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Hi, I'm Penelope for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.412.8211 (ask for Penelope) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 22
Height: 5' 5"
Weight: 120
Measurements: 34b.24.37
Hair: Dark Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
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Likes: Submission, Anal play, gagging, choking, hair pulling, domination, teasing, face fucking, outdoor sex, bondage, flogging caning, voyeurism, cum denial.
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Penelope’s Fantasies

We were just cuddling. When Finley’s fingers trailed over my back and my
breath hitched. The goose bumps spread across the patch of neck I could
see, where my breath had just fallen draped like a light sheet on her
skin. My fingers danced lightly along the top of her shorts pleading to
know if I can touch her lower. Our faces drew closer together almost as
if we had magnets in our lips. Yet the electricity when my top lip
brushed against her bottom almost sent me flying out of bed. My hands
working against it I pulled her closer and closer to me, sucking her sweet
gentle tongue into my mouth.
A hint of flowers hit me as her hair fell in our faces. My hands tracing
a path against her skin left breast, right breast, waist, back, ass, and
then finally into the honey pot of a pussy. I could feel her wetness
dripping out welcoming my fingers inside. Brushing lightly against her
outer lips as her body started to tremble in anticipation. My middle
finger just slipped into her tight wet cunt. The moan that escaped her
lips like a melody the world had yet to hear before.
I wanted to worship every inch of her, and bring her to knees in pleasure.
One finger circling her clit around and around and around until I could
feel her build up coming closer and closer and just before the apex hit I
stopped pulling my hand away and resting it lightly against her throat as
my other hand tangled my fingers into her hair squeezing and pulling at
the same time. Whispering dirty talk into her ear telling her about all
the all the ways she’d been a naughty little girl. My hands returning to
her pussy wondering if I was gonna finish her off this time or not.

I drove over to your house repeating in my head this is the last time.
This has been going on for six months. I loved sneaking around hiding it
from your girlfriend and family. It has to strop tonight this has to be
the last time. I’m falling for you. Hard. I can’t get you out of my
head. I touch myself and scream your name when I cum. We have phone sex
every night I’m not there, even when she is there. This has to be the
last time. Finally parking in your lot my head spinning with anxiety, but
my pussy dripping with excitement. I take a couple deep breaths a few
times. I could feel the wetness in the panties you instructed me to wear.
Getting out of my car I see you on your patio waiting for me. Excitedly
you run to the door as I took that flight of stairs and pulled me into a
kiss shoving your tongue in my mouth. “Fuck I missed you” you say while
still probing my tongue with yours. “Did you miss me?” The question
spins around in my brain. I refuse to say yes, but your face melts my
heart and I know this isn’t the last time. “Do you have any Tequila? I
could use a shot” I respond with a casual blowing off of the question. I
can’t tell you that you’ve become my every thought. You grab my waist and
start undoing my jeans as you lead me to the kitchen. “You know where
everything is help yourself.” You whisper into my ear as you kiss my neck
and that sensitive spot on my upper back. Pulling my jeans off as I walk,
and pulling off the sweater to expose my bra free breasts nipples already
hard from your touch. “Good girl” you croon as you feel the wetness in
the panties. You take a step back, I can feel your eyes taking in my body
as I pour a shot and shoot it chasing it with a beer. A drop falls out of
my mouth dripping down my chin and onto my nipple. “God you’re always so
messy” you scold as you clean it up with your thumb and stick it in my
mouth. I start sucking I can’t help it. You pull your finger out of my
my thumb and check to see how wet I am sliding a finger in my tight
dripping pussy I moan. You grab my cheeks and look at me. “You’d like it
if I fucked you right here on this kitchen floor wouldn’t you you little
slut.” “Yes Daddy” “Oh we’ll get to it” as you fingers move furiously in
and out my pussy making my legs start to tremble. You can see it in my
eyes, hear it in the sound of the moans escaping from my starting to swell
lips, and feel it on your fingers, my orgasm is cumming. I see it cross
your mind to not let me but you keep going and I cum on your hand. You
stick your fingers in your mouth before allowing me to clean you up with
my tongue. Instinctively I drop to my knees, but you stop me. “Not yet
I’ve been saving this up all day for you baby.” Excitement builds like a
fire in my belly. What have you got planned?