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Hi, I'm Willow for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.709.0100 (ask for Willow) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 23
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 110
Measurements: 32a.22.34
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
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Likes: Roleplay, BDSM switch, eating pussy, public/forest sex, older men/women, humiliation, body worship, getting taught new things from Daddy, stiff tongue or stiff dick, being spoiled
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Hi, I'm Willow for YourDesires...

How do you want to play with me stranger?

I love being told what to do especially from older people who have new things to teach me.

Fucking is my favorite hobby; teach me how to be the perfect cum slut for you. I want to try everything.

I love to live out all the disgusting thoughts I've kept in my head! Playing dress up is so much fun! I want to make you wear my frilly dresses in public. I want you to make me wear a leash and walk on all fours like a dog. I want to be dragged out of the house by my leash so everybody can see that I'm your bitch. Let people pet me while I stay on my knees wearing my muzzle.

Playing with control is super fun for me. Hurt me, punish me, tell me what a gross whore I am. I also want to learn more about domination. I have so much anger I want to take out on you. Teach me how to hurt you, show me all your soft sensitive spots so I can abuse them. Show me where it hurts so I can make it bleed. I want to hear you cry out and scream in pleasure.

One of my biggest turn ons is making people cum for me. It makes me so hot when I can conjure all your cum from your body with my coaxing, arousing words. I love hearing the instinctive sounds of pleasure I invoke from out of your body. Emptying out your balls for me and getting all sleepy.

Sex captures my attention. I am always waiting for the next opportunity to get off. My panties are always extra creamy at the end of the day, even when I don't get to catch a quick sex break. You can order a pair for 25$, I get so wet on the phone and that way I can prove it to you. You can smell me while you listen to my voice.

I'm waiting over here to get fucked, fuck me.

Email me any time at

Hit me up online at PleasingWillow on Trillian & AIM, & pleasing_willow on Twitter.



$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available

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Visa / Mastercard / Discover / American Express

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