Schools Out Daddy – Lets Play!

School’s out and I’m CUMMING straight home to take care of Daddy!

I couldn’t think about of anything at school today knowing your home all alone!

All I could think about is everything your going to do to me when I get home!

Hollie the Original PHONE SEX ADDICT 405-366-2187

My panties are soaking wet and my pussy is juicy wet just thinking about your


Cant wait to wrap my hand around it – I love when you wrap your hand around mine

and stroke it just the way you like it, I love watching your face when we’re stroking i just before you shoot

your BIG HOT STICKY LOAD all over Daddy’s Little Girl—–with my school uniform still on…..

Don’t forget to take my soaking wet panties so you can still smell me – taste me- have a little part of me for later!

405-366-2187 that’s my Personnel Phone Number to my BEDROOM- Call Me- I’m lying in bed – legs spread-Fingers Wet from playing with my


Want to CUM playing with me Daddy?
405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187 405-366-2187


Hollie the original Phone Sex Addict

Hello Fellas- I’m Hollie, the Lil Southern Slut of YD

I’ve been with YD for many years & yet…..

Every time the phone rings I still get so

Hot and Horny my Pussy drips..

I wait with such Anticipation of what the caller is going to want to do!!?

Does he want me to SUCK his COCK?

Hear me Play with my Hot-Wet-Hungry Pussy with my TOYS!?

Or do you want to hear a Story from “Hollie’s Diary of a Phone Sex Addict?!?”

Don’t keep me in Suspense…Call your Lil Southern Slut Darlin….

Call me NOW, I’m so- SO Horny and Just can’t wait to PLAY with my PUSSY!

CUM help me Feed my Addiction! I Love Phone Sex!


XOXOX- Hollie – your lil Southern Phone Sex Addict :)



Horny? Hard? = Hollie

Wanna stroke that cock while you sit back and listen to my Daddy stories?

Wanna hear ll our nasty hot cum filled secrets?? SHHHH Its a secret… Just between you and me…..

Call me Darlin, and Cum like you have never CUM before!

Hollie Daddy’s Little Slut

CUM to this HOT piece of Ass..
Cant Wait to Tell you All the Ways Daddy Used ME!…
But can you Keep My Secret???
I Know You’ll Get Your Balls Off….
JUST 1 Question…..
Who Wants To Be MY Daddy?????
The More DADDIES That Call The Hotter I Get!


*entry from “Diary of a Phone Sex Addict”


Who doesn’t want to have the most amazing sex ever!

Then call Hollie now! 405-366-2187

I Love all kinds of sex.. kinky.. fetish…..Hot -sexy

Who doesn’t want to have the most amazing sex ever!

Especially when it’s some extra dirty, kinky, or even taboo PHONE SEX with Hollie at YourDesires.


try out some cum dripping phone sex with the true phone sex addict

*entry diary of a phone sex addict



Good News—Me Too!!

Grab your Phone

Grab your Cock

Now dial 405-366-2187……

Lets make dreams CUM true-

Let your Fantasies CUM to life-

Call me Now and lets play Nice or Naughty- Erotic or Nasty

I just know you’ll have such a good time

You’ll be CUMMING Back for More tomorrow…

Call Hollie


Diary of a Phone Sex Addict:
Certified Sex addict
phone sex therapist,
sissyfacation specialist
adult babies
medical fantasies
erotic enemas, catheters,
urethral orifice stretching


Are you a man who wants to knows how to get in touch with his feminine side?

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Are you looking for a woman who knows how to fulfill all of your feminization phone sex fantasies?

Are you a man who wants to knows how to get in touch with his feminine side?

Are you one that dreams of wearing a sexy pair of panties or a silky sheer pink nightie?

Are you turned on sliding a pair of silk stockings over your feet secretly wishing you had gotten a pedicure with some pink ice polish?

Do you fantasize about slipping your stocking cover feet into a pair of peep=toe stiletto heels?

Call me and let me guide you with a fantasy call where you’ll feel completely feminized.

Pick up the phone and give me a call… We can explore any and all of your fetish fantasies together without restrictions.

I’m a sissification phone sex specialist so when it comes to cross-dressing phone sex, I’m your girl.

Pick up the phone and call me – I’ll be waiting to guide you into a world you never knew was possible!

I’m waiting call now! Hollie 405-366-2187
or email me at Hollie@yourdesires.com

diary of a phone sex addict entry #29


For a Good Time Call for Yourdesires:

Dial the phone (405-366-2187) Grab Your COCK!

Now- You Have The BEST of Both Worlds in Hand!

Lets Play Out a Fantasy, or stroke while your cock & listen to My Daddy Stories,
Whatever Your Heart(COCK) Desires!

So What Are YOU Waiting For? I can’t wait to hear what YourDesires are!

HOLLIE 405-366-2187

*I’m A Certified Sex Addict-”
I’m Addicted to Sex and Love Phone Sex- Again Best of both worlds!

**Entry 993 of Diaries of a PHONE SEX ADDICT
***Alternative Life Instructor:
Helping Those to Crossover to Their Other Side.
Live Life The Way you Were Meant to Live Life!

Hours are 2AM-8AM pst
I am available by appointment if another time is better for you.
EMAIL ME: Hollie@yourdesires.com
In SUBJECT line please put: “Make Appointment”
List the times good for you and I will get back to you :)


Where Have All My Daddies Gone???

405-366-2187 405-366-2187
Some of my favoroite callers are my daddies!
those that have called me for years, that love getting your cock rock hard by having me tell you the stories of how, Daddy and I played, how he taught me to suck cock so good from such an early age.. teaching me to wrap my little hand around his big cock while he wrapped his hand over mine showing me how to stroke his cock just like he liked it…..milking my special surprise out of his hard cock…. (Of course he promised me my special sauce if i did a good job..And I always did a good job!
McDonald’s may have their special sauce but i’ll take daddy’s cum over theirs any day!

My daddy taught me early, how to lick a cock, how to suck the tip of it…licking and sucking that CUM hole begging that preCUM to give me just a little taste…..
Looking up and watching daddies face as i licked up that precum, sucking on the hole, begging for my prize with my tongue.. Then feeling his hand placed softly on the back of my head moving my head just right while he pushes his cock into my mouth, a little further with each stroke, deeper, holding it a little longer with each stroke…until i can feel his pulsating cock push through to the very back of my throat, having my throat close down over the tip of his cock, with about the 3rd gag, holding my head tight against him, as I feel each ejection of my special sauce hitting it the back of my throat gushing up flooding into my mouth with each shot of cum…. tasting that creamy, sweet and salty cum, knowing that right after i made daddy cum so good and got my surprise cums my turn to have my pussy feel so good….. He always laid me down and had me spred my legs open while he got between my legs a spread my young tender pussy lips open running his tongue over my little clit making me giggle and squirm from the feel of his tongue on my sweet young pussy. Oh how good he would make my pussy feel….. Every time he licked his cock got a little harder, until it was as hard as it was when i was sucking it before….he would rub his cock up and down over my pussy fucking into the hood when I as too young for his cock to fit into my hole… having him slowly pushing the head of his cock a little more until finally that young tight hole opened up enough to swallow the head of his achenly hard cock into my young tight virgin pussy…. feeling him cum into my hole until it was running out of my pussy…

CUM on call me!

Licks and Swallows

Licks and Swallows


Wanna Hear All the Hot-Juicy-Details of my latest Gang-Bang Sunday?!?!

405-366-2187 405-366-2187
I can’t wait to relive every cock filled moment from my fun today!
Wanna hear about all of the big-hard-cocks i took on yesterday?
Wanna hear about all of the horny guys that got to fuck my hot wet pussy over & over filling it up!
How about all those guys stroking their cocks waiting their turn to slide into to one of my hot wet hungry holes….
Call me for all the HOT Wet Details… you’ll cum so good!

Here’s a taste … every hole was filled- each hand was stroking- Cum from head to toes…

What didn’t go in me went on me! YUUUUMMMMM oh So Good!

CUM on call me!

Licks and Swallows

You ever talked to a real true sex addict?
Well call 405-366-2187 and you will talk to a true blue sex addict…

Licks and Swallows

*Diary entry 1887- Diary of a phone sex addict


Ready for some Exploding of our own?!

And you don’t have to find a  firework stand to do it!

The ingredients for a very Happy after the 4th explosion:

2 phones (one for each)

1 phone line connected to you

1 phone line connected to Hollie

1 hand

several toys

Hollie’s sexy voice

one HOT discussion

Mix together for one hot steamy explosion of CUM!!!

CALL 405-366-2187

For some hot explosive fun !!




FROM MY BIO:::Call me if your exploring your sexuality, I have helped so many of my callers make that step into finding the real them…. (you know who you are)*Call me if your on the fence and need that little encouragement to make the commitment to the real you.
Are you a Rick that’s desire is to be a Ronda? call me I’ll help you find that peace that cums with being in your real skin.
When only the best will do- call me…Now that you’ve found me,  its just a matter of time before you finally fit into your skin….**

I can’t wait to hear from you!

Hollie 405-366-2187

*entry #1779: Diary of a Phone Sex Addict.