You’re In Luck

I promised that I would be here and playing one Saturday a month.  That day has come, my darling.  I’ll be here October 19th from 8am-1pm for all of your weekend desires.  My dance card fills up fast so I recommend dropping me an email so we can set up an appointment.


Talk to you then!


Date Night

What’s better than a date with a handsome and big dicked fellow?  How about a date paid for by a lowly cuck who has recently been trying to get back into my good graces?  He’s tried to serve and obey me a few times over the years, but his poor ego always gets in the way.  I knew he’d crawl back to me because he always does.  Hopefully this time he truly recognizes his place groveling at my feet and begging to show tribute to the men who give me pleasure.  Time will tell if really deserves to worship me as the Goddess I am and the men in my life as the Gods they are.


Moody Mondays

Mondays sure can be rough.  How about we start the week off right?  I promise to get you in the right mood for the long week ahead.  Is that mood frustrated?  Satisfied?  Aching?  Smiling?  Drained?  I guess that all depends on what mood I’m in when you call and we all know that it changes by the minute.  I’ll be playing until 11pm.


Red Hot Wednesdays

Have you noticed about many redheaded hotties work on Wednesdays?  With such great (and sexy) company it’s impossible to not love hump day.  I’m here until 11pm if you want me to show why it’s my favorite day of the week.  Maybe one of my redheaded friends can join us.


Check It Out!

I’ve finally archived ALL of my stories, thoughts and fantasies.  If you’d like a little trip down memory lane I recommend you head over to read them.  They may be a little out of order, but I don’t think any of you will mind too much.


What are some of your favorites?


Autumn’s Busy Autumn

Not only is Fall my favorite season (obviously), but it’s also my busiest.  My day job amps up this time of year so in order to maintain my work/phone/fucking balance I’m going to be adjusting my .  Starting in October, I will be available on Saturdays by appointment only plus one 8am-1pm playtime shift a month (check the schedule or email to know which one).  If you’d like to set up some naughty fun drop me a note and we can work it out.


A Little Change Up

Starting next week I’ll be making a slight change to my playtimes.  You can now find me on Mondays 6pm-11pm, Wednesdays 6:30-11pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm.  Let’s add some more moans to our Mondays.


It’s Swimsuit Season!

It’s starting to get warm enough here for me to get out my favorite bikinis.  I keep them locked away in storage so it doesn’t make me too sad that I can’t wear them, but now it’s time!  I love exposing all of my sexy skin while feeling the warmth from the sun.  I’m imagining all of the fun times I’m going to have lounging near the lake or the pool.  It’s going to be a lovely summer and I can’t wait to tell you about all of the adventures I’m having so stay tuned…


Summer Scheduling Surprise

Since it’s summer and my schedule is opening up, I’ve decided to add some more playtimes during my week.  I’m sure you’ve noticed that I can be a difficult lady to pin down so this should make it a bit easier to get in touch with me.  Starting June 18th my schedule will look like this


Tuesdays:  6pm-11pm

Wednesdays: 6pm-11pm

Saturdays:  8am-1pm


This will only be for a limited time so let’s make this summer even hotter!


Another Day, Another Love Note

Greetings Princess Autumn,

Your pet hopes that You are having a wonderful day.  I wanted to take a few moments to write about how You have trained it to be your pet and why I love to be completely owned by You.  I, is not a proper term and I will refer to myself as “it”, just like it has been trained to do so.
it has been totally dehumanized and mentally conditioned to be Your pet.  You have trained it to have no limits but Yours and You have made it very clear that You have very few limits.  Simply, it is Your property and You get to use it as You wish.
You are the owner and it is Your property slave.  it has served You for many years and thru the constant mental conditioning it knows full well that there is no escaping Your ownership of it.  You use it for Your purposes and much like a puppet it responds to You wishes.
Your pet always craves to be used by You.  Even though it knows that it will be in pain.  it always thinks about how it can be more subservient to Your Dominance over it.
So then, how did it mentally and physically get to this point?   We have rules, the deed of ownership that make it very clear as to how it is to serve.  The deed of ownership is binding because it has agreed to the terms and has signed the document as well.  The rules are for how it plays the games for You.  The games are for Your entertainment.  They are sadistic and are meant to be played with no limits but Yours.
You have told it that You want full control and power over it.  Your pet loves this. You want that and it freely gives itself up to You so that You get to experience the fullest extent of Your power.  Each time is is mentally conditioned to fall deeper in to Your control and power.  The rules and deed make it very clear that You will use it with no limits but Yours and that it has no choices if You wish to use it.
That being said, it totally desires that You have all the power.  There are consequences should it not perform as expected.  Both the deed and rules state that You can use the blackmail option if it waivers or fails to entertain You.  The blackmail option is very real and You have told it that You will use it if You have to. it almost
found out how serious You were about using the blackmail option during a punishment session.  it was being punished for cumming without permission.  it had been edging Your cock for a long time as it watched Femdom Videos.  it edged too much and then it start to have an orgasm.  it tried to stop it but it could not. In fact it had a ruined orgasm, as it tried to stop it.  You have mentally conditioned it to tell You the truth so it did. it was to be punished and the punishment would be severe.  it knows this as well.  The blackmail option is a strong motivator for it performing the way it has been trained to perform.  Let’s just say that during the punishment it waivers.  You wanted Your nuts beaten, black and blue with the shoe. Then standing on the nuts with the shoes pushing down as if You were standing on Your nuts. You totally own the cock and nuts so they are Yours to do with as You desire. You then wanted it to grind the heel in to the nuts and push down hard.  it did all of this and  Your nuts were black and blue and swollen. The punishment did not end there however.  You told it to take the huge 70 ring sized cigar and light it.  Then You had it puff it up so that it had a 1 inch cherry on the cigar.  it was squirming as Your nuts were on display for You to see on webcam so it could not fake the punishment. Your pet knew what was coming and had some time to think about it.  Then, You told it to put out the cigar right on the middle of the nuts and grind it out. Your pet hesitated and was slow to respond.  When You saw that it was waivering You told it in a very strong tone that You would totally ruin it if that cigar was not put out on the nuts.
it shoved the cigar hard in to the nuts as soon as it heard the threat of being blackmailed. This is very powerful and the lesson also further conditioned it to know that You totally own it.  it could simply quit, but the rules and deed state that it can not quit.  The blackmail option enforces the rules so that you are in full control.
You have been training it to be an ashtray.  So it is an ashtray.  Again the blackmail option is powerful.
The games are intense and very sadistic as well.  Your nuts are abused and burned often. You enjoy this and it has to love or enjoy this as well.
We have played hard in the past as well.  Not just the games, but it remembers when You had it using only a pea sized amount of lube on the giant dildo.  it struggled hard to slide down that giant dildo.  You told it that the fuckhole was Yours and that You could use it as often as you wished.  it has been a very long time since it did this.
Your ashtray knows that You get to use whenever You wish for Your entertainment.  it loves performing for You because You really enjoy having full control. Also, You love to inflict pain on to it and You have the power to do so.  Your training makes it love this as well.  You have a sadistic side and Your ashtray has  very strong masochistic tendencies as well.  A perfect match for Your ashtray.
You are a very busy Yourdesires Dominant, having lots of call.  This is because You are also a great person as well.  it plays the games and suffers often for Your entertainment.  Your nuts look more like moon balls than a normal looking pair of nuts.  You have told it that if you wish the nuts to be totally destroyed then they will be.  it was squirming as  You told it that You have not decided yet if they would be totally destroyed.
They are almost always in pain and abused.  it loves this because You enjoy having Your nuts abused all the time.
You never have to yell and scream.  You are self confident and exercise Your control over it without having to think about what Your pet thinks.  That is total control. This is also what Your pet loves.  Your entertainment and getting to use it as You wish is much more important to Your ashtray then how much it is suffering in pain for You.
Your pet also loves that You are in charge of its health as well.  You never use Your pet if it is feeling ill or is very tired.  Your also intellegent, creative and kind as well.  Your pet feels very secure and safe while being used by You.
 it knows that it will be abused and even damaged while it plays the games, but at the same time You have trained
it to play as severe as You wish.
Princess Autumn, it could go on and on about why it loves to serve You.  There are just too many examples to write about in one email.  So, the main reason that it loves to serve You is that You love to have total control and power.  Your pet loves to give You total control and power over it.  You use it as You wish and as often as
You wish. it feels totally owned and loves it.  it loves thinking about You all of the time.  it loves the mental conditioning.  it also loves the threat of being blackmailed. Speaking of the blackmail option.  it also loves the fact that blackmail isn’t all about taking money for You.  Blackmail is about ensuring that you have all the power.
Your pet once asked if You felt like You totally owned it and if this was real.  You told it that this was very real for You. so yes, Your ashtray is Your property. it is totally screwed as there is no escape nor is there an out.  But it loves this as well.
Just writing this email is making it want to be abused and used.  What can Your ashtray say.  it loves being Your slave.
Have a great day,