I know it isn’t often that I am here on the weekends, but…. I am here to play until 6pm today so pick up that phone and lets have some fun together!!


finally here to play…

It is so cold and rainy, I really want to be wrapped up in your arms pleasing and teasing you Daddy.


Giggle- we have the ABC’s of sexy phonegirls here tonight…

Oh my gosh what a wonderful array of sex ladies we have here tonight!!  We almost have the first part of the alphabet!!

A= Abbie & Amber

B= Bella and Bry

C= Carmen

E= Emma

F= Finley

K= Kennedy and Kate later tonight

H=Hollie too

and W= Willow, rocking the late night with the K’s and H!!

All we need is for you to pick up that phone line and give us the D!  you know we all so want that lovely D right between all of us sexy ladies.!!!!!!!!!!


Ass training

Since I love to be a bit sadistic when it comes to playing- tonight I thought I would shake it up a touch.

Just went and got the cutest buttplug! Black and feels so good inside of me, want to know what else it has?

Well then darling, you should pick up that phone… 360-412-8211  Call me


this afternoon was so much fun! Can’t wait to be back tonight

I had so much fun playing with you all and can’t wait to enjoy tonight with you all as well!!

Pick up that phone and let’s have some fun with my other phone sisters!!!

xoxoxoxo Amber



Happy New Year!!!

well well here we are again welcoming in a new year!  So many changes over these past few years, phone sisters leaving, new ones coming in, and ladies coming back. What a wonderful year!

It has been amazing spending this year with you all and I can’t wait to get to spend 2018 with you all.

Looking forward to more moans, groans,and screaming orgasms in ’18


Happy holidays!

I am back in town and oh my god I can’t wait to hear your voice!!!  Call me and let’s play.


Had the best time topping a sweet young man

I can’t wait to get to tell you all about it, so pick up the phone and lets share some fun times sharing how this young man begged me please let him cum.


Finally back from a very long business trip

And I am so unbelievable horny I could scream!


I just saw Santa !

and he said I have been a very very good girl this year!!!– So glad that time spent in the brothel paid off, more gifts for me.!