Giving Thanks

Is it just me or does Thanksgiving get everyone all worked up?  All I hear about is getting stuffed with meat.  Breasts are getting basted and glazed.  And who can ignore how sticky and gooey a well made cranberry sauce is.

Plus it’s the biggest shopping time of the year and that always gets my pussy wet.

How about you give me a call and help me get rid of some of this holiday frustration?  I’ll be here until 8pm today and until 4pm tomorrow.


Sweet, Sweet Saturdays

It is so difficult to keep my mind focused on anything but sex on Saturdays.  In my head I just keep planning what hot and kinky things I want to do on Sundays.  Sundays are ALL mine and I can do anything I want.  Most of the things I want require me to be naked and at least one other person.  My problem is always going through the list of playthings and decided who gets to indulge me in my day of pleasure.  Maybe this Sunday I’ll have a group party.  I have plenty of toys to go around and enough energy to make sure everyone is satisfied.  Plus it’s getting pretty cold up here and a few extra degrees of body heat couldn’t hurt.

Whatever I decide, I’ll make sure to tell you all about it on Monday.


Shhhhh… It’s a secret

We are offering a secret special today until 8pm.  Wanna know what it is?  All you have to do is ask.  😉



Like every Monday, I’ll be around until 5pm this evening.  Then I’ll be off adventuring until Thursday morning.  Wanna chat before you have to wait 2 long, cold days before I’m back?  Of course you do!


In Case You Didn’t Know

This hot little redhead is not available on Sundays.  You can dry your tears (and maybe other leaks?) with the knowledge that I will be out on the town having fun, sexy adventures.  Perhaps some lingerie shopping?  Maybe a trip the gym in a pair of tiny little shorts and a sports bra?  Or even a lazy afternoon in bed surrounded my favorite toys?

I’ll let you know what I decided upon on Monday when I come back for some playtime with my favorite ladies.


My Fantastic Weekend

As much as I love playing with all of the boys and girls here, I also love having a few days to hang out and do other fun things.  My “weekend” this week was lovely as usual.

Of course Tuesday was the big election and I have a not so hidden passion for politics.  Not everyone shares my enthusiasm which is why this year I made up some fun election themed games for my submissive friends to play.  You can trust me when I say that they probably payed as much attention to this years election as I did.

Wednesday was a day of relaxation.  I went to my favorite spa for some much needed R and R.  I was even treated to a body scrub.  They are perfect for people (like myself) who enjoy sensation play.  Those little scrubbers hurt just enough to get my mind wandering to it’s most filthy places and to get my pussy oh so wet.  I knew this would become an issue for me.  I’m not very good with the whole “prolonging pleasure” thing so I made sure to schedule a body wrap right after.  With my body wrapped up so tight it made it impossible to finger this hot pussy like I badly needed.  You can imagined how worked up I was when I left the place.  It’s a good thing I had a hot guy with a big cock to fuck the shit out of me when I left.

Now I get to be here hanging out with you guys.  This is the perfect life for a sex fiend.


Oh, how I love Mondays!

I know most people don’t enjoy Mondays as much as much as I do.  For the majority of people Monday is the first day of the work week and you have 5 whole days of the “daily grind”.

Maybe that’s why I enjoy them so much.  I get to give each one of you a tiny little vacation to make your Monday just the teensy bit better.  I get to make you feel so good that it can carry you through the week.  Who really wants to start the week off tense and frustrated?  I can very easily help with that (I am easy, after all).  Let Sweet Slutty Autumn help you relax (building you up a little bit first).  Let me give you some memories that will keep you going through this stressful week.


It doesn’t hurt that I also get the next two days off to get plenty of fucking of my own.  If I don’t play with you today then I’ll be back and raring to go on Thursday!


Let’s play HARD this weekend.

Want to know what a “normal” weekend looks like for this little slut?  Of course you do, you dirty perv 😉

Daddy gets to see me in my prettiest white panties.  I’ll bet I can make him explode all over this hot little ass of mine.

I get to play with my ashtray slave.  Hopefully he gets to worship my panties while I torture him until my sadistic heart is content.

Another one of my lovely slaves begged and begged to be dressed up in something pretty so they could do all of the boring chores I don’t want to do.

Sometimes the boys get shy, but luckily I have a special way of coaxing them out of their jeans.  It just takes a little bit of patience and firm guidance.

Someone mentioned to me that they may want to renegotiate their chastity.  I wonder if I’ll be in a forgiving mood when they call?

Every girl deserves a good, hard fucking.  I know that I’ll be getting my fair share of those.  Nothing keeps my mind and body fresh like a few orgasms.

Let’s play.  I can never get enough.




Happy November!

It’s the first day of the month and it’s the first day of my week and we have this brand new site.  There is so much to be excited about today.  Not to mention that I had two days to play however I want to play.  It’s really amazing how many guys you can fuck in so little time.

I’ve also got some really exciting plans for some of my favorite playthings this upcoming weekend.  After they happen I’ll make sure to keep you posted.