Silly boy.

So, you think you can stay away? Deleting your accounts will help so you can’t sneak off and send those messages when you have those cravings for me. Needing to get a taste of me again, you contact me. Before you know it, we are on the phone and I am telling you how to stroke that cock.

You can’t help but be roped in again and again.Teasing you, unsure if I will let you cum…

Listening as your breathing gets so heavy. I know you are close.

Just remember. Madison owns that dick.


Had a great weekend.

Now, time for me to get some sleep so I can come back and start off Monday with a bang! Once again, my Trillian is having technical difficulties so I will be working on getting that fixed. Until it is you can always send me an email or better yet… Give me a call! I do love our play dates!


Silly old Trillian doesn’t stop us from talking!

I have been having some trouble with my Trillian. If you see me appear online but not responding to you, I am sorry! I do not mean to!! If I am on the schedule and not showing on Trillian… I am still here and would love to hear from you! Just pick up that phone and give me a call! I am working to get it fixed ASAP!!

I am here Sunday through Thursday 2pm-10pm PST and some surprise visits too!!
~xoxo~ Madison


So Horny!

Locking down has a girl so horny and worked up!! I am lucky to have so many toys to help me out when I am not on a call with you! Speaking of, I better go make sure those batteries are charged up!

I am here Sunday through Thursday 2pm-10pm PST… I am also available by appointment at other times. Watch the schedule. Maybe I am just so horny I can’t stay away!


Almost My Birthday!!

The day is getting so close! I just wanna have some fun with you and maybe another YD girl?! Call and tell me what kinda fun ideas you have for me!


After my days off.

I love cumming in after a couple days away and seeing these sexy ladies!! What really tops it off though is hearing my phone ring and your voice on the other end ready to share that sexy fantasy and tell me how much you have missed me or how you are going to make me pay for leaving you waiting all weekend. Hmmmmm. What will our next call be like?!


Counting Down…

Only a couple days left until Christmas! Lets see how naughty we can get. How many times we can come together? Let me give you your xmas present early this year!!


A day in the office.

I know I have been dressing a little risque around the office. Hmm. He said we have to have a meeting when I get in tomorrow. I guess a meeting is needed to discuss it. Maybe he will bend me over his desk to teach me a lesson about what my short skirts and unbuttoned tops do to him and the others around the office… Ohhh! I hope so!


Red Hot Hump Day!

I have switched my schedule up a bit and I am now here Sunday through Thursday 2pm to 10pm… And damn I am happy I am working Wednesday nights!! Look at all the other sexy Redheads I get to play with! Give me a call. Maybe you want to hear how amazing it is to have more than one redhead? We can always bring one of my sexy friends in too!


My Collar

Thank you for training me, Sir. You asked me so many times if I knew what I was getting into and I agreed. I do want to be your girl. I know that
this collar makes me yours. I will wait patiently in my corner until you come back and give me further instructions. Every time I hear your keys in
the door I get so excited and dripping wet. I am grateful you are back but I have to remember not to be too eager. I remember the last time I was.
Now I am waiting. Maybe today will be the day you will let me cum.