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Hi, I'm Carmen for YourDesires... Call me @ 360.709.0100 (ask for Carmen) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 26
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 120
Measurements: 34c.24.36
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Golden Brown
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
For more billing info, click [here]
Likes: Threesomes, oral and anal, hot role plays, swallowing cum, sexy toys, exhibitionism, rough sex, being dominant and trying new things.
For more pictures and my full bio, click [here] (nsfw)
Check out [My Sexy Friends],[Our Extreme Sex Toy Store], or my nasty [Thoughts] and [Fantasies]

XXX rated sex noises in this house

The girls of YD are keeping it hot and steamy here tonight on the phones. I am so curious what is going on behind each girls closed door- all the moans, cries and giggles are turning me on. Whatever you fellows are doing is working! Keep it up!


Let’s play a little game called…

truth or dare. Feeling adventurous tonight? Because I have a ton of ideas running through my mind right now and I want someone who can be just as creative.



Oh, boyfriend…

It has been such a long time since I heard you accuse me of hating men and complaining about how stuck you are. I don’t think you realize how much I enjoy torturing you; a dark cloud is ascending upon my world without such enjoyment.




I think we scared him away, Nikki

I haven’t hear from our boyfriend….have you? muahahahah!


Three items…

to mess with a store clerks head. I was recently asked what three items I would buy to do just that and I finally have my answer. Fire extinguisher, a dog collar and chocolate syrup. Just need to find a store that sells all three. Ha!


What would you buy to mess with the . . . → Read More: Three items…


Fuck-me-sideways Friday

The work week is over and it is time to celebrate. Personally, I love a good, fucking pounding to welcome the weekend. What do you like? Teasing, love making, being spanked? Mmmm.


Carmen vs Nikki

Ball is in your court, Nikki. 1 hour and 53 mins I had our boyfriend tied up. Think you can beat it??


Oh boyfriend, where art thou?

I still haven’t got my engagement ring….I think you need to be tied up and tickled.


Feels so good to be back!

I had an amazing weekend away with my girlfriends but I am so happy to back with all the sexy ladies at YD. I am so ready for what this night has in store for me. 😉


Where is my tied up boyfriend??

Has anyone heard from him? I am starting to think he has got himself into a conundrum and forgot how to dial the phone. 😛

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