Too Hot?

I sure do love a pool party! There's nothing better than a cool pool on a
hot day.  All I need is my bikini, a pool floaty (my current one is a
purple donut) and a ice cold beverage delivered by a cabana boy.  Lately
it's been almost too hot to even think about fucking so I've been having
some of my sexy friends just serve me those cool margaritas.  One of the
man pleasures of being a Domme is always being able to find a cutie who
wants to serve.

How would you serve me?

Don’t You Worry

I know you sometimes might get a little nervous when you don’t see me on the schedule when I’m supposed to be here to play. Don’t worry, darling. On May 1st, I’m taking my sweet ass on an out of town adventure with some of my favorite girlfriends. I’ve been looking for an excuse to let my hair down and this is going to be perfect. I know there will be some hot debauchery to tell you all about on Wednesday. It’s not even summer, but I’m ready for some summer fun.


My First Year! Kinda…

Can you believe I've been back in the sexy, YourDesires house for a year? 
I have loved every minute of the past year and can't believe how much I've
missed it.  I was seriously lacking some serious teasing and pleasing with
all you boys and girls. Don't get me started on how much I've missed being
surounded by some of the hottest women in the world.  I can't wait to see
what kind of naughty fun we'll be getting up to in the year to come.
Can you think of a favorite call you've done with me?

Good News This Tuesday!

Today starts my new schedule so I’ll be hanging out, playing until 9pm.  I’ll also be around Wedesday 6pm-10pm and Saturday 8am-5pm.  Let’s celebrate this sunny Spring weather!


Have you seen?

I’ve updated the pictures on my bio.  I’d love to know what you think.  I’ll around Saturday 8am-5pm and you can tell me all about it.


So Long Sundays!

This is going to be my last Sunday morning (I’ll be around Tuesday evenings instead) so if you like hearing my sexy voice bright and early before the week official starts today will be your last chance.  Don’t worry, weekend players, I’ll still be around Saturdays.  Hope to talk to you before I leave at 10am.


Autumn’s Changes for Spring

With the change of the seasons, comes a change in my schedule. Keep your eyes peeled, everyone, because in a few weeks I’m moving my playtimes around a bit. I’m adding a bit more time during the week, and if you’re really lucky I might be adding a few more. Starting March 19th, my schedule will look like this:

Tuesdays: 6pm-10pm
Wednesdays: 6pm-10pm
Saturdays 8am-5pm

Let me know what you think about my new hours.


Why Isn’t Every Day Valentine’s Day?

Every Valentine’s Day I treat myself to fancy lingerie. It’s a way to celebrate the love I have for myself. What is sexier than new silky, lacy and naughty underthings? I lay each new piece out on the bed so I can see all my new lovelies. Then I run myself a warm bubble bath, light some candles and drink champagne. After I’m all relaxed and my body is all soft it’s time for the try on. I put on a fashion show just for myself. I put on each piece and admire myself in the mirror. I look so fucking sexy. I choose things that will show off my body so I can admire all of my shapely curves. The first showing is always for me and then in the days to come I’ll be showing it off to guests. I guess you could say that I’m so much of a tease that I even tease myself.
What did you do for Valentine’s Day? What sexy piece of lingerie do you imagine me in?


A President’s Day Miracle!

I’ll be here playing from 8am-11am if you’d like to get naughty on this cold Monday morning.


Here I Am!

I was gone for a few days and now I’m feeling a bit out of practice. Teasing, torturing and pleasing do come pretty naturally for me which is why you all love me so much. But, I haven’t gotten to tease or torture anyone in over a week! Maybe you know someone who might want to help get me back in the saddle? I’ll be around until 5pm today if you missed me.