Getting so damn turned on

am laying here in my bed, on my tummy listening to these three lovely ladies moaning and having some of the best phone sex I have heard in a while! I can’t help but let my sweet little finger slide down to part my pretty pink lips and rub that hard little clit a few times myself!  

All I need now is your sexy voice to toss me over the edge darlings …



I want you now!

In the famous words of the sexy ass Prince-

You want me just as much as I want you- Let’s stop fooling around!

Take me baby, Kiss me all over-

Do me baby like you’ve never done me before. Give it all to me till I can’t take no more!

Make me scream your name! 




So sorry darlings…

You see, I won’t be here tomorrow night to get to play with ya all due to business trips and hot tubs in a fancy hotel!!! Wish you were there making me moan your  name!! But I will be back on Friday and so want you !!!


wow- forgot how how much Love being…..

Fisted!  oh damn yes!!!!  Every girl should get to experience the feeling of a full tight pussy throbbing and being so used and abused by a nice strong hand..

I so love being here with all these sexy girls and amazing callers!!!!!


three hot chicks in this house tonight

Just waiting to be pleasing, teasing, torturing you with pleasures beyond your wildest dreams…. all you have to do is come get us baby!


up and down!

Grab me by the hair.

Push me up against the wall.

Rip this shirt open, pull up my skirt.

Tear off these silk panties.

Fuck me hard like the slut I am.

Push me to the bed,

Tie my hands, cover my eyes.

Make me beg.

Take me like the dirty little whore for you that you know I am.

Call me baby!


Can’t say no to this….


I just love hearing your voice deepen, your breath catch, and how you moan my name as you shoot that sweet cum straight up in the air and all over my pretty face.   God I need to hear that tonight….



Pleasure is always what I crave…

So an extra blowjob tonight if you can tell me who said this– “The rule of my life is to make business a pleasure, and pleasure is my business.”  A motto I live by for sure baby.. I love to be all about that pleasure darling.


what a perfect evening for hot phone sex…

The wind is howling, sky is gray, house is full of hot sexy ladies and I am so ready to be on the phone playing with your hard cock or sweet wet pussy.. Been a long day at the office and I am in the mood to work off some stress with you !!!


feeling extra naughty tonight…

In the process of updating my diary about all the slutty things I have been doing while my time away during the week and got so turned on today that I just had to “take issues in my own hand” this afternoon– Still so ready to act out out today’s earlier events so pick up that phone and let me tell you all about it! I can promise you will enjoy it as much as I did!!