Bring me something good!

With all of the horrible things happening in the world right now, I NEED you to bring some goodness into my day. Make me cum. Hard. Again. And again. Make me scream with pleasure. Make me thank you. It’s up to you to restore my faith in humanity. Don’t let the world down.


I’ve been thinking about you….

and all the nasty things I want to do with you. Let’s go for a ride into the woods….


Life is Just a Fantasy!

Fantasies…we all have them.

I never realized when I became a phone sex girl at Your Desires that I would be able to act out my fantasies with you, it is one of the awesome perks of the job, I suppose!

I have shared many of my fantasies but I am longing to hear yours…I want to know what turns you on so much that even a pillow couldn’t hide that bulging cock! So what’s your fetish? Mutual masturbation? Am I your Mistress? Am I giving you a good spanking or are you watching girl on girl action? Am I sucking your cock or are you playing a game of tease and denial with my pussy? Whatever your fantasy, I want to hear it! Shoot me an email, tell me your forbidden desires and let’s see if we can make your dreams come true!


Taboo = Fun!

I’ve always been the sort of girl who gets off on things that are taboo! Public sex for example, so much hotter when there is a chance of people seeing, staring, watching our horny bodies with intent!  We’re trying to be discreet, but they see… they see you putting your hand around my waist and down my skirt as we stand at the marina watching the boats go in and out. They see me start rocking, my pussy nudging your hand closer to my hole, you pull my thong to the side and your fingers dart in and out with quick fury, you feel how wet I am and I feel your hard cock pressing up against my ass…

You casually unzip your fly and out pops the glory! Your cock is ripe, hard, red, and ready! You press in closer and lift up the back of my skirt, leaning me over the rail, you thrust your cock in with such force, I gasp loudly. Did those men hear me? They are watching now but I don’t care, I want your cock and I want it here, now, hard and fast until I cum…

You still have your hand around front and you start to rub my clit, as you fuck me from behind. There is no discretion anymore, I am riding your cock fast, you are strumming my clit with the rhythm of our bodies and it is heaven…

Your other hand searches under my skirt from behind and finds my asshole. You shove a finger inside and I squeal with ecstasy. THIS, this you know, is my weakness, you have complete control and you don’t disappoint…

Our fan club can’t help but ogle, some with distaste, some with jealousy but I don’t care, I’m cumming…


I’m new but not …

I’m sitting here, scantily dressed for the heat, hair swept up with loose curls falling at the sides, ready for  you, but I notice when I answer the phone, some of you callers are a bit weary of the new girl…I’m new but not newly sexual!

I got into this adult phone sex job because I love sex. I love fantasy. I love people. I love exploring people and their sexual fantasies along with my own.

I know you all have your favorites but how are you ever going to know if you like hot caramel fudge ice cream if every time you always order chocolate? Maybe WE have the same sexual fetish?

Think of the hot caramel dripping off of my  nipples, waiting for your tongue to catch it before it falls…or me licking hot fudge off your hard cock OR you can always rely on good ol’ chocolate, it’s good, it never fails to please your taste-buds BUT there is no fudge, no hot, sticky, gooey fudge and no drizzle of caramel…