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Hi, I'm Willow for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.709.0100 (ask for Willow) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 23
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 110
Measurements: 32a.22.34
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Blue
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
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Likes: Roleplay, BDSM switch, eating pussy, public/forest sex, older men/women, humiliation, body worship, getting taught new things from Daddy, stiff tongue or stiff dick, being spoiled
For more pictures and my full bio, click [here] (nsfw)
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Willow’s Thoughts

Being somebodies first time is always such an exciting and fun treat for
me! I love leading people to undiscovered pleasures while we explore new
experiences. I love it when somebody has never had phonesex before and I
can get them addicted before our play time is up. I’ve taken quiet a few
people’s virginity and loved every bit of it. Is there something you
always wanted to try but for whatever reason haven’t been able to do yet?
I want to hear about whatever fantasy your even thinking about exploring,
I don’t have any limits and I can bet you won’t shock me. Witnessing you
experience the intensity of the unknown, of not knowing whats going to
happen next, sends me over the edge. I can’t wait to get my next new
caller, I love not knowing you or what you have in store for me at all,
its such a rush! Trust me, if you’ve never had phone sex you just have to
try it out to understand how I get so many people addicted, its amazing!
I discovered a new phone sex app that has been so fun to play around with!
The new personal massager app lets me make my phone into a vibrator
whenever I want! Now I can have literal phonesex whenever you or I want!
I can just casually rest my vibrating phone on my pussy during our call or
maybe you’ll get me so worked up I’ll shove the whole thing up my pussy.
Ask me to fuck my phone next time were playing and I’ll pull down my
panties and start pressing it on my clitty at your command. Can’t wait
to get off with you darling
Daddy treated me really well this Christmas and got me a bunch of new toys
to play with! I love trying out new things, experiencing pleasures I’ve
never had before. One of my favorite presents I got this year was a huge,
thick 9 inch dildo for my daddy to use however he wants. I’ve never had
a dildo this big so this will be an exciting challenge. Want to hear me
try to deep throat the whole thing during our hot phonesex sessions? Or
maybe you want to hear me scream in painful pleasure as I try to squeeze
it all up my asshole? Playtime is so fun with new toys I can’t wait to
have some kinky adult xxxchat with you!
Its always a fun treat when I can get fucked while I’m having phonesex
with you! I have so much fun playing with the sexy ladies here at Your
Desires. Tell the other girl what to do to me and hear my reactive moans
as I get closer and closer to climax. Or maybe you have a friend to play
with while we have our xxx chat and I can get off to the sounds you make
as your getting fucked. Lets explore the boundaries of how we can
pleasure each other while were having our hot, dirty adult chats
Knowing that your in a public place when you call me to have phone sex is
so hot! It makes me hot hearing people almost catch you. My pussy starts
dripping when I listen to you speak to me in whispers, trying as hard as
you can to be secretive while you tell me all the nasty things you want to
do to me. I want to hear you cum as quietly as you can while I hear the
public unknowingly going about their day around you. Lets add some
intensity to our dirty, secret adult chats and take things out of the
Thinking about all my horny little xxx phone sluts jacking off with my
panties I send them gets me so wet! I picture them opening the tightly
sealed little package and releasing an intoxicating plume of my scent. I
want to show you that I’m really that creamy and sweet smelling. I want
you to be able to see,touch, smell and taste just how excited I get when
I’m having phone sex with you.
I love pushing my little sluts to their limits while we have hardcore,
dirty phonesex. Last night I met a new little subby that let me stretch
his asshole like never before. He took a ten inch, thick strap on all the
way up his tight virginal asshole for me. I love hearing the moans of
pain and pleasure that I make people call out for me. I love hearing how
hard I’m effecting your body as we have some intense XXX adult chats.
Give me a ring, I’m dripping with anticipation to hear you scream my name
and moan in my ear.
One of my favorite things to do is pamper and spoil myself, even better if
daddy does it for me. When he buys me beautiful, skimpy garments and
makes me wear them for him. I always make sure that I’m perfectly waxed,
have nice perfume on, my long french manicure done and am ready to be had
for daddy’s enjoyment. I have a huge collection of lacy lingerie and I am
secretly wearing it almost all the time. I love pleasing daddy when he
peels off my clothes and sees the sexy lingerie I’m wearing. Want to know
what I’m wearing tonight? I’m so excited to share my sexy secrets with
you 😉
It’s been much, much to long since the last time I was fucked in the ass.
My little asshole is so tight now, its like before my first anal
experience. I’m so excited to get fucked up my ass! I’m especially
looking forward to how painful and intense it will be to get freshly
stretched out and torn up by your dick. I forget how much its going to
hurt so you might need to hold me down but I promise I’ll take all of it
for you daddy
Getting properly tied up and dominated is such a special treat for me! I
get so excited when I find out that somebody has a fully stocked dungeon.
I love eye masks, whips, paddles, ropes, hot wax, fucking machines,
inventive sex furniture, zip ties, you name it. My favorite thing is when
I get surprised with something I have never experienced before. Not
knowing what sensation will take me next, or how my little body will be
used. I let my doms use whatever they want on me, completely submitting
myself to their desires. When I step into your dungeon I go by your
I love being at YourDesires and having hot phone sex all night long. My
callers keep me up and cumming all night long, its amazing! Its like
having a sex filled sleep over every night! Let me help make your night
as amazing as mine & give me a ring. I’m horny and anticipating some
hot, dirty, xxx phone sex.
I get hot and sweaty playing outside in the summer, that means I’ve been
taking at least two cold refreshing showers a day. Its funner to shower
with a friend, do you wanna see what I do with my shower head? I like to
let the high pressure stream paddle my pussy to climax. I play with the
settings and sometimes jet the water into my pussy, filling me up. I’ll
show you exactly how I like it, watch closely so that you can take over
and pleasure me. Come play with me I’ll scrub you down from your head to
your toes.
I confessed to Daddy last night that sometimes I misbehave on purpose
because I like the attention he gives me. I even like the pain of his
punishments. He spanked me so so hard last night my butt was bright
cherry red. Daddy likes the way I squirm when he spanks me, he says he
likes the way my butt cheeks ripple under his hand. Afterwards he fucked
me so hard and good I had to promise never to be bad again, but I can’t
help breaking the rules, sorry Daddy.
I’m wild and I thrive outdoors in my natural environment. I want you to
push my face into the forest floor dirt while you mount and penetrate me.
I want to be chained to a tree like a hippie and left there to be fucked,
whenever you want. Maybe you even decide to keep me there for days,
making me wonder when your going to visit me again to fill me up with cum.
I want to be your little cum slut baby lets have some xxx phone sex.
I want to sit on your face and force you to worship my ass. I am going to
smother you in between my beautiful, sexy, ass cheeks while I grind on you mouth,
soaking your face. I want to use your body to climax myself and your
going to love it.
Have you ever experienced what it feels like to be fucked in the ass?
Trust me darlings once I bend you over and squeeze my strap-on into your
tight asshole you will come crawling back to me for more. Are you
embarrassed to be my little bitch? Are you worried your friends will find
out that your under my control? Well shut your trap I know how to treat
my bitches and I know by how you cum how much you like it.
I’m so horny when I wake up in the morning. When I get into my bedroom at
YD the anticipation for a phone sex call drives me crazy. I wait to touch
myself for you. I get butterfly’s in my stomach from the excitement when
the phone rings. I get wet waiting in anticipation. When we start having
sex I feel so relived, finally, this is what I have been waiting for all
day. Thank you for fucking me, for letting me cum.
I love spending my whole Sunday in bed. Whether I’m being tied up and
forced to be in bed all day or getting pampered with homemade breakfast
and massages. Nothing gets me ready for the week ahead like a good, long
session of fucking. Cum relax and have some fun with me!
Cum is my favorite thing to eat for breakfast. I have such a hard time
eating in the morning but I can never resist a hard throbbing cock in my
face. You don’t have to ask me to swallow I want it all. I crave the
taste of hot cum, the feeling of it filling up my mouth and sliding down
my throat. One load is enough to keep me full all morning, more than that
and I feel stuffed to the brim. I’ll try everything to milk the cum out I
don’t care what I have to do.