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Let's play a game!

Let’s write a fantasy, one comment at a time! Just add on….leave it open ended or wrap up a particular topic so a new one can be added!!!!! I will start!

It was really hot that afternoon. The weather forecast had said sunny with cool a breeze but there was no breeze, it was just . . . → Read More: Let’s play a game!

It is almost St. Valentine’s Day

We should celebrate it together by seeing how many times we can make the other girls in this house scream while they are soaking our faces!

I would love to cover you in sweet chocolate and play with amazingly tight cunt while she licks your cock and balls clean and then shares it with me . . . → Read More: It is almost St. Valentine’s Day

sex rain and magic

doesn’t get much better than that! The rain is pouring here, the wind is howling and I know we could conjure up one hell of a good time!!

so who gets to be a bitch tonight?

You? Me? or maybe another girl that we can use and abuse??

All you have to do is call and you get to decide– Maybe! I am in a hellva mood to play so be ready, if you think you can handle it!

Sinful Sunday

I’m here all by my lonesome until 10 o’clock. Who wants to keep this naughty girl company? I can think of a couple of things that would keep us entertained.

Mouth Watering Dreams

I had the sexiest dream last night that I was giving amazing head to a beautiful cock. It was so big I could barely get it in my mouth but I took it like a champ and he came so hard my mouth overflowed with his hot seed. I’ve been thinking about it all morning. . . . → Read More: Mouth Watering Dreams

I Am Looking for Some Action!

For some reason, my status has been “Offline” for two days. Just wanted to let everyone know that I am here and looking to have some fun!!! I think I have the problem solved and my status should say “Online” now. I’m here through the night and part of the morning, won’t you come play . . . → Read More: I Am Looking for Some Action!

Stormy Weather

It’s so cold and wet outside! It makes me wish someone was here to warm me up. Come help me make my room all steamy! Your wet skin against mine, my hot breath on your neck giving you goosebumps. I’m here all morning. Let’s get naughty!

What do you want?

Do you need Sissy training? Are you a little bitch that needs discipline? Do you want a real woman to show you how it’s done? Do you want to fuck, HARDER than ever before? Have I been a bad girl? Do you want a best girlfriend to share all your secrets with? Am I your . . . → Read More: What do you want?

Only one day left……

Omg, I’m only half way through my goal…..that’s 10 dicks to suck, AT LEAST, just by the end of my shift (4pm)!! Who wants to help me……call me up and give me the best birthday send off, it makes me super happy when I reach goals I set for myself……I’d hate to be disappointed!!!!!

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