Did you miss me last night?

I had so much fun when I popped in last night, the time just slipped away from me. I wish there had been two of me to catch all the naughty boys and girls that wanted to play. I was teased and tortured in so many ways…..

I am here this weekend, catch me before I slip away



Midnight Surprise!

Surprise! I was able to sneak away from my usual Friday night to get some fun in with Kennedy tonight. Catch us together before the sun comes up.


xx Alexis



All weekend long I have been seeing fireworks and it has made me want to get our own fireworks going, Lets be wild this week for the holiday, I want to be kinkier than I have ever been. Give me a call or email me your dirtiest fantasy so we can steal some time to get hot. I can’t wait to see where I can take us.

Love your little firecracker ;)


To Daddy On Fathers Day. Love your naughty Princess Alexis


Dear Daddy,

Thank you for teaching me the difference between good behavior and bad behavior. Thank you for punishing me when I am bad. Thank you for Praising me when I am good. I love being spoiled and pleasured by you, being teased and denied. Thank you for all the spankings being a brat has brought me. I can’t wait our next time together.


Love your spoiled, little Princess



Sexy Saturday Phone Sex

I am having the most wicked time being able to tease and tempt my playmates tonight. Even one of my callers told me I was especially naughty tonight. I guess its from having been away and having to be such a good girl so long. We all know I am really just a spoiled princess that loves to play. I can’t wait to see how far I go tonight.

XOXO Alexis


A Hot lunch date ;)

Today before coming in I got to take the super sexy, little Finley to lunch. So nice to have such arm candy with me.

While we were eating our food we got a bit chatty and Finley confessed she wanted to eat me under the table. I wanted to say yes so bad but we did need to go. I can’t even begin to imagine how hot it would be to have my legs shaking in front of all those strangers.  I know we will have to get back on that topic again tonight when we are both here playing, maybe we could get you in on it too. What do you think?

Come play with me and Finley and all of our naughty friends tonight. I’m here until Midnight.


Guess Who’s Back Baby!

Its your one and only Alexis! I decided to come in as a sweet surprise to all my play mates and I am so glad I did. I have so much pent up energy ready to burn getting hot and kinky. The girls are just as hot as I left them and new girls to play with was a sweet bonus for me!

Call me now,

I am here until 6pm pst tonight!

Love Alexis


Story time with Alexis!

This sexy, little slut just loves sharing all her wild stories, everyone has heard at least one…..have you heard about my best friends and our infamous “Girl’s Night In” ? Call me and I will tell you about about how every touch started and how my first time with a girl turned into 4 girls. Or maybe you just wanna know what latest Girls Night was like. How each year  seems to get more and moe wild. You know how wild Alexis is now, but you should hear about how I became this nympho now!


I Just Cant Stay Away!!

Surprise! Alexis is once again making a week day appearance. I just can’t keep myself from playing all day. Call me now to find out what other surprises I have


Our little secret- the Coast is All Clear

I love when I am your dirty little secret on the other end of your line. When I get your call, knowing you made time just for me and my friends to play with you. How hard your cock gets when you hear my voice telling you I am ready, I think you should get a special treat for working so very hard for me. When you find your time and space to play call me and tell me “The Coast Is Clear”. If I hear that phrase I will give you a special offer to play with ALL DAY Black Friday and Small Business Saturday. My naughty little treat for you…. I wonder what phone sex for the holidays will be like, hopefully very dirty.