I am here to have a good time darling…

I can’t believe that I have been having the most amazing phone sex for the past 3 years with you all.

Watching my sisters come and go, wonderful memories made, and bonds formed.

I love you guys– and really wanna play tonight so pick up that phone darling!!!!


anniversary week bangs and blows,,,

Wow- was it really 3 years ago on the 5/11/2015 that I posted this for the very 1st time:

Wow what a wonderful day, looking to play and have some fun!!

Doesn’t feel that long at all does it darlings?  I am still always enjoying the day and having a hell of a time with you all.

So be on the look out for some specials,  some fun games, some hot ass two girl fun, and come celebrate with me!


the sun is shining- birds are chirping

And this girl wants to be riding your big thick cock as we are licking a sweet soft pussy together…


Oh darling….

There is just something about your voice. Something about the way your mind moves me and the way your words make me crave more more more….

There is something about you and I that makes me crave to tease and please you like a good girl.


This girl needs….

What this girl needs is some seriously fun play time. Laughing dancing, yoga pants, and ice cream.

What this lady wants is some romance, make love to me slow and soft. Whisper in my ear how much you want me.

What this woman desires is passion. push me up against your desk, slid your hands up my thighs to push my panties to the side and slide deep inside of me while kissing me hard..

What this whore craves is to be taken, push me again the wall, rip my panties off and fuck me hard.


Amber is here to play!!!

I had some down time and so wanted to have some fun! I am gonna be here to play from 2:30 – 6:00 pm

So pick up that phone and lets sneak away to have some fun!!!

xoxoxox Amber


Been swimming all day and really need a good hard rub down

So do you have the strong hands this tight body needs?

I need to feel you pushing me down on the bed, hear you ripping my tight bra off and moan while you pull these tight yoga pants off of my strong legs and you whisper in my ear telling me not to move a fucking muscle.

I crave feeling you flip me over on my back as you tie my hands up above my head and tell me to shut the fuck up and take it like a good little bitch.





Time moves so fast…

But one thing is for sure- I freaking love getting to come here and play with my callers. I love the connections we have, the fun we enjoy, and the places our minds can take us!


I am here today for some fun so pick up that phone and lets play darlings!!!!!!!


Amber is back darlings

Finally kicked that flu’s ass with these strong beautiful legs and sexy ass feet!

It took a bit but I am back and I am so ready to play, so who wants to join me?

So many things we could do and so many ways we could have some fun. Lets find some trouble to get into!!!


shhhh…. sneaking in for some fun. I so need to cum till I pop

Hey all.  Still fighting this flu, but this girl needs to CUM!!!!  so I am here to play just until 9pm so come play with me…