Gotta love fall

the crisp cool air, comfy blankies and naked skin touching skin as we are making soft passionate love by a roaring fire. All I need now is you darling…


getting to play with the girls tonight

Whooohoo I get to spend time with the lovely Finley!!! and the rest of these amazingly hot ladies tonight! It has been way too long !!!!



I got so turned on watching The Secretary that I just had to come in and play…

So won’t you bend me over this desk, spank my sweet ass with a cane, and then take me hard… please…..


Time to wrap this week up–

but won’t you come wrap me up in ropes and chains. This bad girl needs a good hard spanking.


new toy

I have my brand new toy out and ready to play with. I can’t wait to feel how full my ass feels with it deep inside of there and you fucking my pretty soft wet pussy.

I love how it looks like a tail, makes me want to feel you ride me hard and fast- and then putting me away wet with your cum spilling out of me.

Can’t wait to get to play with you again!


Midweek Bliss

Most girls dream of flowers and wine on fancy dates. I crave leather, chains, and whips!

Oh the fun we could have and the suffering we could be doing together, so pick up that phone and let’s play.

I’ll bring the whips, you bring the cum.


I want to be the reason you touch yourself

I crave being that sexy soft sultry voice on the other side of this phone turning you on, making you rock hard, and teasing you till you pop all over my pretty face!!


I just couldn’t stay away

Not with 6 of the hottest ladies playing tonight- I just had to come join in on all that sexy fun!!!!

So surprise baby, I am here till Midnight to tease and please… or later if you wish….


xoxoxoxo Amber  360-412-8211


So ready to be your slut Sir

I have been your good whore patiently waiting here in my corner, and I will continue to be your precious slut that craves your hands in my hair, your lips on my neck, your voice in my ear, and your cock deep in this sweet tight ass of yours.

Come take me out of this corner and use me again Sir, I am right here waiting and begging.


This Monday has made me way too horny!

and no one to play— you know you wanna fix that don’t ya? This lovely lady is sitting here sipping a cold drink, playing with an even colder ice cube against my hot skin. I would love to see what of kinky things you can cum up with to do with this ice- cube.