Hey Perci —

Did you know there is a leather belt down here in the dungeon?

it is the same one Angie used on me before… I am sure we can make it a hell of a party with some callers and breaking in the new girls. Giggle….

I’m right here waiting for ya… Just don’t you forget that I give as good as I get and that I like tears- they turn me on.!


3 comments to Hey Perci —

  • Perci

    Oh, Amber… you know how to get a Domme riled up! I’d love to break you AND the new girls in at the same time… think the belt will hit more than one ass at once?

  • Amber

    Humm we can always try- or better yet, order them to bring their own like good little girls should. LOL

  • AtomicSub

    Isn’t it strange that Perci rhymes with mercy? I know my ass never got any. I wouldn’t mind taking Amber’s place on that bench. This way both of You could practice on me. Welcome back Mistress Perci…we missed you.

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