Don’t let all those sexy fantasies fool you…

Some days, this girl just wants to be cuddled, touched, caressed, and treated like a princess very slowly and softly. Tonight is one of those nights. Just craving a  soft romantic time pleasing and be pleased.  Getting to be whisked away in to a fantasy dream world with just you and I ..

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  • gt

    my dreams

    I do like peeking in and seeing little bits and pieces left behind
    And when I follow the white stones dropped in the dark of night
    Surely I will find you in a sheer negligee touched by the moon
    Quietly waiting for the flower to blossom and eagerly bloom
    Shall I take you in my arms and carry you through my dreams
    Lay you beneath the stars so you can explore every inch of me
    Let me fondle your petals while breathing your fragrant scent
    Perhaps you thirst for a sip of the wine lingering in the wind
    follow my lead…

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