Interested in Your Feedback, Darlin

Now that summer is coming to an end some of my hours will be changing.

some of you Darlins have changed your schedules around to fit in with my hours so I thought I would exchange the favor and

make these changes to work for you . 🙂

I know some of you fellas didn’t like my summer hours to much so…

If you fellas could take a few moments and email me @

Hollie@yourdesires.com and let me know what hours might work better for you that would be great.

Thanks fellas….

Hope to talk to you soon Darlin.-



How Nasty Are You During Sex?

If your even half as nasty as I am –

WHY aren’t you calling me yet?!

The nastier the hotter it is!

I always smile when a caller says “do you like to get nasty?”

If you only knew just how nasty my mind gets…I love getting nasty during SEX!

You like being called nasty names when your fucking like crazy?

Then I’m your girl cause the closer I am to getting off the nastier my mouth gets!

I hope your mouth gets just as nasty as mine you “f**king Horny Bastard”— why are you not already on the Phone with me…
telling me what you know I like to hear!!?!?

Pick up the Phone you F**king P.O.S. and lets get off together!

Hollie your nasty little slut!

405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187

Hollie’s Diary of a Phone Sex Addict


My New Toys!




The 1st one is a double headed dildo it’s black in color 19ins long 6 1/2in round huge mushroom head with a slit for cum hole and feels like a real cock!
I can’t wait to use it! One end for you and one for me!

the 2nd toy I got was one I got because it made me smile,

It’s a fist and arm, yes, you read it right- an arm and fist, and again, I can’t wait to use that on an unsuspecting sub!

All the thoughts of what I can do with my new toys has me sooooooo Horny!

so fellas Pick up the phone (other hand keep stroking with that one)

and call me (slow down the stroking till we get all the info taken) I’m in my bedroom just waiting or you to CAll!

405-366-2187 – I’m playing with my pussy —-Wanna Play with ME??
Call Hollie @ 405-366-2187 your phone in one hand and your cock in the other!

Hollie will have you CUMMING in no time, Darlin!

*entry Hollie’s Diary of a Phone Sex Addict


Oh Daddy! What a BIG COCK You Have!

Oh Daddy I love being used by you..

I stayed home from school today just to play with you!

I just love your Big Hard Cock!

Can’t wait for my next Daddy to call me so I can play with my sweet wet pussy!

My wet Pussy is just right or you to lick and taste my sweet creamy CUM!


The original Phone Sex Addict…
Call me now!
That’s my personnel that rings directly to my Bedroom-
I’m so horny and need to cum…
Daddy want some of sweet Hollie’s pussy?


excerpt from Hollie’s Diary of a phone sex Addict


Who’s in the Mood for a Dirty Bed Time Story?!

I was telling some of my Daddy stories to my last caller and I just can’t get them out of my mind or
can I get my hands out of my pussy!

those stories get me so horny and make me so wet.

I love talking about the things I would do for my daddy……yum!

I loved it when daddy would use me for his own gratification!

Morning Noon and Night- He couldn’t get enough of “His Hollie”

He would wait everyday for me to get home from school, in my uniform and pony tails
Oh how Daddy loved my uniform- he loved to slide down my panties and push my short skirt up and play away!
If you want to hear more call me. I’d love to tell you as many as you want to hear….
as long as you don’t mind playing with my pussy while i tell you every wet horny detail…
Call Hollie I’ll tuck you into bed – drained completely with a smile on your face!

*entry of Diary of a Phone Sex Addict
YourDesires original Phone Sex Addict.



I LOVE MY FEET PLAYED WITH – Any Fella’s like that too?!
GIVE ME A CALL DARLIN—–I’ll let you worship my feet all night long!

I just love to have my feet worshiped!!!

How horny I get when you lick the bottoms of my feet and suck on my toes!!!!

How I love to stroke your BIG HARD THROBBING COCK between my high arches

watching you shoot your HOT CREAMY TASTY CUM all over my feet!!



entry diary of a Phone Sex Addict: YourDesires Original Phone Sex Addict
the one and only 🙂 going on 19yrs….


Schools Out Daddy – Lets Play!

School’s out and I’m CUMMING straight home to take care of Daddy!

I couldn’t think about of anything at school today knowing your home all alone!

All I could think about is everything your going to do to me when I get home!

Hollie the Original PHONE SEX ADDICT 405-366-2187

My panties are soaking wet and my pussy is juicy wet just thinking about your


Cant wait to wrap my hand around it – I love when you wrap your hand around mine

and stroke it just the way you like it, I love watching your face when we’re stroking i just before you shoot

your BIG HOT STICKY LOAD all over Daddy’s Little Girl—–with my school uniform still on…..

Don’t forget to take my soaking wet panties so you can still smell me – taste me- have a little part of me for later!

405-366-2187 that’s my Personnel Phone Number to my BEDROOM- Call Me- I’m lying in bed – legs spread-Fingers Wet from playing with my


Want to CUM playing with me Daddy?
405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187


Hollie the original Phone Sex Addict

Hello Fellas- I’m Hollie, the Lil Southern Slut of YD

I’ve been with YD for many years & yet…..

Every time the phone rings I still get so

Hot and Horny my Pussy drips..

I wait with such Anticipation of what the caller is going to want to do!!?

Does he want me to SUCK his COCK?

Hear me Play with my Hot-Wet-Hungry Pussy with my TOYS!?

Or do you want to hear a Story from “Hollie’s Diary of a Phone Sex Addict?!?”

Don’t keep me in Suspense…Call your Lil Southern Slut Darlin….

Call me NOW, I’m so- SO Horny and Just can’t wait to PLAY with my PUSSY!

CUM help me Feed my Addiction! I Love Phone Sex!


XOXOX- Hollie – your lil Southern Phone Sex Addict 🙂



Horny? Hard? = Hollie

Wanna stroke that cock while you sit back and listen to my Daddy stories?

Wanna hear ll our nasty hot cum filled secrets?? SHHHH Its a secret… Just between you and me…..

Call me Darlin, and Cum like you have never CUM before!

Hollie Daddy’s Little Slut

CUM to this HOT piece of Ass..
Cant Wait to Tell you All the Ways Daddy Used ME!…
But can you Keep My Secret???
I Know You’ll Get Your Balls Off….
JUST 1 Question…..
Who Wants To Be MY Daddy?????
The More DADDIES That Call The Hotter I Get!


*entry from “Diary of a Phone Sex Addict”


Who doesn’t want to have the most amazing sex ever!

Then call Hollie now! 405-366-2187

I Love all kinds of sex.. kinky.. fetish…..Hot -sexy

Who doesn’t want to have the most amazing sex ever!

Especially when it’s some extra dirty, kinky, or even taboo PHONE SEX with Hollie at YourDesires.


try out some cum dripping phone sex with the true phone sex addict

*entry diary of a phone sex addict