There’s been a slight change to my schedule….

If you want to get some sweet Abbie, you’re going have to hit me up on the weekends..and this weekend I need it bad! HARD, WET AND NASTY!  Send for my weekly schedule and come play with me!!


Going away for a little while….

But have no fear!  It’s only for 2 little old weeks .. Can you believe that I’ve invited away on a two week fuck fest!!  But the great news is, you get to use and abuse me this week!!  Just shoot me an email if you want me to stay a little longer and I’ll see what I can do…

My schedule this week is:

Monday Off
Tuesday Off
Wednesday 9am-3pm
Thursday 9am-3pm
Friday 3pm -10pm
Saturday Off
Sunday Off

Kisses and licks Abbie.



I’m back- have you missed me?

This bad girl is back to play hard and dirty, so who’s going to be the first to get me off??


Yeah ME!

I’m taking a week off my sexy guys and dolls, it’s almost my birthday :) I”ll be gone from 5/26/14 to 6/1/14.  Be sure to miss me XOXOX


Happy Valentines day!!

Just I quick note…I ‘m thinking of all of my sexy guys and gals and a special shout of to my YD ladies “Happy Valentines Day lovers”  and mmmm do I have some great plans tonight :D. I’ll tell all.

Hugs, licks, kisses and bites Abbie


Schedule change…

To all you HOT guys and SEXY ladies.. I’m won’t be online this Sunday 2/16.  I’m taking that day off but take a look at the rest of my schedule and I’ll chat to you real soon. Just miss me!

Abbie xoxox


Hi I’m new here..

Hi Guys & Gals….I’m Abbie, I just wanted to give a shout-out. Why not check out my schedule and come talk to me..I’ll be waiting xxxxxx