a delicious, wet mess in between my thighs. I
know how badly you want a taste.

You drop down onto your knees before me. Watching you licking your lips
with anticipation I slide my wet panties off and shove them into your
mouth. I love watching you as you eagerly lick and suck on them until
they are nice and clean for me. But its not enough to fulfill your

As you lay down on the bed I stand over you and squat down right over
your face. Teasing you with my wet pussy in your face, you beg me to
give it all to you. Your tongue out and ready to devour me as I get
closer and closer. I can feel your hot breath against my dripping cunt,
making me want your touch even more.

I get down even lower and finally give you what we both have been
wanting. You wrap your arms around my back above my ass and pull me into
you as much as you can. My motion becoming faster as I really start
riding your face and smothering you with my wet cunt. You grip me tight
as I feel the waves of orgasm flow threw my body. My thighs clench
against your face as my juices run down your chin. Just what we were
Well that’s enough edging for now. It’s good to give a hard cock a break
every three hours or so. I don’t want to hurt your small cock with sexual
frustration, just your swollen blue balls.

I’ll be back in a few hours for round two. While you’re tied to my bed,
take the time to think about what you’ll say to me when i remove your ball
gag. Think about what you will promise me if I let you have an orgasm.
What is it worth to you?

Be creative and really impress me with your offer. One way or another, you
will leave here in a chastity belt and I’ll hold the keys. The question is
can you actually offer me enough to convince me to let you spurt what by
now is a truly massive load before you go into a tiny spiked cage?

What will you do for that release? How much is it worth to you? I’m so
curious to find out what you pick.
Such a pathetic excuse of a man. Standing in front of me in your little
pink thong and school girl skirt. Dripping oil all over your body. Bending
over and shaking your ass for the group of 5 men I brought home from the

They all sit lined up as you flaunt your body. I order them all to pull
out their cocks and start stroking. One by one you get down on your knees
and start sucking their cocks. Going down the line getting them all on

Bend over you cock hungry little fuck toy. I know your ass is just aching
with anticipation. I love watching them take turns shoving their cocks
down your throat and pumping your ass. Get on your knees whore and open
your mouth. All 5 men standing in a circle jerk cumming all over your
face. Lick it all up slut, don’t waste a drop.
Tie me up and make me your slave. Show me just how much pleasure I can get
from the pain. Making sure my wrist and ankles are bound tightly. That way
I cant squirm. Tracing your fingers around my lips before ordering me to
close my eyes and open my mouth.

I feel you placing the metal ring gag into my mouth. Whispering into my
ear how big of a load you have for your little cumslut. Bending me over
your knee and paddling my ass over and over again. Each strike of the
paddle making my pussy wet with anticipation.

Putting me face down ass up on the bed before shoving his hard cock into
my tight little cunt. With a fist full of my hair he continued bouncing my
ass up and down on his cock. Teasing my clit and telling me I’m his little
fuck toy. Another hard stroke and I came all over his cock.

He flipped me over and then shoved his cock threw my ring gag. Telling me
to suck all my cum off of his cock. Forcing his cock deeper and deeper
down my throat. He told me to get ready as he began filling my tight
little throat. Good little cumsluts dont miss a drop.
Although I really love being in control, I equally enjoy giving it away.
Sometime I just really need to be dominated. Giving you complete ownership
of every inch of my body. Completely dedicated to being your little
cum slut.

You tie my wrist and arms tightly behind my back. Slowly teasing my
nipples and getting them hard before putting on the clamps. The feeling of
the clamps immediately making my pussy wet. Getting right up to my ear and
talking dirty to me.

You know just what to do to get me going. Bending me over your knee and
spanking my ass. Taking your other hand and shoving your fingers in my
mouth muffling my moans. Telling me I’m a good little girl while you shove
your fingers into my tight wet pussy.

Taking me over to the bed and bending me over. Taking your big hard cock
out and teasing my wet cunt. Grabbing my hair and shoving the entire
length of your cock into my pussy. My back arched and ass bouncing on his
cock until he filled my tight little pussy up. Everything your little
cum slut has been needing.
As part of your slut training today we will be exploring some sensory
play. Standing in front of me I order you to strip down naked. The
anticipation sending chills down your spine. Behind you is a leather
inversion table. Cum here slut and lay down. You know the rules.

As you’re laying there I pull out my black silk scarf. Running the end of
it up and down your body. Teasing your cock and balls before bringing it
up to your face. Placing it over your eyes to blindfold you. One by one
feeling the restraints being tightened around your wrists and ankles. Last
but not least ordering you to open your mouth as I insert your metal ring

Your heart starts racing as the room gets silent. The sound of a match
being struck excites you. With just that sound your cock throbs. As the
candle wax heats up its time for some teasing. Taking my feather flogger
and tracing it up and down your body slowly. Licking my fingertip just to
slowly massage the head of his cock.

Completely bound by your Goddess you are at my mercy. You hear me blow out
one of the candles. Chills run down your body anticipating where I will
drip it first. Slowly I start to drip the hot wax over your balls as you
gasp. The intense sensation still radiating through your body.

All of a sudden the table flips and you are completely upside down. You
feel my nails tracing up and down your body. Taking my whip and striking
you again and again. Red marks and bruises cover your entire body. You
feel the intense pressure of clamps being placed onto your nipples.

Now its time for my favorite part. Pulling out my vibrating anal plug.
Lubing it up and sliding it into your ass. Deep moans starting to escape
your mouth as you get closer and closer. I squeeze the base of your cock
pushing all that cum into your balls before starting to stroke your cock
harder and faster. Right as you start to cum I hold your cock to make sure
you cum all over your own face and into your mouth. Good little whores
swallow their cum.
As the fall season slowly approaches I can’t help but have this intense
craving for some spontaneity. This indescribable desire I have had for
some time now. Taking a little vacation to a private cabin in the woods.
Snow perfectly covering the landscape around it. The large stone fireplace
sitting right in front of a soft fur rug. The perfect place for some
phenomenal foreplay to take place.

We lay side by side in front of the fire, I lean towards him softly
kissing his neck. Taking some ice and slowly tracing in down his chest,
sending chills through his body. Our naked silhouettes illuminated in the
candles flickering light. My delicate hands finding their way down to his
already throbbing cock. Leaning down and placing my soft lips to his

With each stroke taking more and more of his throbbing cock into my
mouth. As he pulses harder and harder I can feel him getting closer and
closer. Just before hes about to cum, I pause. Removing my hands and
taking my feather flogger and gently teasing his sensitive cock. It gets
me so wet just watching as I edge him further and further. Making
absolutely sure he does not cum until I say.

Nothing turns me on more than look of pure desperation on his face as he
is completely in my control. He knows his cock belongs to Goddess Ava,
and now begins his slut training. As I lay back and spread my legs I
firmly grab him swollen cock. Placing his head softly on my wet pussy
lips. Slowly teasing his throbbing cock with the feeling of my tight pink

After edging him over and over again I’ve decided to finally let him cum.
His breathing getting heavier and faster as I guide him inside of me.
Forcing his hard cock into my tight little pink pussy. His balls tight
and full of cum just begging to be released. Feeling him beginning to
tremble I whispered into his ear “cum for Goddess Ava, empty those balls
for me”. Another stroke and he let out a gasp, his toes curling, as
Goddess Ava drained every last bit of cum from her little slut……
Have you been a dirty little fucking boy?? Mommy has not been pleased with
your disobedience. Youre practically begging to be sucked into my vaccuum
bag arent you?? I hope youre ready to be punished. You belong in the dark.
Abandoned in the corner of mommys bag. Maybe your punishment will teach
you to listen better!!
Sit down. Be still. The sounds of metal clanking. Slowly placing the
blindfold over your eyes. Tightly securing it behind your head. Pressure.
Your head being strapped down. Immobilized completely. Open wide. Pushing
into your mouth. A familiar feeling. Goddess Ava’s favorite. The ring gag.
Leather. Strap by strap you are completely bound. Unable to move an inch.
A seductive yet twisted laugh escapes her venomous lips. Unzipping. Big
breasts escaping a tight latex bodysuit. Muffled. Jammed. Breasts fill the
ring gag allowing no room for air. Suffocating his pleas for mercy.
Sadistic. Sinister. Dark fantasies being taken out on another victim. His
face starting to change color. Slowly removing those big breasts. Gasp. So
close to death, yet so close to the edge. No pleasure goes unpunished. Not
in my dungeon.
I love to take control and make my slaves obey my every command. But It
gets me so hot to think about being dominated by a big, tall, and strong
man. It makes me so wet to have a man pick me up and throw me against the
wall. Just get aggressive with me and rip my clothes off. Bite my neck and
pull my hair. I’ll dress up and be your naughty little sub. Will you bend
me over and spank me for being a bad little girl?? 😉 Make me your
plaything, your fuckslut, your cock hungry little cum whore. Ive been
dreaming all night of all the ways you could take me. All I need now is
you 😉 xoxo, Ava
I love trying new things, exploring places I’ve never been before. It
makes me slightly nervous and I start getting those butterflies in my
stomach. But then my inner vixen decides to show herself. And doubt
quickly becomes desire. Dare to let me take control. Dare to be dominated.
It will happen so fast, you will have no idea how you got there. Tied up
and pleading. Begging me to show you how bad I really can be, just one
more time. 😉
I woke up in the middle of the night wet, hot, and bothered. I opened my
laptop to see If I could find a good porn video to watch while I let my
vibrator slide in and out of my tight pink pussy. There was one in
particular that caught my eye. It had me aching with anticipation before
I even pressed play. The couple had been trying out a new piece of sex
furniture. They had got themselves a sex swing. But not just any sex
swing, a bungee sex swing. I had never seen anything like this. Watching
the hot brunette in the video bounce up and down on that big black cock
made me cum over and over again. Continuing to play it over and over
while I pushed myself over the edge more times than I can count. After
an hour of hard playtime I had not only exhausted myself, but also the
batteries in my vibrator. I finally drifted off to sleep. But
before I knew it, the idea of being fucked on that swing had made its way
into my dreams. And at that very moment, I knew it was going to be a
long night 😉
This entire holiday I just haven’t been able to get some of my calls
off my mind. There are so many new things that I’ve been dying to try.
My biggest fantasy has been being blindfolded and tied up. The idea of
losing all control more and more with the tying of each knot just turns
me on.
Screaming, Scratching, and Pulling hair. The sweet sent of sex filling the
midnight air. I can hear the waves crashing up against the oceans shore. I
hear him let out a gasp as i slowly slide his cock deep into my mouth, and
down my throat. Wet warmth sliding back and forth, I can feel him
throbbing harder and harder with every fluid movement. He reaches down my
body from my breast to my navel. Slowly i can feel him slide his hand into
my panties, pushing the lace to the side he begins to slowly massage my
clit. I know he cant help but notice how wet I’ve become with anticipation
of what is about to cum. He begins to speed up his pace. I let out a
sensual moan as my body begins to climb to depths of pleasure i have yet
to explore. He looks me in my eyes and tells me to sit. I obey and wrap my
knees around his face and take his cock back into my mouth. Together we
find rhythm and we continue to work each other up to orgasm. I feel his
throbbing cock begin to pulse underneath and I know hes almost there. My
body starts to squirm and I let out a moan of pure ecstasy. I speed up my
stroke, and keep sucking as i feel my mouth starting to fill with his hot
cum. We both cum together, and we gaze at the horizon for a moment before
we both give each other a look of amazement. A vacation I could never
xoxo, Ava