Daddy’s Little Girl

I’m always so excited to cum home daddy. I know everyday on my way home that you’re waiting. Waiting for your sweet little girl to walk threw that door.  Your eyes looking up and down my body. Noticing just how perfectly my little skirt hugs my ass. I love seeing just how hard your cock gets as i slide my skirt down. You gesture me to cum and sit on Daddy’s lap. Spreading my little thighs apart and rubbing my pussy threw my panties. I know you can tell how excited you make me Daddy. My panties getting wet beneath your fingers. I can feel how hard you are Daddy. Sliding my panties to the side as Daddy places me on his big hard cock.  My little body effortlessly riding up and down on Daddy until he filled up my tight little pussy. I just cant help but love being Daddy’s little girl <3

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