listening to “Lie to me” by Jonny Lang and ….

wishing I was in your living room, slowly dancing and showing you all of my sexy body; one part at a time till the skirt drops off and I am just standing in my heals and nothing else..  damn so hot.


Schedule changes

Hey all !!! Starting this next weekend, I will get to be here spending all night long with you; sharing our darkest fantasies and sweetest dreams! I can’t wait to wait  to spend the night with you all.

Don’t worry though, I will still be here in the afternoons on Thursdays  to bring you a hot sweet lunch time treat or a nice cold drink & rub-down when you get home!

Check out my weekly schedule for times and come play with me and all my sexy house-sisters!!! I can’t wait to get you all moaning again!


2 sweet sexy and kinky chicks for a special price?????

You got it baby!~  Angie, Sara, and I are running a hot hot hot 2 girl special tonight!

a super sexy 30 minute 2 girl call for only $80.00!! come on boys (and girls) you so know you have been wanting to try to see if you can handle us.. Plus, a soft one with two very kinky ones- well you know that is just a cumfest waiting to happen!!!!


Done with a girl?

“”I’m never done with a girl until I have had her three ways””– John F. Kennedy!!

Now this is the kind of President and man I could have enjoyed !!!


ahhhh… all alone for a few hours…

In this big lonely house, won’t someone call and keep me company???  or better yet- call and take me ! giggle.


Dressed to Thrill

You know I so love my lunchtime play time here! Today I get to go out on the hunt for Sir’s lunch and I can’t wait to bring in a tasty little morsel for us to share.  Patent leather heals, long strong tone legs shrouded in thin black silk hose that all the way up to my tight sexy ass, short pin-stripped skirt and a barely there tight button down white shirt.  – Want to know what’s under all this ???? call and find out baby, lunch is waiting on you..


Oh good Lord ….

This house is really rocking tonight with Zivia and I!  I swear we have been no stop moaning since we got here– talk about two very spoiled girls tonight!!!!  I love love love this sound!!


loud booms and sexy moans…

Now this is the way to celebrate  Independence Day!!!  You guys should hear the way Zivia moans- so darn cute…  call and lets make her do it some more!!!


Happy 4th of July!!

What could be better than a houseful of hot women, cold drinks, and sparklers ???  Naked hot women pleasing you and doing very naughty things with these sparklers!!!  Call and lets have some fun tonight!!


Nice dark cool quiet room…

All I need now is someone to come play with me. I had so much fun last night listening to your darkest desires that I can’t wait to  hear more tonight.