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Hi, I'm Hollie for YourDesires... Call me @ 405-366-2187 (ask for Hollie) or E-Mail me @ ""
Age: 35
Height: 5' 11
Weight: 135
Measurements: 38dd.26.36
Hair: Blonde with highlights
Eyes: Sea Blue
$25.89 for up to 15 minutes
$45.89 for up to 30 minutes
$1.00 per minute for over 30 minutes

Multiple girl calls are available
For more billing info, click [here]
Likes: Being a Hot LiL Slut... Nasty minded men (the nastier the better) Cumming!!! Cock, Cock, and more Cock.. Did I mention - COCK? role-play, anal play, leather and lace, silk and satin, straps, clamps, cuffs, scarfs, hot wax, golden showers, bathroom play, humiliation, k-9's, obeying you, and motorcycles...
For more pictures and my full bio, click [here] (nsfw)
Check out [My Sexy Friends],[Our Extreme Sex Toy Store], or my nasty [Thoughts] and [Fantasies]

Another GangBang Sunday Cum & Gone

How Lucky can 1 Girl Be!. 405-366-2187

My Callers All know My LifeStyle is All over the map

I LOVE being a Domanatrix and I love taking my frustrations out on my little p.o.s. pets.

But every now and then a Girl has to enjoy that feeling of being the center of everyone’s attention!

. . . → Read More: Another GangBang Sunday Cum & Gone


Horney? Balls Full of CUM? Hollie's R.A.W.

Hollie + R.A.W. =

Ready to FUCK

Able to take you in the Hole of your Choice

Willing to Cum & Repeat the Step Above!


Sometimes you just need to let your hair don and FUCK! Hollie

Call Hollie Direct 405-366-2187

Call me baby {405}-366-2187 That number rings directly into my room . . . → Read More: Horney? Balls Full of CUM? Hollie’s R.A.W.


Hi All of you little pathetic little sissy boys- I'm Hollie YD'S ONLY Humiliatrix!

What’s “HUMILIATRIX” you ask?

It is HOLLIE a Mistress that you will never stand a chance of having- Your Mistress that knows what makes you tick- The ONE that finally understands what gets you horny and gets you off!

Its the one person that knows and understands that you can not get that pathetic little . . . → Read More: Hi All of you little pathetic little sissy boys- I’m Hollie YD’S ONLY Humiliatrix!


YOURDESIRES +HOLLIE = One HOT Call to CUM By! call 405-366-2187

Its raining cats and dogs outside – Cats and Dogs are just a phone call away… How?

Well call me and be my BITCH & I’ll FUCK your Pussy that’s How!

I’m Hot, I’m Horny & Ready to Play! Call 405-366-2187 for Hollie TODAY!

xoxoxoxo Hollie “When I’m Good I’m Very Very Good- And When . . . → Read More: YOURDESIRES +HOLLIE = One HOT Call to CUM By! call 405-366-2187


Gang Bang Sunday for Hollie 405-366-2187

Cum one CUM ALL! And boy did they all CUM! Over, and Over and Over……

One after another on the pool table- I even FUCKED a pool cue! oh did I cum ll over the cue over and over again!

I had hard cock all around me, more cocks than holes….YUMMY YUMMY COCKS!

COCKS . . . → Read More: Gang Bang Sunday for Hollie 405-366-2187


Call Hollie and Succumb to Your Desires 405-366-2187

ROLEPLAYS – I Love “All kinds,” including age play, mommy/daddy, brother/sister, being slut, Domme Pain, pain and more Pain and Sensual Domme, Guided Masturbation, nurse/patient, CBT, Sissies, making you my BITCH and so much more. ROLEPLAY: I can be your mommy- change your diaper, nurse you, rock you, sing to you, Mother you.. Your sisters . . . → Read More: Succumb to Your Desires Call Hollie @ 405-366-2187


All Alone & Oh So HORNY!

Must be a full Moon cause I’m in a real BITCHY-MEAN-mood! 405-366-2187

I either need a several BIG FAT COCKS to FUCK ME or………

I am going to put on my strap on and FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ONE OF MY little P.O.S. Bitches!! 405-366-2187

I know a certain bitch I fuck that is . . . → Read More: All Alone & Oh So HORNY!


daddy little girl

oh daddy its stretching my pussyHollie 405-366-2187

taking it slowshow me how daddy!Hollie 405-366-2187

Any Daddies out the Want to be my Daddy tonight?

I’m ready for my sweat creamy surprise!

Can’t wait to feel your you slide into my bed and feel your hard throbbing cock all ready for all my holes

I need . . . → Read More: I Need Daddy to CUM get in Bed with Me!


Hollie’s Having a Contest- Who Wants to PLAY??

I got such a great bunch of callers and they are so naughty and kinky! I got to thinking, I wonder if they are holding back But knowing the fantasies they do tell me I can only imagine the ones they don’t So guys here is your chance to really let me see what you . . . → Read More: Hollie’s Having a Contest- Who Wants to PLAY??


All Snowed In? - Daddy's Little Pet is all Ready For Bed

All snowed in? Daddy want to have some fun!? 405-366-2187 Daddy’s little fuck toy is hot, horny, wet and ready to cum for daddy!

I’m lying here all alone in my nice warm bed playing with my sweet pink pussy

I can’t stop thinking about how Daddy crawled into my bed –

the other night . . . → Read More: All Snowed In? – Daddy’s Little Pet is all Ready For Bed

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