I so can’t wait to hear your voice again

The things your voice makes me want to do, places it makes me want to go, are beyond belief. Crave hearing you say my name, knowing that you are rock hard as we are talking. Desire hearing you moan your pet name for me as you are stroking that cock and cuming all over my sweet face or pretty ass.

Need you ….


some nights this country girl just comes out to play

And tonight is one of those nights. Had the music blaring, windows down, tank top showing off the goods, and hair blowing in wind on the way here- but now I wanna take off these cute little cut off jeans, and show you how a country girl can ride!!!


So hot in here tonight

I just couldn’t help but to slip down to my slip and panties to cool off. Sitting on this big soft chair drinking a cold drink with lots of ice.

humm this ice feels so good when I run it up my arm, across my chest, and down over this hard nipple. I wish you where doing this to me as well as taking this ice – sliding it up my thigh, parting my sweet pussy lips and rubbing this melting ice cube on my  cute little clit till it is almost gone and then licking me till I am screaming please….


Craving your hands on me…..

Pushing me against the wall, running your hands up my legs, forcing my thighs apart so you can slide your fingers in my sweet soft pussy. Making me beg  you to stop makes you just want to do more, go harder, push deeper.  I want to hear your voice in my ear telling me to “shhhh be a good girl and take this like the nastly lil slut you are”, as you are ripping my panties down and sliding deep inside of me. Hearing me cry out as you take me, take everything I worked so hard all these years to save for the right time.

hummm god yes…


such a pretty night!

I got to watch the sun go down on my way in, such pretty purple skies and light rain. Walking in here to hear all these lovely ladies moaning and having fun just made it even better. I love the sounds of ladies having so much pleasure!!!!!

Makes me want to get on this phone, talk nice and naughty with you and  feel your hands all over this sweet body!


ahhhh kick off these shoes and make me moan

We both know it has been a very very long Monday and there are not many things better than a nice hard afternoon fuck after days like we have had! So pick up that phone- toss me on over your desk and let me help you work off a that extra pent up energy and built up cum in your balls from looking at all those hot sexy ladies in short skirts and high heals… god knows I need a good work out after an afternoon of that!

Come take me baby..


Getting so damn turned on

am laying here in my bed, on my tummy listening to these three lovely ladies moaning and having some of the best phone sex I have heard in a while! I can’t help but let my sweet little finger slide down to part my pretty pink lips and rub that hard little clit a few times myself!  

All I need now is your sexy voice to toss me over the edge darlings …



I want you now!

In the famous words of the sexy ass Prince-

You want me just as much as I want you- Let’s stop fooling around!

Take me baby, Kiss me all over-

Do me baby like you’ve never done me before. Give it all to me till I can’t take no more!

Make me scream your name! 




So sorry darlings…

You see, I won’t be here tomorrow night to get to play with ya all due to business trips and hot tubs in a fancy hotel!!! Wish you were there making me moan your  name!! But I will be back on Friday and so want you !!!


wow- forgot how how much Love being…..

Fisted!  oh damn yes!!!!  Every girl should get to experience the feeling of a full tight pussy throbbing and being so used and abused by a nice strong hand..

I so love being here with all these sexy girls and amazing callers!!!!!