Monday blues..

more like the Monday of blue balls! So many of my little slaves calling with a case of the blue balls. What a beautiful Monday indeed.

I would love to make some other colors happen. Like red- when I spank your ass. Pink- the color your cheeks get when I say something truly depraved and dirty. Purple- the color the head of your cock will become with my use.

I want to make you a slutty little tapestry.


Where in the world is Carmen? PT.2

I am officially back in town and ready to get down and have fun! I’ve had so many adventures I can’t wait to share with y’all- including a sexy threesome and being broke down in some backwater town that ended up being quite the adventure for my girls and myself.

I will be back at YD on Saturday. Catch me if you can!



Where in the world is Carmen?

Currently she is here at YD, but come May 10th she will be taking the road trip her girlfriends and her have been saying they would take since they graduated high school.

Switching back to first person now…

I am going to miss all you dirty whores, sluts, toys, slaves, and pervs while I am on the road. You have two more days to get your fill of me, and then it’s your loss. (Also, if you haven’t got permission from me to cum before I leave….well then you just suffer until I get back.)

I will be expecting your calls…good luck getting through to me. May the odds be ever in your favor. hahahahahaha!

Also, I am taking suggestions on what to see on my road trip through the states. Leave any suggestions here or email me.


XXX rated sex noises in this house

The girls of YD are keeping it hot and steamy here tonight on the phones. I am so curious what is going on behind each girls closed door- all the moans, cries and giggles are turning me on. Whatever you fellows are doing is working! Keep it up!


Let’s play a little game called…

truth or dare. Feeling adventurous tonight? Because I have a ton of ideas running through my mind right now and I want someone who can be just as creative.



Oh, boyfriend…

It has been such a long time since I heard you accuse me of hating men and complaining about how stuck you are. I don’t think you realize how much I enjoy torturing you; a dark cloud is ascending upon my world without such enjoyment.




I think we scared him away, Nikki

I haven’t hear from our boyfriend….have you? muahahahah!


Three items…

to mess with a store clerks head. I was recently asked what three items I would buy to do just that and I finally have my answer. Fire extinguisher, a dog collar and chocolate syrup. Just need to find a store that sells all three. Ha!


What would you buy to mess with the clerks head?


Fuck-me-sideways Friday

The work week is over and it is time to celebrate. Personally, I love a good, fucking pounding to welcome the weekend. What do you like? Teasing, love making, being spanked? Mmmm.


Carmen vs Nikki

Ball is in your court, Nikki. 1 hour and 53 mins I had our boyfriend tied up. Think you can beat it??