Suck my Toes- I’ll Suck Your Cock

sounds like a fair exchange to me! 405-366-2187

I love the feel of your tongue licking the bottom of my feet-  your hot wet mouth sucking in my toes one after the other- its like Heaven

I can help but desire your hard throbbing  cock  right there for me to lick and suck …..in unison to your sucking my toes!

Having you put that Hard cock from my mouth to between the arches of my feet – your cock being caressed and stroked between my feet

Oh Baby shoot that hot creamy CUM all over my feet!

I watch to watch you lick &  suck that cum off my feet- sharing that thick sweet cum from your tongue –  makes me want you even more……CUM with me & get my juices flowing…..

Call Hollie Your Fantasy Dream Weaver Extraordinaire 405-366-2187


Be Sure to  Ask for Hollie Any YD girl can gladly transfer you to me to make your dreams CUM true.

Give Hollie a Try- She’ll leave Your Balls Dry ~~~~slurp~~~~

Put it in your Phone Fellas the only Number  you’ll ever need – So CUM on Darlin what are you waiting for?!

Hollie YD’s original Phone Sex Addict


Fantasy Dream Weaver In Tonight

Weaving Fantasies & Dreams One CUM at a Time!

I get SOOO Hot Weaving Out a Fantasy One after the Other Makes Hollie a VERY HORNY GIRL!

Wont you call ME and CUM with ME?!

CUM Call Hollie and Let’s Weave your Fantasy and Make Your Dreams CUM True

CUM Get That Happy Ending You’ve been Waiting for All Day


Hollie -Your Fantasy Dream/Weaver


Ask for Hollie & Let them Transfer You to Hollie Your Very Own Fantasy/Dream Weaver- I’ll Get You Through the Night!


*Diary of A Phone Sex Addict- www.yourdesires.com/Hollie




Horny & Ready to Play

Morning Fellas, I’m so Horny this Morning

I have my toys out or should I say “IN & OUT”  

All I need now is Someone to Play with:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Who will the Lucky Fella Be? 405-366-2187

You? or You ? or How about your back there?

Wish it Could Be All At Once!

I Do love Gang-bangs

Call-405-366-2187  Lets Play and CUM & CUM & CUM


Be Sure To Ask For Hollie -Your Fantasy Dream Weaver-

Care to Weave out your Fantasy ?

Let’s make that dream CUM true!


Weaving Fantasies is my Passion or A Quickie if  you need to be Dashin



405-366-2187 Ask For Hollie the YD Girls will be Happy to Transfer You!

Give Hollie a Try- She’ll Leave Your Balls Dry!


Diaries Of A Phone Sex Addict:




Hollie Your Fantasy Dream Weaver


When I was young my Daddy called me his “Fantasy  Dream Weaver”

Why don’t you give me a call,  405-366-2187

Lay back and close your eyes  and Climb aboard, Hollie’s dream weaver train of Fantasy!

Let  me help you CUM away the worries of the day,we’ll keep fantasizing, and leave tomorrow behind

I’m Hollie your FANTASY   DREAM WEAVER, Let my voice get you through the night

What fantasy will help you reach the mornings light?

Let’s Fly you high through the starry Skies,- through all the pleasure and maybe some pain

Lets  cross the Highways of  any Fantasy,    I’ll Help you find pleasure in that-PAIN.

With Hollie as  YOUR  FANTASY   DREAM WEAVER, there’s NOTHING we can not explore

Call me NOW and lets CUM all through the night.

Though  Dawn may be CUMMING soon,

There’s always  time to play and Cum one more time

I’ll take you to pure ecstasy  and leave you begging for more


I’m Hollie, YOUR “Fantasy  Dream Weaver”  

Let me bring your Fantasies Alive- Let me Make YOUR Dreams CUM True


Ask for Hollie Your  FANTASY  DREAM WEAVER

I’ll weave your fantasies to life and make your Dreams CUM True!


Ask for Hollie, any YD Girl will be more than happy to transfer you to your Fantasy Dream Weaver!



Morning Wood? Wanna CUM?

Hi- I’m Hollie, I’m a YourDesires Girl    405-366-2187

I’m sitting here all by myself and am so very HORNY

Are you Horny?  Wanna CUM?


I want to hear you stroke your Cock for me-

I want to hear  you stroking your cock until you shoot that thick creamy wonderful CUM for Me!

Call me and Lets CUM together because-

No COCK should  CUM Alone…….

Let’s Enjoy CUMMING  Together while you listen to me use my toys on my Hot Wet Horny Pussy!

Its so hot knowing your Stroking Your Cock getting it so Hard for me!

Call and Slide that Hard Throbbing COCK into my WET Hot PUSSY!

405-366-2187  or 360-709-0100 And Ask for Hollie

Give Hollie a Try She’ll leave Your Balls DRY!



These Boots Were Made For Walking

call Hollie

All Over You!

Maybe You’d Rather Kiss my Boots. Lick My Boots-

Or Slide the Boots off and Kiss My Feet!

Call and Tell Me What You Want to do With My Feet


Ask for Hollie

Call me Direct 405-366-2187

or 360-709-0100

Ask for Hollie & You’ll  Happily be  Transferred to  YourDesires Fantasy Weaver  within Minutes:






Diary of a Phone Sex Addict:


Hungry? Need A Late Night Snack?

Tonight Hollie’s on the Menu!?

Want the Main Course


Something Special  for Dessert….
Cum to the Table and ENJOY!

Who’s Eating Hollie?

Grab Your Credit Card & Call

Hollie @ 405-366-2187

Where would You Like to SPRAY Your Whipped Cream?!


Give Hollie A Try- She’ll Drain Your Balls Dry! 405-366-2187


Diary of a Phone Sex Addict: Food For Thought:



Just as Soon as you Call : 405-366-2187 !
Give Hollie A Try- She’ll Leave Your Balls Dry!”







The Energizer Bunny AKA Hollie

Last Sunday during my Gang Bang Sunday fun time one of the many guys told me I was “Better than the Energizer Bunny!”

how am I better that bunny keeps going and going and going?

Your BETTER  cause every time we FUCK You ,


And we never even have to stop to change your Batteries!!”

Another guy says…”No Because She’s CUM Powered!

So after that when a guy was CUMMING they would  shout out -“RECHARGE

“I had enough CUM Recharges to last through next year!

Wanna Cum  Recharge me too?!

“Give Hollie a Try- She sure to Leave Your Balls Dry!”

405-366-2187    Hollie aka The Energizer Bunny



“Diary of a Phone Sex Addict”


Hollie’s Wants Something Sweet to Suck On!

Every Just Want Something Sweet to Suck On?

Well, I sure was wanting something sweet today, while — I was Hanging out with one of my Fuck Buddies –

When I asked if he had any Candy,  He grabbed his COCK and said “I have a Great Big Tootsie Pop Right Here For You!”

HUMMM Oh Boy Did That Put a Smile on my Face :)

“Let’s just see—-How many licks it will take to get that CUM out of the the center of “YOUR” Tootsie Pop?


Call me now  if you want to know just how many Licks it took to reach that Sweet Cum from the center of ‘HIS” Tootsie Pop! 

Call 405-366-2187

Give me a Try——I’ll leave your Balls Dry!!!!




Diary of a Hollie YD’s Phone Sex Addict: