so who gets to be a bitch tonight?

You? Me? or maybe another girl that we can use and abuse??

All you have to do is call and you get to decide– Maybe!  I am in a hellva mood to play so be ready, if you think you can handle it!


Here for some early morning fun

Good morning lovers, I just wanted to come have some fun before the real world took over- won’t you join me???


This naughty girl

Is here and ready to be played with – so pick up that phone and lets have some fun!


I know you shouldn’t – but I really want you to

I want to feel your hands on my tight body touching me in places that feel so very good but that are so naughty,

I love the way you look at me with that hungry look in your eyes when you see me in my little pink bikini, the way your breath comes a bit harder when I reach out and put my hand under yours so you can show me just how to touch you the way you love it.

God I so want to hear your moan as  you cover my pretty face and chest with your milky cream!


Spring is on it’s way and I can’t wait.

Time to pull out those cute little shorts, hot little tank tops, and have some fun.

Best part about working at such an awesome place- Hot Hot chicks in skimpy little outfits laughing, giggling, playing and moaning.

I love hearing my phone sisters moaning in pleasure.


some times a girl just needs to be beat–

I don’t know about most ladies- but this one craves a good hard fucking after a wonderful round of flogging, whipping, slapping, and hair pulling and she is so craving it tonight… so pick up that phone- I’ll give you what you want if you give me what I need.



I know it isn’t often that I am here on the weekends, but…. I am here to play until 6pm today so pick up that phone and lets have some fun together!!


finally here to play…

It is so cold and rainy, I really want to be wrapped up in your arms pleasing and teasing you Daddy.


Giggle- we have the ABC’s of sexy phonegirls here tonight…

Oh my gosh what a wonderful array of sex ladies we have here tonight!!  We almost have the first part of the alphabet!!

A= Abbie & Amber

B= Bella and Bry

C= Carmen

E= Emma

F= Finley

K= Kennedy and Kate later tonight

H=Hollie too

and W= Willow, rocking the late night with the K’s and H!!

All we need is for you to pick up that phone line and give us the D!  you know we all so want that lovely D right between all of us sexy ladies.!!!!!!!!!!


Ass training

Since I love to be a bit sadistic when it comes to playing- tonight I thought I would shake it up a touch.

Just went and got the cutest buttplug! Black and feels so good inside of me, want to know what else it has?

Well then darling, you should pick up that phone… 360-412-8211  Call me