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Age: 24
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Likes: Black stiletto thigh high boots, leather, corsets, role playing, bondage tying, vibrators, nipple clamps, cuffs, whips, chains, and so much more. Just give me a call and we can talk all about each others likes.
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Hello darling,

I'm Ava and I have two very different sides. I love the dance between the power play of getting to take control and knowing how to give it up completely. The thrill of being able to push my own boundaries is just as appealing to me as pushing yours. Let's see how far we can go.

I've been with Your Desires for a few years and I have loved every part of getting to learn what turns you on and what buttons I will surely be pressing. I want to know what makes you throb and all the naughty things that spark your interest. I want to get into your mind and stimulate you in every way that I can. Turning my tight and gorgeous body into an instrument of passion and play that will leave you longing for more. Tell me your secrets.

My submissive slut side loves to come out to play, and always does just whatever it is that Daddy might say. I love to get myself dressed up and sexy just for you. My seductive little outfits pushing you to grip me tight and punish me harder. I'm craving that powerful release when I push your buttons and feel all the tension building before I become your perfect fuck toy. You love how much I need you and how I follow your every command. I'm down on my knees for you, waiting just as you asked. Pulling my hair tightly and spanking my ass, your cock is what I've been craving and my need is growing fast. I can see all the raw power as you push my body to it's limits. You always leave me dripping wet and ready to fucking explode. So come and tease my body, use me as much as you could possibly need. I'll always be up for more and ready to bow back down as you please.

Goddess Ava loves to learn about all of your kinky desires so I can use them to drain you bit by bit. My desire to tie you up and tease you while I take your power away, comforted yet scared by the touch of my nails running up and down your skin. Everything about me will be so intoxicating you can't help but watch me as I take control and pull you in. Your mind and body are mine now and you will do as I say. Follow me slut and you too will be on your knees waiting and begging for me day after day. Come and whisper all of your dirty little secrets in my ear as I lash your ass over and over again. I love to leave my marks and ensure you have a nice reminder for the next few days of all the things you did while we played. Don't worry darling I know just how much you needed the pain. I'll have you waiting at my hands and feet ready to kiss my toes like the slutty little slave you are. Maybe if you're lucky and serve me properly I just might give you my permission to finally cum.

I also love bringing toys into the bedroom. I always have my assortment of toys at my finger tips for us to play with. I'll tell you all about my collection of toys and which ones fill up my tight pussy the most. With just a quick call you can get a demonstration of my favorites and anything new I might have. Hearing me squirm and moan as tease my pussy and cum all over my panties. By the end of our call my panties will be dripping from all the fun we have had. Wouldn't you love to keep those panties as a memory of how good you made me feel? If you would like, I will discreetly send the panties I was wearing during our call straight to you. I know the taste of my sweet pussy and cum soaked panties won't leave you disappointed. Just ask me how.

Everything about a black leather corset, garter belt, stockings, and thigh high black leather fuck me harder boots scream a great time. Almost as loud as I do.

Do you like what you see? Have you also enjoyed what you have read? You can reach me by calling 360-412-8211. Or you can email me at [Ava@YourDesires.com]. Give me a call so we can start talking and get to know each other. If you want to chat on line for minute or two before calling, you can find me on Trillian at EroticAvasDesire or @AvasDesire on Twitter. I hope to hear from you soon ;) I'll be waiting...

xoxo Ava