Throwback Thursday

I was going through some old files and came across some photos from one of my first photoshoots here at YD.  I remember the day so clearly.  It was so much fun and I was so excited.  Just thinking about it fills me with memories and gets my pussy all wet. I’m not sure who else remembers, but this was the very first picture I ever posted to website.


Happy New Year!

See you next year.  The next time you hear my voice it will be 2018.  Have a great New Years Eve and I look foward to playing in the new year!


Out With The Old

Goodbye 2017! I hope you all had as much fun playing with all of us here at YD as much as we’ve loved playing with you. There are so many great memories of the naughty things we’ve done. I know we will make many more in 2018.
What was your favorite thing about 2017?


Where to find me to celebrate

The year is coming to an end so I know you're getting all your ducks in a
row to make the transition to 2018 a bit easier.  Make sure you have
scheduled some time between Christmas and New Years to call me to
celebrate. I'm here Wednesday evenings, Saturdays all day and Sunday
mornings. Also, make sure you're following me on all of my social media. 
I'm on Twitter @supersexyautumn and I have a semi regularly updated Tumblr
Let's send 2017 out with a bang!

Naughty or Nice?

Christmas is here! I’ll be around the weekend before so you can celebrate early with me. My holiday hours will be staying the same. I’m sure I’ll be feeling extra festive and might want to share some of that holiday spirit with you. I’m feeling especially giving right now, but who knows how I’ll be feeling on the 23rd. Maybe I’ll be feeling a bit more like a grinch and want to take it out on you. Will I be naughty or will I be nice? You’ll just have to give me a ring a find out.


On the 12th day of Christmas…

As a special treat, I’ve decided to pop in for some playtime.  I’ll be around until 11pm tonight so come and get me!


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are officially in the holiday season. It’s time to think of all the reasons why you’re thankful that I’m back at YourDesires. How many erections have I given you over the years? How many loads of cum have you shot in my honor? How many assignments and tasks have you done at my request? How many embarrassing and humiliating things have you done for my enjoyment? How many times have I told you no just to laugh at your discomfort? How many sexy roleplays have we done that you replay over and over in your head? You’re welcome for each and every one of them.
How are you going to thank me?


Black Friday Surprise!

I’ll be here from 8am-11am this morning so you can play with me before heading out into the Black Friday madness.


What are you thankful for?

Is it the fact that I’m available until 11pm tonight?  I thought so!  Let me help you release some stress before you holiday plans.


Updated Playtimes for Autumn

I think with the change in the season it’s time for me to change my playtimes again. My Sundays are shorter, but my Saturdays and Wednesdays are longer.  I’d try to tell you that it’s so I can get to church, but we all know that’s not true. Starting the week of the 20th, my schedule will look something like this:

Wednesdays: 6pm-11pm
Saturdays: 8am-5pm
Sundays: 8am-10am

I hope this gives some of you a chance to have some fun with me.