Deserve a treat?

It’s that time of year again and I’m trying to decide which of my little toys have been naughty or nice. I decided to be a bit generous and give you a head start on proving yourself. Call me and tell me that “the coast is clear” and I’ll give you your first present: a special offer on all your calls today and tomorrow. Don’t be shy… this naughty phone vixen is getting wetter and wetter thinking about your next present. Can you guess?


My Mama always told me I’m…

I’ll be back to keep being a bad influence tomorrow afternoon until midnight ;) Good thing you get to sleep in on Sunday….


Hot n Heavy

I’ve been cummin’ all night, but the one thing that’s got me REALLY turned on is thinking about Amber being here at 7 am. I’m gonna be home and in my own bed, but really wishing I was here tasting that sweet sweet cunt. If any of you get to play a little, I want to know what I missed out on!


Punish You For Fun

Pull you to the floor, tongue between My legs… My dream’s still fading, help Me justify the ends.

you’re My only one, baby, you’re the only one. Cum memorize My body… let Me punish you for fun.



The pen is mightier

Than the sword, but nothing beats your cock ;)

Cum help me add to my fantasies…



Feelin’ freeeky

I’ll be your sexual freeek of the week, your educational lover, your one fuck fantasy

Cum help me start the week off right, call me at 360-709-0020



Birthday Girl…

This little girl finally turned a whole quarter of a century old and all I want for my birthday is to play. Come get me in my birthday suit! Just let me tell you where I want my gift… We can work our way from kitchen stoves and tables, I know you’re more than able to please. Who’s gonna help me make this a memorable day?


Feelin’ HOT

This summer sun feels great on my skin, but I bet you’d feel better. I could get these clothes off by myself, but what’s the fun in that? Call me, rip off my clothes, taste my skin, and tell me your dirtiest outdoor fantasy.



Just finished painting my nails a THIRD time. I can’t keep my hands still long enough for them to dry. Who wants to blow on them one by one? You won’t know if they’re really dry until you taste them. Now that they’re ready, what should I do?

If you’re really good I might even let you paint my toes ;)


In need of a warm welcome

Hi there! You may not know me yet. My name’s Quinn and I’m very new here at YourDesires. It’s been raining all day and all this girl needs is some dirty company to warm me up. Does anyone think they can bring the heat? I want some sizzle!