Bryanne’s Fantasies

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Bryanne’s Fantasies

You come in, I make you strip. You know the drill. Get down on your knees,
naked. I am sitting in front of you on my leather love seat. I lift my
left foot…I am wearing my hot pink Converse today, with bright white
ankle socks. You bring your hands up and cup the heel of my shoe and look
up at me with that sweet look of adoration written all over your face. You
are waiting for me to give you a sign, permission. You are so eager for
this. I smile at you and tell you to go ahead. You immediately put my foot
on your naked lap and begin to slowly untie my shoe. It is like Christmas
you tell me, like you are unwrapping the only present you ever asked for
or really wanted. You say this every time. It is very endearing. You
finally are ready to slip off my shoe, and you do so…so slowly. You
bring the shoe up to your nose and inhale deeply. I watch as your eyes
roll back slightly and I feel your cock jump a little under my socked
foot. You repeat this ritual with the other shoe. Then, with both of my
feet sitting in your lap, you just pause and stare at them. You whisper
“beautiful” before you lift them off your lap and tenderly cradle them in
your hands. Again, your eyes raise and you look at my imploringly. “Sniff
my feet, darling” I tell you. Your cock jumps at this to a full erection.
I cannot help but giggle at how immediately this turns you on. You lift
them and press your face into the soles. You inhale deeply. You cherish
the smell, the slight mix of sweat, canvas and soap. You groan inwardly as
you begin to adore them, kissing the soles all over, sucking the toes
through my socks into your eager mouth. You whimper between mouthfuls
“please, let me see them, Goddess” and I agree. This turns me on just as
much as you. You peel the sock off of my left foot and gasp as your reveal
the soft skin of my pedicured foot. My toes are done in a deep sparkling
purple, my creamy skin in stark contrast to the color. You exclaim
lustfully “they are perfect, Goddess!”

“I know” I say, my breathing deepens as you bend your head to bring your
mouth to the top of my foot and you pepper every inch with soft, loving
kisses. I look down and see your cock is jumping, leaking, all but
forgotten as you lose yourself in the act of worshiping my beautiful

This is how I have you every time, for hours, it never gets boring, and it
never gets less exciting and arousing. And this is just the beginning.
Just a little taste of the pleasure we both receive when we have a day of
foot fun.
I am a very sexual person and I do really love my boyfriend, but his
libido just does not match mine. Not to mention, he is not very gifted in
the groin area, if you get my drift. It is a good thing he loves to please
me though. When I suggested, after dating only a few months (I was never
faithful to him in those few months), that we explore some of our mutual
desires, it came out that he got very turned on when I spoke of my past
experiences with other men. I tested the waters a little bit. I told him
that after we had been together intimately for the first time, the very
next morning, I had sex with one of my regular lovers. He asked me if I
was not satisfied with our time together. I was honest with him, but
gentle…I told him that he made me feel special, beautiful, loved and safe.
Emotionally and intellectually we fit together so well. The thing was, I
told him, I didn’t really have an orgasm. His face fell, but my eyes
dropped for a moment, and I could see the outline of his cock in his
slacks. He was rock hard! I gently put my hand on his groin and I asked
him if he was okay. He face flushed red; he swallowed hard and raised his
eyes to mine.

“I do not know why, but the idea of you being pleased turns me on so much,
I hate that I didn’t please you that night…but, I have since then right?”
His eyes implored me, he looked so hurt, but I could feel him under my
hand, twitching.

I found myself growing very aroused. I was getting turned on by hurting
him like this! I almost stopped. Part of me wanted to comfort and reassure
him, but a larger part of me wanted to see what would happen if I pushed a
little harder.

“Well, honey…to be honest, yes…to an extent” I replied. He looked
confused, but curious. I continued “Every time I have been intimate with
you since then, I have fucked another man shortly before. You always
comment on how wet I am…that has been another man’s come inside of me.
Surely you could taste it when you went down on me?”

He groaned, and suddenly the material beneath my palm was warm and wet. I
glanced down, and back up at his flushed face.

“Did you really just come in your fucking pants, honey? Does knowing other
men, men with bigger cocks keep my cunt nice and stretched and happy more
than you ever could, turn you on that much?”

I couldn’t quite believe my luck. Had a really found a man I could connect
with, who also would let me fuck anyone I wanted…at any time, and he would
be turned on by it?

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