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Carmen’s Fantasies

“YourDesires, this is Carmen,” I say as I answer the phone. My breath is a little out of breath as I had just been giggling with one of the other women.

There is a pause and then “Hi, yes. Ummm…is this….phone sex?” And I try not to giggle some more as he stumbles through his question. It’s kind of cute how uncomfortable he appears to be.

“Yes,” I respond.

Another beat. “So, um…we can talk dirty together?”

“Yes, we most certainly can,” I purr back.


This cycle continues through a few weeks. I recognize his voice every time he calls. He begins to sound more confident each time he calls; asking new questions about how our company works, if his wife will find out he is calling us, and what kind of kinks we do. I patiently answer his questions every time just knowing that eventually he is going to play one day.

Finally that day comes.

“I am ready to have sex on the phone. My wife is away for the weekend, Carmen and god…I just want to get nasty and wild,” are the words that tumble from his mouth when I answer.

“It’s about damn time,” I laugh into the phone.

And we cum together, for hours. He laughs at how slow he was to take the plunge into adult phone chat, and kicks himself for wasting time. I remind him that life is not a race, but a marathon. And then I tell him to get on his knees to suck my huge strap on.

You were basking in my presence today when you said something truly delightful. Out of nowhere you said “yes.” I asked you want you meant by yes, and you responded “just yes, Goddess.”

And I was transported back to a couple nights ago when I asked you if you would do anything for me. You got so quiet. I could tell that “anything” was a tall order for you, so I let the question settle and put my strap-on on.

I fucked you until you forgot your shame of not being able to answer. I fucked you until you came numerous times. I fucked you until your knees were weak and your eyelids heavy. Then I held you in my arms and cradled you.

When you said yes-

I smiled.

And we began.


A word never sounded so sweet.

Not so long ago I saw a discussion where the original poster asked if it
was possible for him to have limits and still be a good sub. On one hand I
can understand how someone would come to think that was a question he
needed to ask but on the other hand HOW IS THIS A QUESTION?!!!

Having anything even vaguely resembling a survival instinct is still in, I
promise you. Aside from really obvious limits about serious bodily harm,
what on earth is supposed to be attractive about not having the sense to
know that not every kink is your kink? Or the profound self-absorption to
think that no woman will ever be into kinks that you’re not? For god’s
sake knock that shit off.

Even leaving aside the blatant misogyny of assuming dominant women
couldn’t possibly exist for any reason other than to service your boner
and the willful and carefully maintained ignorance it takes to
deliberately avoid finding out that kinks that turn you off exist, the
idea that good s-types never say no is deeply, deeply fucked up.

First of all, it’s damaging to the people we supposedly care for as
dominants. Believing that a good sub never says no leads people to force
themselves to tolerate things that are bad for them because they want so
badly to be “good.” Now obviously that’s dumb and a dom who wouldn’t want
to know about it if they were harming their sub is trash you should run
from as fast as you can, but people don’t deserve to be harmed just for
being naive and kind of dumb.

Second, it’s insulting as hell to d-types to assume we’re such fragile
flowers we can’t ever handle being told no. I am a grownup and I want to
know if my idea is terrible or if I’m about to do something stupid. And
yes, it’s possible to disagree respectfully. If you can’t understand the
difference between telling me “Stabbity, I think that’s a bad idea because
of x and y” and “That’s stupid, do it this way,” come back when you grow
up. You’re not ready for kink if your communication skills are that bad.

Come to think of it, not understanding the difference between a respectful
and disrespectful no may be a big part of why people get the idea that
good s-types just don’t say no at all. If you don’t realise it’s possible
to say no and still be respectful, of course you’d think it’s not okay for
s-types to say no. Not recognising a respectful no or a soft no as a no
could also screw up your ideas about whether it’s okay to say no.

If you’re not sure how to say no respectfully, I recommend looking at
articles about how to say no to your boss. If you read a few of them,
you’ll see a common theme of explaining why you can’t do the thing they
want and asking how they want to handle it. The conversation part may be
another reason s-types don’t feel like they should say no. If you think of
“saying no” as a single, blunt “Nope, not gonna happen” instead of a
conversation, of course that seems disrespectful.

If there’s just one thing you take away from this post, take this: it is
always okay to say no. It doesn’t make you a bad sub, it makes you a
person who has the sense to look after their own well being.
Although each submissive has their own personality, quirks, flaws and
merits, each will usually fit into one of the following seven categories
of submissive behavior.

Please do note that these are only the most common types of submissives;
others do exist, but to much lesser degrees.

Type One: The “Little Girl” Submissive – Ever-blushing and ever-giggly,
the “little girl” type of submissive is the consummate child actor. She
will usually use every cute little hair twist and every sweet little smile
in her arsenal to make sure everyone finds her to be the sweetest little
girl in the whole community. These little girls typically ooze sweetness
and often make dominants and other submissives in the community wonder
what they’re really up to. Little girl types usually do not get along with
other little girl types at all, as they typically crave attention and one
little girl trying to muscle in on another little girl’s turf is an open
threat to the incumbent little girl’s monopoly on attention-getting. For
this same reason, little girl submissives do not usually do well in
polyamorous relationships, preferring to be the sole object of their
partner’s attention. A positive aspect of little girl types is that they
are usually unwaveringly devoted to their partners and once they find a
partner, they are unlikely to leave that person. From a purely
psychological perspective, one has to wonder if the little girl type uses
her wiles and charms and craves attention to cover up self-esteem issues.

Type Two: The “Tame Me” Submissive – The “tame me” type of submissive is
overly rebellious, overly strong-willed and overly confrontational with
dominant types. They want to find, in their own words, a strong dominant
to break their spirit and make them be the submissives these girls just
know they can be. This type of submissive doesn’t seem to realize that
most dominants enjoy a spirited submissives and don’t actually want to
attempt to train a wild pony only to have it turn into a old gray mare
once they saddle-breaking phase is completed. A submissive that shows
qualities of rebellion, will and spirit are often looked upon
appreciatively by dominants, but the tame me type of submissives tend to
take these traits to the next level. Ordinarily, once a tame me type is
actually tamed, she becomes bored with her relationship and begins looking
anew for better challenges. These submissives do not often form lasting
relationships within a BDSM community. A positive thing about the tame me
type of submissive is that they are really fun for the first couple of
months, but after they have been tamed, they tend to settle into
predictable ruts until they are ready to leave the relationship, then they
will begin to act out again in hopes that someone, who is not their
current partner, will attempt to tame them once again.. Psychologically
speaking, one wonders is a tame me type is merely playing hard to get in
order to find a partner that will put up with them and not become overly
baffled when the submissive ceases to be a challenge and then leaves for
another person that will do it all over again.
Type Three: The “SAM” Submissive – A “SAM” type submissive, also known as
a Smart-Assed Masochist, is just that, a smart-talking submissive with a
quick tongue. These submissives are usually only SAMs, or Sammie, to their
partners or people they know very well. Usually, their Sammie behavior
isn’t actually a cry for attention; it’s just their way of being playful.
In fact, most SAMs when actually threatened with punishment will back off,
saying that they were only playing and that they didn’t mean anything by
it. Occasionally, this behavior can be incredibly frustrating to their
partners who, by the time the SAM has agitated their partner into frenzy,
are looking to string the SAM submissive up by their toes and see how many
fresh red marks can be created. Interestingly enough, most SAM submissives
are not actually masochists. They actually do not want to be punished for
their actions as, to them; they were just playing around to begin with.
The positive thing about a SAM sub is that they are usually great fun and
very playful partners. Occasionally, they are playful to an infuriating
level and will occasionally push their partners until their partners are
ready to torture them just to relieve the stress. Psychologically
speaking, a SAM is probably not actually looking for punishment or
attention, but just wants to show their affection by acting the way they
do. The SAM is usually subdued by a couple of harsh words, because once
they realize they have stopped being fun, they do not enjoy the feeling
associated with causing their partner actual distress.

Type Four: The “Brat” – The “brat” is different from the tame me type and
the SAM type in the fact that they are overly-aggressive, smart-mouthed
and frequently rude, they have no intentions of submitting to anyone’s
authority or discipline, except that of their partner. This fact, however,
does not stop the brat from continuously harassing every dominant and most
submissives with which she comes into contact. Oddly enough, to their
partners, brats are, almost unanimously, not bratty. The brat knows full
well that their partner can and will punish them, and probably would if
their partner caught them acting the way they do in a community. Brats are
usually very good submissives once they find a partner, but their
confidence in knowing full well that they have a partner and no one else
can lay a finger on them typically causes their behavior. Anyone that’s
ever fallen victim to the behavior of the brat can usually stop the brat’s
behavior toward them with a well-worded email to the brat’s partner, along
with any specific bratty remarks copied and pasted into the text of the
mail. The good thing about brats is that they are, almost unanimously,
actually very good submissive. They usually behave very well to their
partners and are usually very easy to get along with in relationships.
Psychologically speaking the brat probably acts the way she does, because
of the sense of security afforded to her by the knowledge that she has a
partner and no one else is allowed to touch her. The brat, once reported
to their partners for their behavior, tend to settle down and treat the
person that has reported them quite respectfully. The brat will normally
only push the people she knows she can push.
Type Five: The “My Master is God” Submissive – Also known as they “I have
a master and you don’t! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah” type of submissive.
These submissives are of the opinion that their masters can do absolutely
no wrong and that their master’s word is as good as law and that their
masters know everything there is to know about everything. The “My Master
is God” type of submissive frequently spends inordinate amounts of time
talking about their masters, what their masters have done to them, or for
them, or with them in the past, or any other tidbit of assumed wisdom
their masters have ever passed along to them. Suffice it to say that
conversations with these types of submissives can get old very fast, and
most people would almost rather eat broken glass than converse at length
with this type of submissive after she has related her favorite “My Master
did this” story for the third or eighth or hundredth time. The good thing
about the “My Master is God” submissive is that they are very, very
devoted. These submissives are usually crazy about their masters and hang
on his every word. Mostly, it seems, this type of submissive is usually
very new and inexperienced, and frequently their masters are, too.
Psychologically speaking, one wonders if these submissives are under the
effects of psychoactive drugs or mind control, because most sane people
are not this devoted to their partners. This type of submissive is
frequently very new and very inexperienced, and therefore has nothing much
of value of her own to add to a BDSM-related conversation. Her master,
too, might be inexperienced, but as long as he treats her well and what he
says seems to make sense, she will hang on his every word, believing that
he knows more than anyone else possibly could. People in disagreements
with this type of submissive will often find that, unless they have at
least five documented, proven bibliographical sources to back up a claim
or opinion that differs from this submissive’s master’s claim or opinion,
then this submissive will never believe a word of it, choosing to believe
instead that anything her master says is the absolute truth.

Type Six: The “I am Slave, Hear Me Roar!” Submissive – These are absolute,
prodigious, epitome of any submissive type. Don’t call the “I am Slave”
type a submissive, though, they don’t like that very much. In these
slaves’ opinions, there is no other submissive group that can possibly
equal their level of commitment, sacrifice, talent, experience or will to
submit. To this slave archetype, submissives merely play at being slaves,
and anyone not in a 24/7 TPE-type relationship cannot possibly understand
what it really takes to be a slave. Somewhere along the way, the slaves
falling into this category forgot that the traditional, BDSM-defined slave
is supposed to be demure, servile and meant to be seen and not heard. The
good thing about the “I am Slave” type is that they are often very
committed, very talented, willing to sacrifice anything for their master
and willing to submit to any kind of torture, torment, punishment or
practice their masters desire. These slaves rarely safe word out of any
situation, and frequently don’t even have safe words. Psychologically
speaking, the level of ego required to drive a self-proclaimed slave to
this level of verbosity and fervor seems directly contrary to the actual
personality required of accepted, established slaves. It is likely that,
if an Old Guard Master ever found himself in care taking or in possession
of this type of slave, he would first begin her experience under him by
gagging her or taping her fingers together to prevent her from vocalizing
or typing exactly how great of a slave she is.

Type Seven: The “True” Submissive – The “true” submissive is often the
culmination of the desires of every dominant figure around this person.
The “true” submissive is often shy, under spoken, docile, servile and
absolutely willing to do anything asked of her. The true submissive is
usually aware first of the wants, needs and expectations of the dominant
figures around her and not concerned as much with her own wants, needs and
expectations. The true submissive is frequently inexperienced, untaught
and looking to be pleasing by being perceived as the ‘expected’ norm that
a submissive should be. The true submissive will serve anyone and allow
herself to be disciplined by anyone claiming to be dominant. The true
submissive will usually be found off to the side and out of the way of
everyone, rather than openly interacting with people. The good thing about
the “true” submissive is that they can be educated and trained out of
these types of behavior. Through training and education, these submissives
often find that they are allowed to say no to people. They find out that
they can get involved in conversations and don’t have to be wallflowers in
social situations. They also find out that they are allowed to want, need
and expect things as any other person would. All they need is some
encouragement. Psychologically speaking, there’s nothing at all wrong with
the “true” type submissive, other than they need some guidance and that
they probably got some bad advice from an online dominant or an online
submissive. With good advice and guidance, these submissives can easily
turn out to be fine submissives, or they can turn into one of the other
six types mentioned here.

There are also, of course, the “normal” submissives that enjoy carrying on
conversations, are very openly opinionated and very capable of handling
themselves in social situations. It is to these kinds of submissives that
others would do well to look to as role models and advice-givers.
Oral sex is arguably an essential part of foreplay and can make a woman
orgasm in its own right.

It’s also a great way of priming your partner and raising her arousal
levels, which then reduces the pressure on you to last for a long time
when having sex.

This article will teach you guys how to give a girl oral sex properly, as
well as helping you work out what your partner likes.

It’s really important to remember that everyone is different, and what
pleases one woman might not do it for another.

The best piece of advice is to get down to some trial and error. Remember
to communicate your desires and simply enjoy the process of getting to
know each other.

We girls love receiving oral sex, but you won’t know for sure if what you
read in a book or website will work unless you give it a go. Once you’ve
read some advice about what women want, test it out in reality.

Whatever your partner finds pleasurable is exactly what you need to be
doing. Don’t just repeat a trick or style you read, heard or found worked
on someone else.

A lot of men tend to skip past performing oral sex for their partner, or
only do so to receive some in return. But actually it’s a key ingredient
for turning a woman on.

If you keep in mind these tips for giving a girl good oral sex and take
the time to get it right, you can bring some extra spice to the bedroom
and really satisfy your partner.

Don’t rush in
You might not be the biggest fan of giving oral sex, or you may not know
exactly how to give your girl oral sex, so you tend to rush into it and
try and get it over with. What we want is for you to start slowly though.

Kiss her lips, neck and make your way down her body until you’re kissing
her inner thighs. Try and make eye contact as much as possible and
position yourself in a comfortably way that you can caress her breasts
from time to time.

The idea is to turn her on before you start the oral sex and make her
tingle. A bit of teasing works really well here.

Build up gradually
When you begin to kiss and lick during oral sex, work your way in slowly
from the outside. This will make the feelings more intense and still feel
like you’re teasing her. A slow build up creates a much better orgasm for
us women.

Most women are very sensitive to touch, including touch performed by the
tongue, so start gently and see what your woman wants. The clitoris in
particular is packed full of nerve endings so make sure you listen to her

Try not to rush into licking the clitoris but when you do, be gentle –
especially if she’s not fully aroused.

Get creative with your tongue
Diagram Of The Vagina And Clitoris for oral sexThe key to giving a woman
good oral sex is to keep moving your tongue. If you’re not sure how, keep
it flat and lick up the entire vulva and clitoris.

You can do an up and down motion or side to side, or a mixture of both.

If you keep your tongue hard and only use the tip, especially in a sharp
flicking motion, then you’re denying your girl the softest, wettest and
smoothest part of your tongue.

It’s important to use the flatter and softer part of your tongue –
especially at the start when she may not be fully aroused and not ready
for the additional pressure and speed that the tip can bring.

You can try spelling out the alphabet over different areas with your
tongue – this keeps the tongue moving in different directions. And don’t
forget to change the pace – get faster and more intense if she likes it.

The classic advice with the alphabet techniques is that if you find a
‘letter’ that she responds well to, then you can keep repeating that
letter for a while.

You might occasionally want to gently suck her clitoris, as the suction
can give a different sensation. Some women will love this, some won’t. And
even a girl that likes it one day may not the next day.

You need to be ready to change, be creative, be flexible and keep working
at finding what tongue movements, pressure and speed work on a particular
girl, on a particular day in a particular setting!

And remember it’s not just the clitoris you need to focus on. Draw that
alphabet large over the whole area, then medium and small around different
parts. Women enjoy the whole area being licked, kissed and touched, so
don’t get caught up just on the clitoris.

Don’t forget about your hands
When giving a woman oral sex, try to get yourself into a position where
your hands are free to add an extra element. If you’re able to caress her
body and breasts while giving oral, then great.

You can also use one hand to slightly lift up the ‘hood’ of the clitoris
and reveal the more sensitive part for your tongue to stimulate. Make sure
you learn where this is.

If you’re good at multi-tasking, why not add your fingers into the action
and try to stimulate her G Spot? Most women enjoy the build-up so try to
learn when she’s ready for you to use your fingers as well to intensify
the pleasure to the next level.

If you go straight in with the fingers at the start then you might ruin
the potential for an orgasm that a steady build-up brings.

Experiment with different positions
the number 69, a great position to give a woman oral sexTry different
techniques and see what works for you. Perhaps you’d like to introduce
some new positions (such as the 69 where you both perform oral sex to each
other at the same time, or the man on top and in control).

Whatever you do, mix it up and don’t make things feel like a routine. If
she doesn’t quite know what to expect, she’ll be even more turned on,
whether the oral sex is for foreplay or for orgasm.

Find the best technique and don’t stop!
It’s not always easy for you to speak to her while you perform oral sex,
but listen to the sounds she makes. We women can be a bit shy, but
generally most like to talk and say what we like.

If your girl isn’t a talker, check for signs she’s enjoying it, such as
heavier breathing or moaning. And if she’s holding the top of your head,
she may grip harder as she’s closer to climaxing.

Look for signals that tell you she’s really turned on, and don’t suddenly
stop or change what you’re doing if what you’re doing is working.

At the start it’s fine to play around and experiment with different
actions and techniques. But once you’ve teased her and gotten her warmed
up, it’s time to settle on the technique that will give her an orgasm and
not stop until she gets there.

By this point, your jaw may be aching and your tongue might feel numb, but
persistence will pay off. If she’s enjoying it, then stopping as she’s
building towards climax just because you have neck ache or a sore jaw
isn’t cool!

Nothing beats a bit of feedback so ask her afterwards if she liked it and
she might offer some tips to make next time even more intense.

Hopefully you’ll have gotten the message by now that the key to giving a
girl oral sex is to not expect any one thing to work from one time to the

You need to be flexible, creative and responsive. If she doesn’t tell you
exactly what works in words, then you need to find out yourself by trial
and error and observing her responses to what you are doing.

And perhaps most importantly, when you know what works for her, once you
decide to focus on that technique just keep doing it at the same speed,
pressure and motion until she orgasms.

Enjoy the practice, enjoy the experimenting, and enjoy the feel-good
sensation when you magically work out exactly what she needs to have
Guide to Spanking
Focus your spanking the buttocks. Always avoid impact on or above the
tailbone, outside of the buttocks, lower thighs, the back of the knees,
and where the bottom ends and the thighs begin. It’s easy to damage the
tailbone or kidneys if your spanking gets out of the safe zone. And
anyway, most people find that it feels best on their butts.

You can create different sensations by having the receiving partner in
different positions. If they’re lying flat on a bed, their butt is less
stretched out than if they’re bent over or on their hands and knees. Many
people find that the further their hips are bent, the stronger the same
impact can feel.

The Warm-Up:
When we get spanked, more blood flows to the skin, the muscles relax and
arousal builds. Warm your partner up with softer spanks. Massage the lower
back, hips, butt and thighs — the more relaxed we are, the better
spanking can feel. Watch their body language for cues that they’re
beginning to get turned on. You may want to include other stimulation such
as genital play or light scratching and tickling to heighten sensation.

When your partner is warmed up, their skin will probably feel warmer and
(depending on their skin tone) may be a bit pink. They may also relax into
the sensation or make appreciative sounds. However your partner expresses
their pleasure, make sure to linger here before taking it further —
you’ll be rewarded later.

Types of Sensation:
All spanking props whether they are a bare hand or paddle will provide
sensation along a spectrum of sting to thud. Sting is felt more on the
surface of the skin while thud is a deeper, more penetrating sensation.
Some people have strong preferences for one or the other, some like both
and some like one as part of a warm-up and the other later on.

If you’re not sure what you or your partner likes, start slow and ask. One
great way to do that is to spank once and ask them to rate it on a scale
of one to ten. Another way is to do two different strokes and ask which
one felt better. And remember that what we like changes when we’re turned
on and warmed up, so feel free to mix it up a bit.

Here are some more tips on different sensations:

A palm of the hand or thick heavy paddle can provide deep, resonating,
penetrative yet dull, deep tissue stimulation. In general, it is harder to
leave long-lasting marks with thud props, although when you do, the
bruises may last longer since they’re deeper.

A light wooden paddle, wooden spoon, and a hairbrush can provide more
shallow stimulation, a sharp biting. Try our Star Spanker or Slapper to
experiment with sting.

Different hand shapes
When spanking with a bare or leather-gloved hand, cupping the hand tends
to create more thud while holding it flat with fingers spread creates more
sting. Some people find that having the hand or paddle bounce back off the
rump after a strike to be more pleasurable for both parties, rather than
striking with solely a forward motion. Others like a “spank-and-grab”

Find a nice, steady rhythm. Some people like to time it to the music
they’ve got playing. Just change it up every so often to keep arousal up.

Change the Sensation
Work some light stroking, scratching, and rubbing into your spanking. Try
incorporating the bristle side of a hairbrush after a few strokes of the
opposing side. Some paddles will have a soft faux fur on one side and
leather on the other. Play around with different stroking patterns and
props until you and your lover find some favorites.

Be Aware of Your Partner
The spankee can give cues that particular stroke pattern or strength is
enjoyable by wiggling or squirming in your lap, or letting out a squeal.
They can also let the spanker know something was not so enjoyable by
saying things like: “no not there”, “too hard” or “that didn’t feel good.”
Discuss, prior to your spanking session, what cues or safe words will be
used and what they mean.

You may want to shift from spanking towards other sexual activity. After
all, now that you’re both turned on, there are so many other things to do!
But afterwards, it’s often a good idea to check in with each other. What
worked? What didn’t? What would you like to change? You can have those
conversations right afterwards or maybe a day or two later, but make sure
to have them. It’s one of the best ways to make sure that the next time is
If the spankee is looking a bit bruised, some arnica gel (available at
many pharmacies and natural food stores) works wonders. It also helps with
muscle aches, so it might feel good on the spanker’s arm, too!
Driving Masturbation, PT.1

I was traveling 700 miles to my aunt’s funeral in Indiana. Since my aunt
was 13 years older than my father, and she had mostly raised him, and she
had no children of her own, she had always been more like a grandmother to
me. And I had lost my dad just six months earlier. So I was in a very
strange frame of mind as I drove, alone, across country.

I had started the trip on a Thursday evening after work, and driven until
midnight and I thought I wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes open anymore.
Then I checked into a roadside Best Western, where the only room they had
left was clearly a party room mostly likely to be used by the students of
the nearby college. They only charged me the regular single-room rate,
since I was just one person and I came in so late, and would clearly not
be having any parties.

The room was cavernous, with a pull-out sofa, a California king bed, and a
Jacuzzi right in the middle of the room. A swanky hotel in Las Vegas might
have made the design work somehow, with marble floors around the tub, a
big-screen TV, and a fully stocked bar. But this was West Virginia. The
whole floor was commercial-grade, low-pile carpet. The wall art was
mass-produced pastel in white frames. The furnishings were standard cheap

I did use the Jacuzzi, because you have to, and I was in such a strange,
numb, frame of mind. I sat in the tub in the boring room, and imagined a
party of 40 or so fraternity boys and their dates. I imagined they would
be partying after a formal dance, and all the girls in their formal
dresses wouldn’t have thought to bring bikinis, so after a few shots of
tequila, they would slip out of their dresses and into the tub. The boys
would probably keep their tightie-whities on, until eventually, one thing
would lead to another.

I looked at the sad pull-out sofa and imagined a 20 year-old with a 9-inch
hard-on stretching out his jockeys until his slender young girlfriend
liberated it, and started sucking his dick right in the middle of the

That’s what this room was designed for. Not for a single 30 year-old with
an aching shoulder and a broken heart.

Maybe it was sleeping in the orgy room that got me so charged up the next
day. Or maybe it was the dread of going to the funeral and dealing with
the reality of the loss. Maybe it was just that empty sadness in my heart.

Things in my love life back home were pretty weird. I had a casual
boyfriend, but he was obsessed with recording a music CD. I tried to
support him, but I knew the odds of his musical success were pretty
limited. And he had no job. He was older than me, and it’s hard to start a
music career from scratch when you have wrinkles and gray hair. I knew it
was over; I just hadn’t told him yet.
Driving Masturbation PT.2

I started part two of the long drive early in the morning. It was a fine
fall day, with a bright blue sky and just a few high cirrus clouds. It was
warm enough to wear a skirt and sweater, and to open my car’s sunroof, and
so off I drove. I was in a strange frame of mind—sad about my aunt,
confused about my so-called boyfriend, feeling generally lonely and yet
very much alive. I still had the visuals in my head about the party room
I’d stayed in the night before, and I was reflecting a little on my own
college days, and remembering when boys seemed to have those perpetual
erections. My lover was older, and although he loved talking about sex and
looking at pictures of naked women, he had performance issues, a skinny
penis, and he didn’t like to give or receive oral. To sum it up, I had a
lot of things to fantasize about.

Long drive, beautiful day, trying to distract myself from thinking about
the funeral and my real-life issues, eventually I became aware that I was
starting to feel pretty horny. I knew that once I reached my destination,
I wouldn’t have another moment of privacy for three days. I tried to calm
myself down, but there were only a few things my brain had to focus on as
I drove and none of them were very appealing. So eventually, I settled on
fantasies as I drove down the long, straight and very boring interstate.
With about 250 miles to go on my trip, I took my right hand off the wheel
and just let it rest in my lap, between my thighs. The warmth from my hand
seemed to warm my pussy just a bit more, and then I wondered, could I do
it? Would it work? Would anyone notice? And even if they did, did I care?
I was hundreds of miles from my home and my destination, in the middle of
nowhere, where there was no one I knew.

So I started to gently massage my pussy through my skirt and underwear. I
spread my legs a little wider, keeping my right foot on the gas. And then
I slowly rubbed my clit through my clothes. I could feel the heat and
moisture already. I did have several changes of clothes in my suitcase,
but I didn’t want to get my skirt so wet that it showed through, so I slid
my hand down my thigh, finding the bottom of my hem, and then slipped a
hand under my skirt, and found the edge of my panties.

I bent my left knee and propped my left foot up on the dash, just making a
little more space. Plenty of people drive with one leg up on the dash. It
wouldn’t look that obvious, would it? It wasn’t super traficky, but the
occasional car and truck passed me. When the trucks passed, I knew they
were higher, so I’d move my hand away from my pussy until they passed on.

When there was no one in the lane next to me (or if it was another
passenger vehicle), I slid my hand back under my skirt, and up under the
elastic of my panties. I wanted to make it last, so I rubbed my clit
through my labia, slowly, up and down, up and down, just getting it nice
and warm.

A few miles passed, and I wanted more, so I took my middle finger and slid
it between my labia, finding my clit, and I started drawing circles with
my finger, feeling my clit get harder and hotter as I went.

When trucks passed, I stopped. I moved my hand away. I took my middle
finger and brought it to my mouth, and I sucked on it as the trucks
passed, sliding my finger in and out, tasting my pussy juice and thinking
about sucking on a cock. The trucks drove by, and I slid my wet middle
finger back to my clit. I imagined a big cock stretching out my pussy, and
watching it go in hard and purple and throbbing, then watching it slide
back out all wet and shiny.

I needed more space to maneuver, so I shifted my hips up and slipped my
panties off. I put my foot back on the seat, now naked under my skirt. I
was getting pretty hot and I didn’t want to come yet, so I slipped my hand
up under my sweater and slid it under my bra, pinching my nipples until
they turned hard, and imagining someone sucking and biting on them.

My pussy was not to be ignored, though. I had left her wet and hot and
ready. My brain was working on all kinds of visuals, and as soon as I
thought about getting my hair pulled as someone fucked me hard from
behind, and grabbed my hips to slam their cock deep inside, I was ready to

I moved my hand back to my pussy, and slid my first two fingers inside. I
was so wet—I pulled my dripping fingers back out and rubbed my clit a
little more, making slow, delicious circles. Then I plunged my fingers
back in, in and out, fucking myself and curling my fingers up to find my
G-spot. It was hard to do in the car’s seat. I wished I had a merciless
man with me, who would just keep finger-fucking me as fast as possible,
until I bucked and wriggled—but I had this car to drive, and there was no
one else around but me. From the position I was in, the best I could do
was to reach into my pussy and curl my fingers up, rubbing hard against
the top wall until my forearm muscles started cramping.

Pussy juice was now running all over my hand, so I brought it back to my
clit, and rubbed as fast as I could with my hot, wet, and well-lubricated
fingers. I pressed harder and faster into my clit. I wanted to throw my
head back and scream, but I had to keep driving. So I kept my eyes on the
road, but I did let myself moan and whimper until all my muscles finally
contracted into a beautiful orgasm. As I came, I kept pressing into my
clit to sustain the waves of contractions—wave after beautiful wave.

I finally relaxed and released, and started to be aware of more than just
my body and the road immediately in front of me. I looked right, saw cows,
looked left and saw a blue pickup truck in the lane next to me. Guy about
my age. Very attractive. Cowboy hat. Mustache. Blue-collar type. Big grin.
He gave me the thumbs-up and nodded enthusiastically. He drove along right
next to me until traffic wanted to pass.

We drove like that for about 20 miles. I would pass him, then he’d pass
me. As time passed, I started to get a little weirded out by it. I mean,
he was a good looking guy, and if this were a fictional story, I would
tell you about how I pulled over, and he bent me over the bed of his
pickup, and all my problems were solved by a thorough pounding from a
total stranger on the shoulder of the interstate as semi-tractors and
family sedans sped by, honking.

However, this is a true story. And for all I knew the guy could be an
ax-murderer (admittedly, a good-looking one), a thief, or rife with STDs.
So eventually, I pulled off at an exit. And I was a little startled when
he also got out at the same exit. Once I arrived in the town where I had
exited, I made a sudden turn into a Wal-Mart parking lot, and I managed to
get myself lost in the shuffle. I grabbed my bag, used the restroom,
washed my hands, changed my clothes, and went on my way.

I’m not saying everyone should masturbate in the car while driving halfway
across the country for a funeral. I mean, sometimes you will have other
people in the car. Some people just aren’t that horny, and some can’t come
that easily. (I feel sorry for the last two types). But for me, it was a
much-needed release. I often wonder what would have happened if I hadn’t
lost the guy in the blue pickup truck. We could have had anonymous sex in
a Wal-Mart parking lot, or even worse, a highly awkward conversation in
which we said things like, “Hi. How’s it going? I saw you getting off back
there. Can I have your number?”

Sometimes the fantasies are better than the reality. And I’m pretty sure
that on that day, things worked out exactly the way they were supposed to.


We need to have a little talk.

There’s something we need to discuss, something very personal, and
intimate, and sexual. Something I’ve been thinking about for a while,
something you need to do for me. And something I think we both want.

This is something that’s very important to me, and could be for us as a
couple, so I’ve written you this letter to convince you of the need, to
encourage you to accept it, to condition you to want it as much as I do.
But first I need you in the proper frame of mind. So take a bath, smoke a
joint, relax your mind, and when you’re feeling calm and ready and a
little bit aroused, come to the bed naked and read the rest of this

There, that’s better. Feeling comfortable? Good. It’s very important that
your mind is relaxed and open because I’m about to take you on a very
erotic journey…

Have you figured it out? Can you guess what you need to do for me?

I’ve been thinking about it so much… It’s finally time… So I’ll just
come out and say it… Will you suck cock for me, baby? I want to see you
sucking cock, see your mouth full of cock, worshiping cock. My lover’s
cock. I want to watch you suck my lover’s cock. I think you want it too,
don’t you? I sense it. Deep down, you feel the desire for it, just like I
do. Mmmm, ya, I want to feed it to you, and that’s what you want as well,
for me to guide my lover’s cock into your sexy mouth and watch you suck
him until he cums.

Oh yes, I think you want it too, baby. It terrifies you, but it excites
you as well, and you want it just as much as I do, maybe more. You want to
show off and prove your devotion to me. You want to show me how aroused
and submissive you can be when I command you, how horny and sexual you are
anytime I want you to be… And you’re more than just a little
bi-curious… we both know it, you feel the urge deep within you. You want
to suck cock. You want to experience what it’s like to have a cock in your
mouth, to feel that cock getting aroused and to feel yourself getting
aroused with it. And you want that cock to cum in that sweet mouth of
yours and to feel that hot, sticky cum on your face and on your tongue,
and then down the back of your throat. Yes, you want to suck my lover’s
cock, and make his cock feel good, make it feel so good that he cums in
your sexy mouth. And that’s what I want too, babe.

Oh God, it makes me so hot to think about it… Watching you suck my
lover’s cock. Worshiping his cock. I get so wet and horny just from
visualizing it… You need this, baby, and I can’t wait any longer.

To help you commit to the idea, let me walk you through the experience,
slowly and hypnotically, so you can feel it as if it were really
happening, so you can understand how excited, and aroused, you might
become. Let me inside your mind so I can help you explore your desire, so
I can help you find and liberate your true self. Let me help you shed your
inhibitions so you can fully embrace your desire for cock… your need to
suck another man’s cock… my lover’s cock… discover the pleasure of
sucking my lover’s cock under my guidance. Let me set your heart, mind and
body aflame with lust and hunger, desperate to please me and desperate to
please my lover’s cock. Let me teach you to connect obedience to ecstasy.
Submit to my instruction and be generously rewarded, my love.

Now, are you ready?

First, let me take you away from here… Relax your mind further. Clear
your thoughts. Be as calm as you can be without falling asleep. Imagine a
beach, somewhere very far away. A beautiful beach with nothing but sand
and surf as far as the eye can see in both directions. Clean air, hot sun,
cool breeze, the sounds of the waves crashing in a steady, gentle rhythm.
Lots of beautiful people walking past you. Beautiful women in their
bikinis, with their beautiful tight bodies, and some beautiful men too,
with lean, naked chests. Everyone tanned, fit, and gorgeous. You’re
feeling happy, relaxed, and aroused.

Then you see me, approaching you, with my lover at my side. I look
stunning, as usual, and my lover looks charmingly attractive and cheerful
in his swim trunks. We look at you warmly, smiling. You feel your cock
tingle and begin to stir. You know what we want. We want you to join us,
to come with us, back to the hotel room.

And so you do. The three of us walk down the beach, hand in hand in hand,
my husband on one side and my lover on the other. Both of you sporting
erections that bounce inside your swim trunks.

Clear your mind again. Deep breaths. You feel so calm and relaxed. So very
relaxed and comfortable. Now imagine a beautiful, stylish hotel room.
Clean white sheets on the king size bed, flowers on the night table,
mellow lighting, fireplace glowing, a cool breeze drifting in from the
balcony through the open sliding glass door. Soft velvety carpet
underscoring a luxurious, spacious room. That’s where you are. On the soft
floor, on your knees, naked, and facing me.

Now picture my handsome lover, lean and athletic, his naked body sitting
on the edge of the bed. Imagine my luscious and beautiful naked female
form, kneeling before him, between his legs.

Now picture his cock. Imagine his cock in my hand. Erect and flawless. You
can’t help admiring it. Imagine the most beautiful, perfect cock there
ever was. Slightly bigger than you, slightly longer, straight and smooth
with a beautiful mushroom head. Your dream cock if there ever was one.
Picture it in my hand, straight up and stiff. Imagine my lover’s beautiful
hard cock in my hand. Concentrate on his cock. Feel it entice you.

Watch me rub my hand up and down the shaft, slowly jerking him off. It
turns you on, doesn’t it, my hand on another man’s hard cock, watching my
fingers stimulate my lover’s horny erection. You feel aroused and horny
too. You want to come closer.

“Come closer, baby.”

Watch me stroke my lover’s impressive cock up close. Imagine my hand
caressing his cock to full hardness just inches from your face. Look at
the head, thick and throbbing. Feel your inhibitions drifting away. You
want it, don’t you. You want it in your mouth. You don’t understand why,
but you want my lover’s cock in your mouth.

Now, in your mind’s eye, watch me kiss and suck on the head of that cock.
Looks so delicious, doesn’t it. Focus on my lips sucking the head of that
cock. You feel the urge to join me, to suck it with me. You feel an urge
to suck cock growing inside you, growing stronger, more insistent.

Now I turn towards you, and before your realize it, I’m kissing you. Can
you taste it? Taste my lover’s cock on my lips. Kiss me. I want you to
taste his cock on my lips as I kiss you, my loving, submissive husband.
Feel you heart melt.

Again I suck and slobber all over the top of his cock. Again I turn
towards you, and we kiss. Taste him, sweetie. Taste cock. Taste his cock
on my lips while I stroke his shaft. Is it turning you on? I can tell you
want it so bad.

Once more I turn to my lover’s cock. My tongue stretches out and licks the
shaft from the base to the tip, then licking all over the cock, like a
sweet lollipop. You watch my tongue swirl all over the head, then zig zag
its way down and back up the shaft. I turn my face towards you, leaning in
for a kiss, mouth open, offering you my tongue. You understand what is
expected, and comply, sucking my tongue into your mouth. You suck on my
tongue and suck on the flavor of my lover’s cock. I’m holding his cock oh
so close to our mouths while you suck on my tongue. His hard throbbing
cock in my hand almost grazes your cheek as your lips slide up and down on
my tongue.

I pull away and look at you. You stare at the hard cock in my hand.

Yes, you want this. I know you want this. Accept this as your true nature.
Your cock is hard and throbbing, dripping with excitement, giving you
away. Your nipples are stiff and pointing off your chest. You look at this
cock in my hand and you feel so aroused. You look at my lover’s cock and
you feel so horny and aroused, and so desperate to have it in your mouth.
Yes, you want this now, baby, more then anything, and so do I.

I need to see you take my lover’s cock in your mouth. I need to see you
worship cock for me. Oh God, baby, it turns me on so much to think about
it. I want to see how devoted you are, how horny you are, and how erotic
and sexual you can be under my direction. I want to see you please that
cock, give pleasure to the cock that pleases me. Honor me by giving it the
gratification and affection it deserves. Suck my lover’s cock for me,
baby, and surrender yourself to my most sensual fantasy. Allow me to bask
in your vulnerability. Be my little cocksucker. Let me watch you suck my
lover’s cock.

I can tell you want this. Deep down, an instinctive raw desire is
awakening. I can see it in you, emerging, taking over. Submit to it. Let
me guide you. I know you’re ready for it.

Breathe deeply. Trust.

“Close your eyes,” I tell you.

You want this. You want my lover’s cock in your mouth. You can’t resist
it. You desperately want to suck cock for me.

Now imagine you have your eyes closed. Picture only darkness and
concentrate on what you feel and the sensations of contact. You feel the
soft carpet under your knees and feet. You feel the cool air breezing in
from the balcony across your naked body. You feel my hand on the back of
your neck, my fingers sliding up through your hair. You feel something
graze past your lips. You instantly realize what it was – my lover’s cock.
You feel it graze past your lips again.

Yes. Imagine his cock, baby, brushing past your lips, again and again.
Feel my hand on the back of your head. Feel his cock, ever so slightly…
so softly… kissing your lips. So good, baby. So hot. Kiss him back. Kiss
his cock. Feel your lips kissing cock for the first time.

Now open your mouth slightly and stick out your tongue. Feel his cock
touch your tongue. Feel your tongue touching cock. Lick it. Lick his juicy
cock. Feel it on the tip of your tongue. Swirl and flick your tongue
around the top. Make out with my lover’s cock. Oh God, it pleases me so
much to see you do this.

“Open your eyes.”

Imagine seeing his cock right before your eyes. Picture my lover’s
beautiful, perfect cock, glistening and moist. The cock you were kissing
and licking, hard and throbbing, practically glowing, right in front of
your eyes. Picture his wet, sexy cock in my hand. Now lick his cock from
the base where my hand is holding him, all the way up the shaft to the
little slit at the top of his head. Yes, just like that. Do it again.
Slowly. Imagine every vein, the texture of the skin, the warmth under your
tongue, feel it pulse and jump as you slide your tongue along the entire
length of his cock and then linger at the tip. Again. Slower. Push your
tongue into his opening.

“It’s time,” I whisper.

Time for you to suck cock for me, baby. Time for you to finally become a
cocksucker. Time for you set free that horny slut hiding inside you and
embrace your role as my cocksucking submissive. There’s no stopping it.
Right here, right now. The experience we crave is about to be realized.

Imagine his cock entering your mouth. This is it. My hand on the back of
your head, your lips parting, accepting him in. It’s finally happening.
You feel cock sliding along your tongue. You feel my hand on the back of
your head, gently pushing you down deeper. You feel your lips around his
smooth shaft.

“Oh God, that’s so hot, baby! You’re doing it! You’re sucking him. Suck
his cock for me, baby, this is so sexy!”

Yes, suck his cock. Suck my lover’s cock for me, baby. Be a good little
cocksucker. Feel his cock in your mouth. Feel his hard, thick cock filling
your mouth, sliding in and out, between your lips. Worship his cock, my
love. Feel my breath on your cheek. Feel my hand on the back of your head.
Inhale his scent. Feel his stiff cock between your lips and on your

“That’s it, baby! You look so hot with cock in your mouth! Keep going.
Keep sucking him. It’s so sexy, it’s makes me so wet watching you suck

Feel the fullness of his cock in your mouth. Enjoy it. Feel the heat of
his sensitive flesh in your mouth. Feel it react to your touch, feel it
grow and expand, getting bigger and even harder. Feel my hand on the back
of your head. Feel my approval. Feel my excitement. Give in to your lust.
Worship his cock. It feels so good. It feels so good to have cock in your
mouth. It feels so good to have me helping you suck cock, to have me
guiding his cock into your mouth. Feeding you cock.

What a rush of power it is to witness and receive this act of dedication
and devotion, this sweet expression of your supreme loyalty.

Suck his cock. Feel my hand on the back of your head, encouraging you to
go deeper, and faster. Deeper. Faster. Suck his cock. Suck it. Make his
cock feel pleasure with your mouth. Give your mouth pleasure with his

You love it. The more you suck, the more aroused you become. Worship his
cock. Worship it. Deeper, faster. Make yourself hot from sucking cock.

“Yes, you love sucking cock, baby! I knew it! I knew you would love it
like a horny slut. Take him all the way in. All the way down. Be a good
slut for me, baby, show me how much you love cock!”

Deeper. And deeper. Until you feel his cock at the back of your throat.
Then all the way up, then all the way back down. Again. Feel the tip of
his cock parting your lips, sliding along your tongue, until it touches
the back of your mouth. Worship his cock. Worship every inch of his cock
with your mouth. Try to touch my fingers with your lips and take his whole
cock completely inside your hot, sexy mouth. Feel yourself becoming more
and more aroused as you lose yourself on his cock.

Up and down, deeper and deeper. It feels so good. Swirl your tongue around
the underside of his cock as it slides past. Suck your lips tight as you
move up the shaft. You feel so horny, yet also content and pacified. You
love sucking cock for me. It gives you such intense pleasure. My lover’s
cock feels so good in your mouth, so right, so perfect.

The sounds of heavy breathing, moaning, and sucking fill the room. The
sexual tension is so heavy, so kinky. You feel intoxicated. This whole
scene is intoxicating, for all of us. Suck his cock for me, baby. Suck his
cock. It turns me on so much.


It makes you feel so sexy. Cock feels so good in your mouth.

Worship his cock.

Experience intense pleasure.

My hand is no longer at the back of your head. You’re on your own now,
sucking his hard cock with no inhibitions and without assistance. I let go
of his cock, allowing you to carry the full weight of it between your
lips. It’s all you now, just like I planned. I lean back and admire my
work. You’re consumed with cock lust. My fingertips find my swollen,
excited clit. Yes, you’re doing so good. So good, baby. Keep going. Make
me proud. Make me so horny for you. Suck his cock and show me what a slut
you are.

“Put on a show for me, boys.”

You wouldn’t dare to look over, but you can sense me watching you, staring
at you fiercely, as my lover’s cock slides between your lips, in and out
of your mouth, your head bobbing up and down. I feel your devotion for me,
your desire to please me, your willingness to do anything…

“Fuck, so sexy, so hot! Baby, you look so good with cock in your mouth.
Such a good cocksucker! And you love it, too! Look at the way you enjoy
sucking cock, just like I knew you would.”

I’m busy working on my tingling clit, frantically flicking that
ultra-sensitive bud, and teasing the opening of my soaking wet pussy,
masturbating openly in front of this beautifully erotic scene.

“Fuck, so sexy, baby, so hot! Suck him. Suck his cock for me, baby. I’m so
wet for you! Fuck yes, keep sucking him, oh God, it’s so hot!”

Worship his cock.

Within just minutes, my pussy quivers and convulses, and the sound of my
climax fills your ears while you continue to suck, a wildly intense orgasm
ringing in your ears, that lasts and lasts, and still you keep sucking,
until finally my rambling screams of pleasure degenerate into mild grunts
and groans that roll and fade away into deep, heavy breathing, all amidst
the sounds of my lover’s soft moaning and your relentless slurping on his
cock. One final, extended, satisfying moan escapes my lips, and still, you
keep sucking.

“Oh, baby… so amazing… so… fucking… wow… ”

I’m exhausted. And delirious.

You feel so happy. So elated. Elated for my pleasure and so proud. Your
ego jumps for joy as you feel my satisfaction wash over you. Your heart
explodes. So happy sucking cock for my pleasure. You have a cock in your
mouth and you feel so happy. Worship it. I love watching you suck cock,
and you love sucking cock for me even more. Your state of arousal is
mindblowing. My orgasm has brought you to the edge of a sensitivity

You feel yourself shaking, trembling, vibrating.

Your entire body feels amazing. Wonderful. Every sensation seems
magnified. Cosmic energy surrounds you. Everything is buzzing. The cock in
your mouth feels fantastic. Your shoulders feel relaxed and strong. Your
legs feel loose and powerful. Your nipples are bursting off your chest,
they’re so erect, like magnificent little rockets about to blast off into
space. And your cock… your throbbing cock, is stiff and rigid and
leaking pre-cum all over. And the cock in your mouth makes you feel
incredibly sexy. You feel electric.

“Stop for a moment,” I command. You seem startled by my sudden request,
and dazed, like coming out of a trance, but you obey. Your mouth feels
empty. Already you want more cock.

“Stand up.” It’s time for me to take control again. I want to play a little.

I hold my lover’s cock in my left hand and your cock in my right, gently
stroking them both, comparing them, pointing them towards each other.

Picture it in your mind.

Closer and closer they get as I work the shafts. God, you’re so wet, and
both of you are rock hard. And now, just stroking them gently, and ever so
slowly bringing them closer and closer, the heads almost touching, until
finally, just brushing past each other, just for a moment. Just for a
moment, the feeling of his cock gliding over yours. And then again. And
then again. And now finally pressing them together, rubbing the heads
together, making his cock slippery with your pre-cum. You feel his cock
against yours, and see the heads sliding over one another, and it sends a
sexual charge through your entire body.

Visualize it. My hands rubbing your hard cocks together at the tip. The
head of your cock leaking uncontrollably over his. Two wet, swollen cock
heads, under my command, sliding back and forth, tip over tip. His cock
teasing yours, and vice versa. See the fascination and joy on my face as I
use your cocks to caress each other.

Your cock is so wet. It’s leaking pre-cum all over his cock, making it
slippery and slick. It’s literally dripping out of your stiff cock like a
slow drip on a loose tap, covering my lover’s throbbing staff in your
sticky cream. Drip, drip, drip. Coating his cock with your arousal.

I stand up, get behind you, and with my hands on your shoulders, gently
guide you to your knees again. I remain standing behind you, over you, a
hand on your shoulder and another in your hair.

“Taste yourself on him. Suck your cum off his cock, sweetie.”

Your mouth descends around his cock again and you marvel at how natural it
feels all of a sudden.

Yes, imagine sucking his cock, and tasting your cum. So kinky, so sexual.
Tasting your arousal on his cock. It tastes so good. Your cum tastes so
good on his cock. Suck his delicious cock. Imagine how good his cum will
taste too. The thought excites you.

Someday, baby, you will taste my pussy on his cock. And you will love it.
You will love the taste of my pussy juice all over his cock. You will
crave the taste of my pussy on his cock and you will crave the taste of
his cum combined with mine. But for now, I want you to experience – and
appreciate – the flavor of your arousal, the taste of your cum, on my
lover’s cock, and how good it can make you feel, and how satisfying it is
for you, and for all of us.


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