the sun is shining- birds are chirping

And this girl wants to be riding your big thick cock as we are licking a sweet soft pussy together…


You are my sunshine, my only….

shut up and fuck me.


Oh darling….

There is just something about your voice. Something about the way your mind moves me and the way your words make me crave more more more….

There is something about you and I that makes me crave to tease and please you like a good girl.


where are you?

I’ve been sitting here, waiting for you to come home to me. I cant keep touching myself like this.

You should have been here by now, I took forever to get ready. I wore this dress especially for you, I know how much you like it.

Do you like my shoes? I wore the red stilettos just for you. I got my hair and nails done, do you like my lips???

I’ve been yearning for your touch… I need your lips on mine. I want your strong hands on my hips pulling me into your embrace.

I want to lose myself in your kiss, and melt into your body…

where are you? I want you… I need you! I cant wait to feel you inside me.

please don’t tease me, its torture…

Call me and tell me you’re almost here…

I NEED to hear your voice.




This girl needs….

What this girl needs is some seriously fun play time. Laughing dancing, yoga pants, and ice cream.

What this lady wants is some romance, make love to me slow and soft. Whisper in my ear how much you want me.

What this woman desires is passion. push me up against your desk, slid your hands up my thighs to push my panties to the side and slide deep inside of me while kissing me hard..

What this whore craves is to be taken, push me again the wall, rip my panties off and fuck me hard.


Don’t You Worry

I know you sometimes might get a little nervous when you don’t see me on the schedule when I’m supposed to be here to play. Don’t worry, darling. On May 1st, I’m taking my sweet ass on an out of town adventure with some of my favorite girlfriends. I’ve been looking for an excuse to let my hair down and this is going to be perfect. I know there will be some hot debauchery to tell you all about on Wednesday. It’s not even summer, but I’m ready for some summer fun.


I’m waiting for you…

Hello loves! I’m just sitting here at my desk fantasizing about how rock hard I could make your cock and all the lovely things I could do with it afterward. Give me a call and I’ll let you spill that hot cum anywhere you like. ;)


What’s a girl to do?

I’m laying here naked on my bed, with all my toys laid out next to me. My body is aching and begging for pleasure. Won’t you cum play with me?


I need you to cum play…

It’s been a long, hard day and I need a little TLC.

Oil me up and rub me down I really need it tonight, are you going to make me beg? because I will.

I need you, I’m yearning, I’m longing, I’m craving… your kiss on my neck, your hands on my hips, and you between…


Amber is here to play!!!

I had some down time and so wanted to have some fun! I am gonna be here to play from 2:30 – 6:00 pm

So pick up that phone and lets sneak away to have some fun!!!

xoxoxox Amber