Want to get to know Amber?

Pull up my picture and put on the song “Shameless” that describes me to a T today.. lets see how nasty naughty and sexxy we can get ¬†tonight. In the mood for some real Kink!

4 comments to Want to get to know Amber?

  • Connor

    By who: Garth Brooks, Lissie, All time Low?

  • Connor

    Luca Hanni, Billy Joel, Ani Difranco….hahaha…lots of shameless going around 8-)

  • Amber

    LOL yes there is.. Garth Brooks for me baby!! !

  • gt

    Packaged Puzzlement
    Although I often drop by and take a peek in
    I remain quiet and consider the lofty scent
    The aroma turns me away devoid of need
    And the fragrant promises are but a dream
    Perhaps the field of flowers remains distant
    Or the key that unlocks the box is far spent
    Whatever it may be that keeps me elsewhere
    The packaged puzzlement greets my despair

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