Take me to the extreme

Make me scream your name and beg you to do naughty kicky things to me.

Let me show you what that this sweet look is just that.. a look…


Tell me your dirtiest fantasy;)

Call me up and give me all the wet, juicy details!! I love to hear all about people’s  kink, it gets me all hot and bothered;) Come on, I know you wanna “bother” me!


New little black lace panties that need a good soaking

Seeing how my last pair of pretty little black lace ones are in the mail heading to my sexy cum slut- I just had to go get some new ones to get all wet for you.. Now I just need you to call and help me soak these sexy ones..

Craving your voice darling!


Can you cum out and play?

It’s a cold, windy Saturday night and Bella is all alone and lonely. Wont you cum out and play with me?


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We are officially in the holiday season. It’s time to think of all the reasons why you’re thankful that I’m back at YourDesires. How many erections have I given you over the years? How many loads of cum have you shot in my honor? How many assignments and tasks have you done at my request? How many embarrassing and humiliating things have you done for my enjoyment? How many times have I told you no just to laugh at your discomfort? How many sexy roleplays have we done that you replay over and over in your head? You’re welcome for each and every one of them.
How are you going to thank me?


Black Friday Surprise!

I’ll be here from 8am-11am this morning so you can play with me before heading out into the Black Friday madness.


Black Friday!

A very interesting thing about Black Friday… It’s all about getting that black cock baby!! Lets go shopping!!


Soaking Wet

I have been so horny today!

My panties are soaking wet.

I know you want to taste Me.

I’ll have my way with you and gag you with them.

It will be fun Darling, cum now lets play.


What are you thankful for?

Is it the fact that I’m available until 11pm tonight?  I thought so!  Let me help you release some stress before you holiday plans.


Tied up

Getting tied up in the corner of a seedy bear bar, hunched over a stool with a ring gag and a spreader bar keeping me open and ready for the patrons. Tally marks on my ass keep track of the loads thrust deep inside me, and on my forehead keep track of the cum drenching my face, hair, and throat.

I have more, but honestly, I’m a smidge distracted now.