Learned about new fetishes this last week…

As well as new cravings. Call me tonight and let’s chat about them. I would love to share my new kinks with you….


Some days

You just can’t wait to get home, strip down to just your sexy bra, pretty panties, soft garterbelts, smooth black stockings and stand in your spot until your Master comes home and shows you where you really belong. On your knees bitch! or better yet- get your ass in that cage and be my sexy bitch in heat tonight…

God I can’t wait to hear your voice again Sir.


feels so good to be home

but now I want to have some fun- Call me…. I need your cum…


Change of schedule for this week

I will be leaving on a jet plane Wednesday for business but will be back on Sunday, so if you want to spend some time with me-  best pick up that phone tomorrow night because this nasty cunt whore needs a taste of your cum before I get all dolled up and bring home the bacon.


Monday Monday- I need to cum

So I am here with my lovely callers cumming like the bad little slut I am.

Next please…


Sunday afternoon surprise!

Finally kicked that flu to the curb and have so much pent up energy! I wanna play play play and what a better place to come here and do that with all you lovely callers!!!

So pick up that phone and let’s have some fun, but only here till 5 pm PST time so better get dialing and come find me!



the snow is falling outside my big window

Wish you were here warming me up with your sexy words and hot body. I need you whispering in my ear how badly you want to hurt me baby.


Let’s start VDay out right …

With one hell of a bang! I need to hear your voice in my ear and my name on your lips as you cum for me.


It is almost St. Valentine’s Day

We should celebrate it together by seeing how many times we can make the other girls in this house scream while they are soaking our faces!

I would love to cover you in sweet chocolate and play with amazingly tight cunt while she licks your cock and balls clean and then shares it with me in a long soft kiss right over the head of your cock.

Could you just imagine how luscious creamy white chocolate would tasted all nice and warm from a sweet young pussy while I am fingering her and bring my hand up to your mouth to lick it clean before you suck it straight out of her?

Yes, you so should give in to your temptations, honor your desires and give us all a night we won’t soon forget!!!


sex rain and magic

doesn’t get much better than that!  The rain is pouring here, the wind is howling and I know we could conjure up one hell of a good time!!