New SEX TOYS….to please my pretty little pussy;)

I’m thinking about getting some new toys!! I can’t decide which ones I
should get. Should I get a few for each hole? Or just some for my PUSSY!?
I really want a new butt plug, but think I might need a bigger size. Which
ones do you guys recommend? What are your favorites?! Call me up and give
me some ideas, I love a good SEX TOY suggestion…..maybe it’ll lead to
some XXX PHONE SEX, too;) I can only hope, teehee!!


My schedule is going to change a bit…..

Hey there Sexy Bitches!! My schedule is changing and as of July 23rd I’ll only be doing overnights!! Today, tomorrow and Friday will be my last morning shifts, for the for-see-able future anyways! Call me up and make my last mornings here memorable…..dirty memories are my favorite kind;)



I’m not exactly sure why, but……

I’m feeling super festy today! Not that that is out of character for me, in any way, but I can’t seem to to put my finger on exactly why I’m feisty TODAY?!? I think I need some help figuring out where to put my finger;) If you think you’re up for the job, call me up and we can be feisty together…..all in search the answer, of course!! Teehee;)


You know you want to

Hey sexy guys and gals! I’m here here till 5am tonight (this morning)…..Yaaaay!!! Call me up and we can spend a Sexy Saturday night together….just think of all the naughty things we could do;)


My schedule is going to change a bit, guys……..

Starting tomorrow, my schedule is going to look a little different:

*Fridays: 9am-2pm
*Saturdays: Off
*Sundays: 10pm-8am
*Mondays: 10pm-8am
*Tuesdays: Off
*Wednesdays: 8:30am-4pm
*Thursdays: 8:30am-4pm

Can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I can get into doing overnights! I already have way too much fun in the mornings and afternoons;) Whatever will I do?!


Happy Hump Day, Guys!!!

Wednesdays are quite possibly my favorite day of the week….if for no other reason than because of the dirty/sexy/funny little jokes that people come up with for it!! Humor is super sexy to me:) Call me up and lets see how much u can make me laugh w/ all ur hump day jokes….and I’ll show u just how hot it gets me;) *Muah*


Topless Tuesday!!!

I’ll give u two guesses as to what I may, or may not, be wearing today?! I’ll give u one hint: U can see a lot of my pale, soft skin;) U know u wanna call me up and have a guess…..or two!! Don’t be shy, I won’t bite…..hard anyways!!!


Only one day left……

Omg, I’m only half way through my goal…..that’s 10 dicks to suck, AT LEAST, just by the end of my shift (4pm)!! Who wants to help me……call me up and give me the best birthday send off, it makes me super happy when I reach goals I set for myself……I’d hate to be disappointed!!!!!


It’s almost my birthday guys;)

So, my birthday is next Monday (the 29th) and it’s the big “Dirty 30”!!!! I’ve only got 2 days till I leave for California for a week and I’m feeling extra feisty;) I’ve set a personal goal for myself to suck AT LEAST 20 dicks before I leave…….who wants to help me reach that goal?!! Help me be a little birthday whore…..u know u want to!!


Tell me your dirtiest fantasy;)

Call me up and give me all the wet, juicy details!! I love to hear all about people’s  kink, it gets me all hot and bothered;) Come on, I know you wanna “bother” me!