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Hi, I'm Odessa for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.709.0100 (ask for Odessa) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 25
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 120
Measurements: 34b.24.34
Hair: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Green
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
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Likes: Choking, Rough Sex, Anal play, Role Playing, Voyeurism, Biting, Oral sex
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Odessa’s Fantasies

It’s early in the morning and you’re still asleep as I open my eyes and
yawn. I look at your face, so peaceful, eyelids fluttering as if you’re in
the midst of a pleasant dream. My eyes move down the length of your body
as I move over and slowly tuck myself under your arm. You let out a soft
groan and snuggle me closer. My fingers graze your chest and slowly work
their way down your stomach stopping every so often to circle back around
my favorite spots.
As I move my hands further down and trace along your hip bones I see
a familiar tent start to rise under the sheet. I smile and look back
at your face. You still seem to be sleeping, but your eyebrows are
furrowed in an adorable frustrated expression and I know exactly what
you need. I move silently and slowly as not to wake you my body is
all the way down the bed now and my head right at your hips. I
continue to trace your hips with my fingertips and I hear your
breathing get heavier.
I slowly lift the sheet shielding you from my gaze and reveal a
monsterously hard cock. It looks bigger and harder than i’ve ever seen
and an excitement builds deep within me. Ever so gently I move my hand
to the other side of your body and lift myself up so that I can
straddle myself over your knees. I softly move downward to your
amazingly hard erection and place my hot, wet mouth right over the
head of your cock. My eager lips lock down and you let out a soft
groan. I look up and our eyes meet. You look so adorable and confused,
but through the confusion I can see your hunger for me. I move farther
down and let the full length of your hard dick slide down my throat.
You cry out at this point thoroughly enjoying the way my lips tighten
and my tongue flicks. I can feel you swell even harder inside my mouth
and I know it won’t take anytime at all to fill up my thirsty mouth
with your hot cum. I move faster and harder now fully craving my warm
delivery of your delicious seed. I need it. You can tell I want to
drain you completely so you shamelessly release into my mouth and I
take every last drop down my throat. Our eyes meet again when I
swallow the last trace of you and you smile at me. I gently let your
relaxed cock free from my needy mouth and smile back at you. What a
beautiful start to the day.
The year is 2040:

The human race still plays a small role in society, but most proffessions
have been filled and workers replaced with AI replicants. I am real or at
least I think I am…it’s what i’ve been told to believe. Looking at a
lovebot though you’d never know the difference. Soft skin, warm to the
touch, they cry, laugh, bleed, cum…everything a human can do they can
emulate in some way, usually in a better way. Too real to be real i’ve
heard. Many are programmed with their own set of memories that make up a
real and original personality also so it’s extrordinarily hard to tell
which is which.
I wake up at 8:00am every morning like clockwork. I brush my teeth and
my long, blonde hair and I find an outfit to put on. I work at a hotel
for travellers seeking companions (the oldest proffession in history) I
am known as a “love companion”. I give travellers a warm, loving,
experience and really make them feel like I am theirs completely. It
really surprises me how natural it comes to me, almost like i’m
programmed and then reprogrammed for every person’s specific set of
needs. If I see someone again I immediately remember our whole life
together as well as our experience in the hotel, but as soon as they go
I can no longer remember them.
I am told I am real. I have small perky breasts and a little round
bottom that flatter my petite frame. My green eyes sit perfectly on my
face beneath a mane of dirty blonde hair that begs to be stroked or
pulled. The travellers love me, especially the older gentlemen. I think
I remind them of their past loves or maybe their daughters. Maybe i’m
just a symbol for the youth they’ve grown out of. I do notice my body
changing slightly for every gentleman though. My breasts will get bigger
or smaller, I may be a bit taller or fuller figured and sometimes it
even appears that my hair will change color slightly or appear shorter
sometimes. It’s the strangest phenomenon, but I see it happen to other
companions and they make no mention of it so I try not to worry too
As much as i’ve been told i’m real i’m starting to question what that’s
supposed to mean. What makes a person “real”? Does it mean they’re
human? And if so, do they have to be born of humans? Humans can be lab
created now and AI can reproduce on their own so the lines have become
quite blurred. My body is warm and inviting, but I get so wet and filled
with passionate heat for complete strangers that I’ve started to
question whether or not i’ve been programmed for their pleasure. Why
else would a girl be so insatiable? So tireless? So hungry for unknown
pleasures? How will I ever know what I am?

I am told I am real. Want to find out?