Roses are Red

I won't be here ON Valentines Day, but that doesn't mean we can't get all
romantic together.  I love chocolates, lingerie, flowers and all kinds of
pretty things.  I love hot oil massages and pedicures.  And, of course, I
love fucking on big soft beds.  This time of year brings out the lovey,
dovey side of me so you should take advantage of it while you can!  Who
knows what kind of mood I'll be in next.

Wondering Where I am?

I know I’m only around 2 days a week to focus on my studies, but that doesn’t mean I’m completely off the grid. You can find me on Tumblr at or you can follow me on Twitter at SuperSexyAutumn
I also check my email pretty regularly (

If it’s a Wednesday or Thursday feel free to drop me an IM on Yahoo and AOL. My screename on both is AutumnFalls4You

See? It’s so easy to stay in touch with me.


Happy Birthday To Me!

It’s almost my favorite time of the year! In just a over a week it will be my birthday! I’m sure you all know how much I LOVE my birthday. It’s a whole day that revolves around me so why wouldn’t I love it? I’m sure you’ve put a lot of thought into what to get me for my special day, but what I really want is you! I’ll be here the 4th and 5th of February if you want to send any well wishes my way.


Super Bowl Suprise

I’ll be around and ready to play my own game with balls on Sunday February 1st from 1pm-7pm.  I’m not really a sporty kind of girl so I would love a distraction from boring sports talk.  I have a lot less commercials and I’m much better for your health than a plate of nachos.  Plus everyone is a winner in my game.  😉


Just Another Typical Day ;)

What did I get to do today? There was a lot of extreme play and I absolutely love traveling to those dark places with people. There was also some vanilla thrown in for some extra spice. Don’t ever forget that I ALWAYS love fucking with my extreme play.

One of my favorite “victims” just couldn’t get me out of his head and had to do a session with me today. I know all of his dirty little secrets and so many fun facts about him that he can never stay away for too long. He knows that if he does I might have to make a couple of calls that could ruin his whole life. For me, blackmail isn’t just about the money. It’s the power and control that make me all wet and tingly.

I spent a little bit of time today turning my ashtray/pain slut into a pin cushion. It was so thrilling to watch the needles being forced into it’s mangled nuts. I know it will do whatever I please with only my limits to guide it.

Speaking of guiding, I walked someone through exactly how to touch their cock. They had the pleasure of listening to me describe exactly how to jerk off to ensure they put on a good show for me.

This is just a sample of the fun, hot calls I got to do today. I also got to be Daddy’s little girl (a personal favorite of mine), I got to dress up a cock sucking crossdresser, and so many other fun things. My life sure is hard. 😉


Friday January 9th

I just had to work one more Friday before I move down to just one day a week for school.  Fridays can be so much fun and I’m going to miss them so help me say goodbye to them in style!


Got Any Resolutions?

It’s a brand new year! Do you have any naughty resolutions? Perhaps you need to fuck more? Or add some new panties to your collection? Maybe you have a hole or two that need to be stretched out. I can offer up my expertise to help you reach whatever goal you have set for yourself in 2015. You can just consider me your slutty life coach.

Don’t forget that my playtimes are different than they were in 2015. I’ll be around Wednesdays from 8am-2pm and Thursdays 8am-8pm.


Christmas is here!

Christmas is here! I hope that whatever holiday you celebrate is full of warmth and joy. I like to spread my own special kind of warmth and joy around this season. I’ll bet you can guess what I’m hinting at. It can be so stressful and everyone needs to let off a little steam which is why it’s so lucky that you have a hot slut like me around to help relief some of that pressure.
I’ll be waiting here under the mistletoe for you if you promise to bring the hard candy cane for me to suck on.


Exciting News for 2015

Im getting pretty stoked about 2015. There will be some awesome, but major changes. I got a pretty great scholarship opportunity (no, I didn’t find a sugar daddy ;)) that will allow me to go to school full time. School is pretty tough work that requires a lot of my time so I will need to adjust my playtimes here. I will be around on Wednesdays 8am-2pm and Thursdays 8am-8pm. A horny slut like me needs to get her fix somewhere or I’ll just spend all day teasing professors and I’d prefer to get my A’s using my brain instead of my tits and ass. I’m old fashioned like that.
And, who knows, I might even pick up a weekend here and there just to spice things up even more.


I’m back!

I got back from my lovely and sunny vacation and I’ve missed you all so much!  I’ll be around until 8pm tonight to play and also tomorrow morning.

Let’s get naughty.