Time to get back into some hot afternoon fun!!!

Come on  you all know you  have missed this sweet little treat in the afternoons and early evenings – well, miss me no more- I am here again!! but only for a few day each week so come come on- let’s get those phones ringing and have some fun again!!!

Remember how fun it was to play before you left the office while your co-workers were just outside your door? Remember how awesome these fantastic blow jobs felt while you were driving around, stuck in rush hour traffic, or just picking up a quick dinner and how you had to hurry and order dinner before the clerk heard me tell you how I want to wrap these pretty red lips around your hard cock and suck every drop of cum out of you darling?

Oh and the way you worked out all your frustration on this sweet ass of mine or if you were really adventurous- you let me work out mine on yours!!!

Its time to get back to your sweet taste of Amber in the afternoons.. limited time offer tho- only 3 days a week  from the best hours ever- 6-9pm pst!!!

So what are you waiting for- Let’s Play!!!!!

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