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Likes: Intimate Conversations, Role Playing: Dominant and Submissive, Edging, Teasing, Mind-Fucking, Fantasy, Dehumanization, Sensory Deprivation, High Heels, Public Places
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Heya, this is Freya.

I am a dynamic bitch.

I can be the sweetest little angel that will look up at you with my big blue eyes and innocent looking mouth. I will wear my little silk night gown because I know that you like it. With my pretty pink nails, I will keep you calm as I stroke your big cock with my little fingers. Whatever you need after a long day of work, daddy, I will take care of you and make it all about your pleasure.

However, when I am fiery goddess Freya, you better get down on your knees when you beg to suck my pretty little feet or you will be punished. I will edge you to climax and deprive you of your orgasms and then make you bark like a dog when you do. I better hear you say "Thank You Goddess" or you will have to pay me not to humiliate you in public. I will keep you off balance while I explore your vulnerabilities. It turns me on to see how weak and pathetic you are when I mind-fuck you. I will have you in the palm of my hand while you pay to please me.

I have traveled all over the world and have a lot to offer when it comes to phone sex. I can talk for hours about anything you want to talk about. As a phone sex girl, I love sex talk and talking dirty.

It turns me on when you playfully nurse my breasts. My favorite sexual position is to be taken from behind. It turns me on to have your big cock in me (or wherever you want to stick it) and then feel your hot cum sprayed all over me. I can jack you off in public while we meet for a sneaky little quickie. You can bend me over your office desk and take me while you stifle my screams with your tie so your boss doesn't hear. I'll have an affair with you and you can call me a lying little bitch.

You can play with me as the sweetest little angel I am, make it all about you and your pleasure and do whatever you want with me.

Or, I will bend you over and fuck you after I have blindfolded you, teased and denied you for days.

If you are ready to explore those deep dark fantasies, I am hot and ready to show up wearing only my stilettos and a wicked grin.

You can buy my cute little panties after you made me wet from pleasing you and you can also buy my panties when I punish you for disobeying me. I will make you smell them over and over again and forbid you to cum.



Email: Or find me on Trillian and Twitter as: FieryFreya4You