Ready to play?

Yes, yes I am.. sooo ready for some fun and laughter, playtime and moans.   I am sure someone wants to help me blow out a candle or two tonight right Boys ?????

J (such a horny little slut)- I can still can not thank you enough for the awesome birthday prezzie. Oh my god you are so amazing my friend.!


Birthdays are always so awesome…

But mostly when the surprises can be shared!  Starting Monday the 9th until Friday the 13th,  I will be offering a birthday week special of $5 off a 30 min call with me and then on Tuesday the 10th- a very special offer of $10 off a 30 minute two girl call with another lovely Scorpio lady and myself.

You guys and girls have always dreamed of having two Scorpios in your bed and they don’t get much hotter or sexier than Amber and Angie blowing your mind at the same time baby! Step up if you think you have got what it takes to play with two of the Goddesses of Sex darlings.

But don’t wait- as I am going to be getting spoiled on Wednesday and Thursday at the beach and won’t be here, so come play with me !!


better get your afternoon play with Amber in while you can darlings,

Hey all, just a heads up that I will not be here next Thursday due to a birthday trip/get away to the beach!  So come get some day-time play-time in today or you’ll just have to wait for this yummy treat!!!  And you know how badly you want to lock your office doors and take this sweet bitch over your desk…. yum.


The joys of being a sensual switch.

Or as some of my callers call me- a wicked witch with a soft voice that can convince you that you should like pain and crave for more of it with her.  Pain is an amazing thing,whether it is giving it, receiving it , or just watching it be handed out to someone else next to you. The way the human body processes pain to turn it into pleasure is a feat of outstanding awe.

Wanna read more?  come on over to my thoughts page-

Wanna hear more? then call me and let’s talk about all the fun ways our bodies love pleasure in all forms.


Oh my

I am so very very ready to play tonight, bring on your fantasies, your cravings, your hottest dirtiest role plays– this MILF is ready to not only play them but to also leave you laying breathless at the end of our call!

Think you have what it takes to keep up tonight– step up baby and let’s have some fun!


Angie’s birthday week!!!!!

Come on ladies and gents.. you all know you have been wanting to spank that fine ass as much as I have been ! So call and lets do some 2 girl calls showing her some birthday love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Let’s get this Halloween off right…

With a hellva bang!  we have 3 sexy and hot women just waiting to play with you all tonight and start off the coldest time of the year with the most powerful Magic known to mankind– SEX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mark your calendars early boys and girls..

Because Tuesday, November 10th– there is gonna be a heck of a party here at the house and you all are invited to call in and have fun  with me !!!

I know for sure there is gonna be cake and frosting– and frosting in places that will need to be licked clean baby!! Yummmy…. Nothing like a sweet soft warm pussy full of frosting just waiting to be licked to celebrate the turning of the clocks and adding one more candle to the cake !!


The moon is out….

and our house of ladies is full!!!  I love nights like this where you can hear moans and whimpers coming from all the rooms.  Giggle and smiles when the doors open.. Have I mentioned lately how much I love being here??? You would to- so call and come join in on the fun that is the night crew here at Your Desires..we have everything you are looking for and a few things you had no idea you were!


back for a late night quickie

Couldn’t sleep so came back in for a few late night cum sessions- anyone up for that???? I am !