Holiday Baking!

Mmmm holidays are here!!! The best time of year for me to do all of my baking. Of course I am wearing nothing but my little apron. Ass shaking as I mix all of this tasty cookie dough.. Start talking dirty to me and maybe I will untie this apron and let it fall to the floor. Lick all of this frosting off of my nipples and fuck me. Right here in my kitchen…


Happy Holidays!

Hi guys :)

I’ve had a great first couple of months at YD. Thank you everyone for making it so fun, sexy, and exciting. This holiday season, y’all are on my mind and I know we will just have even more fun in the New Year :)

I will be be off for two weeks starting Wednesday. I will be back at YD at 9:00am on January 7th.

I know I’m gonna miss you guys, so feel free to send me an email while I am gone! I’m really looking forward to playing again in the new year.




“Yes, Odessa.”
“Pardon me?”
“Yes, goddess.”
I do love to hear that in my calls. A certain kind of call, in any case, with a lovely, sweet man, or man/girl. Sometimes it’s someone who wishes they were a slave. Or less extreme, a submissive. Or even a simple kinkster, who finds delight and pleasure in becoming partners in the nurturing of their unusual tastes.
Tom – that’s not the name on his birth certificate, of course, though I’m not quite sure. We haven’t gotten to the stage where he begs me to let him send such things. Anyway,Tom was sitting at his table, in front of his computer, looking at images of me. he gets a little unfocused by my eyes and lips, knowing how it would feel if I were to lightly brush my lips across his cheek, or even his own mouth. Unfocused? Yes. I can tell by his breathing and his voice. It wavers. Trails off sometimes.
It’s not his fault. As we talk, I have him rub his crotch as I slip my words into his ear and his mind. His body is flooded with pleasure as we talk about his need to be possessed by the eternal feminine, the embodiment of what led him to exist in the first place. At times, he imagines my toes dancing across his crotch or, if I’m feeling kind, his exposed cock. Or me, standing over him, looking down as he rubs himself, his eyes pleading for direction and guidance. It’s a beautiful sight. His desire growing stronger, his cock stiffening, his eyes imploring.
“That must feel good, pet.”
“Yes, oh, yes.”
“Pardon me?”
“I’m sorry – yes, goddess.”
“Good boy, Tom. Your worship pleases me.”
You might not be able to imagine it, but making him honor our respective positions is very, very difficult for him in that vulnerable, exposed, and nearly pre-verbal state. It seems to take all the strength in his body to form words as he rubs himself and drifts through the landscapes I have created in his mind, of my strength and compassion as I bring him to the realization that his life – not to mention his throbbing, engorged cock – is much more fulfilling when he’s in my presence.
“Time to go lay down in bed,” I tell him. I delight in hearing his first faltering steps as he reacquaints himself with gravity. As he lays down, he exhales a long deep breath. I can hear his anticipation, his desire, his need to please, his need to release.
The only question at that moment, with his arousal at a pre-orgasm peak, is how long he will need to remain teetering on that edge, between the sublime, ongoing sensation of pleasure and powerlessness and the release that will set him free and rejoin his daily routines.
One thing that I do know – he will be back for the pleasure that he describes as “otherworldly.”


Punctually punished

She lay there, legs spread, my Hitachi wand between her legs. I nearly drop all of the things I just walked in the door with. I schooled myself into a facade of being cool calm and collected, All though I was anything but. My skin felt flush and hot, I was aching and trying desperately hard not to jump over the couch and dive in Face first. She stared me down. From the conviction in her eyes I knew exactly what this was. A punishment for being 15 minutes late. her moans grew louder as she started to stretch and fuck her tiny cunt with the head of the toy. my mouth dropped, and I’ll have to admit I drooled a little. I was helpless too her tricks. And then she came hard, squirting all over the toy and her hand and the couch. I wanted to go lick it all up. Fuck she was so sexy when she came. “Next time Fin, Don’t be late and maybe you’ll get the honor of doing that too me. ” she smirked and walked off too her room.


Jesse at night

Hey all you sexy lovers out there,

I am working a night shift for the first time tonight! Let me see what you night kinksters have!

Fuck you at 7,




Game Day!

With Sundays and Mondays off now… I think I will start going to some sports bars to pick up on all those boys watching football! Not that I know anything about football. Just a horny girl on the hunt for a man who needs to wind down after an intense game. Take that stress out on me. You know I am a good girl, here to take whatever you throw my way. Beat my ass to help you feel better about the beating your team took. I’m Game!


A Birthday love note

A Birthday love note
In honor of the most holy of holidays of Finleyism; namely, the birthday of Goddess Finley HERSELF, I write to YOU this letter of worship and supreme adoration.
I adore YOUR voice just hearing it or thinking about it makes me feel so warm, hard and sub.
I adore YOUR intelligence always knowing what to do, how to do it, and when I need it. I adore knowing that YOU are the smartest woman I have ever served or been friends with at YDs or in real-time.
I adore that I am willing to humiliate myself completely for YOU – to YOU, to YOUR GODs and DEMI GODs and to any YD girls YOU want.
I adore that I love hearing about YOU with real GODS and Demi GODS and it makes me crave being cucked by YOU, worshipping GOD COCKS and things YOUR GOD and DEMI GODS’ cocks have blessed.
I adore that I am willing to believe, crave, desire, have fetish for, have the opinion of anything YOU choose for me without question.
I adore that I am willing to destroy any non-family relationships I have just because YOU desire it.
I adore that I am addicted to YOU like a drug and live my entire life hoping for YOUR approval.
I adore that I will develop any fetish YOU want me to have that amuses YOU and fits with YOUR training of me. I adore that I crave the cock and things that touch the cock of any of YOUR GODS and DEMI GODS
I adore that I crave YOUR old toys as religious artifacts to worship.
I adore that my mind, cock and being belong to YOU.
I adore that I crave to be the cuck of YOU and YOUR lovers.
How pathetically adorable is this ever obsessed pet? Such sweet musings he writes me. The ever prefect toy to fuck with. If you wish to be as mindfucked as him… My love you know exactly where to find me!


face fuck

He stood there hands together in front of his face begging, pleading me to sit on his face. To ride his face until I came. I couldn’t deny that I wanted to. I had thought about it many a times. Contemplated the way his hands would grab my thighs and hips. I told him to lay down. If we were going to do this… I was going to make it fun. I straddled his face just a little to high up for his tongue to reach. I could feel him straining his neck to try and get a taste of me. He wouldn’t be ruining my fun. My fingers tangled themselves in his hair and held his head down firmly. I made you wait just like that for a minute. Everything you wanted right there in front of your face. The word please fell off your lips as a plea. I lowered my hips a fraction of an inch. Just enough for the tip of his tongue to find my clit. I moved my hips forward making his tongue drift back to my entrance to those flowing juices. He groaned then and my hips raised away from him. He grabbed them then and pulled them down and his mouth went wild, sucking my clit into his mouth, I lost all thought then. My hips started grinding down and riding his face. I swear I could feel him smile against me. I wanted more. I slowed my hips for a moment and he gave me it. He lips fulled my swollen clit into his mouth and sucked while his tongue flicked at it. All I could do was put my hands on the wall behind his head to steady myself from twitching so much. His hands grabbed my ass cheeks like they were the only things anchoring him to this plane of existence. his tongue was unrelenting lapping up every drop that spilled from me. I was gonna loose it and he knew, one hand dropped from my ass and all of a sudden there were two fingers thrusting up into me. My hips slammed down and rode his face as my orgasm ripped through me. his tongue replaced his fingers and he licked me clean, every drop of my wetness. When he finally motioned for me to move off of him and I saw his face, covered, completely covered In me. I kissed him then. Tasting me from his lips.


Not so Innocent

Her face ever inviting, and sweet, was falsely alluring,
Gave no alarms to the tempest that prowled under that Innocent facade.
That soft smile hid her desires well.
Not one man who made it too her bed expected the mask to drop.
They all kissed her gently hands soft like they might bruise her.
All of then were sure taken by surprise when she first pounced.
Usually with teeth ready to sink into the soft flesh of their necks.
None of them thought that something wild might live under her supple skin.
Something that might delight in the way a man looks bound to a bed, The
way a flogger welts the skin, The look in someones eyes when they were
truly pushed to their limits.
By then end of the night they all begged.
either for more,
release, or,
for the innocent sweet smiled girl to return.


Just Another Day ;)

What a sexy weekend I’ve had on the phone sex line. I’ve gotten to play
so many fun games with all the sexy boys and girls. There were some sexy
times teasing with my wet panties. Just a little peek and dicks get so
hard around me. There was some kidnapping so I could have a fun new sex
toy. I can’t possibly forget the exciting worship session my perfect ass
received. It’s so funny how worshiping my ass turns into you taking in
the ass for me. I’ve also provided some much needed advice on how to be a
better cross dresser. Helping men get in touch with their more feminine
side is just one of the many services I provide. I also got my fair share
of fucking and sucking (I can never get enough of that).
I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble I can get into next weekend.
What would you like to add to my agenda?