Jump with me

I know you like it when I beg,
When desire floods my eyes and puts a rasp on my voice,
Overwhelmed with this consuming need for you.
but what you really love,
Is when my moans turn to the screaming of your name like a prayer,
Daring you to push me over the edge,
or rather fall with me darling.
– Jump with me


baby come drive me insane

my skin shivers, at the graze of your teeth on my neck.
Your breath on my ear makes me twitch, but its the talking dirty that makes me writhe against you.
The way your fingers flit up my back steals the breath from lungs, and then you scratch down, nails digging in hard and I can’t stay still.
But the thing that takes away my sanity is the flick of your wrist and the surprise of your hand coming down hard on my ass.
-baby come drive me insane



I am grateful for all of the training you have given me, Sir. I know how you like me. How I can make you pleased with me. Two fingers in my pussy, two fingers out. Thumb on my clit. I am ready for you Sir. Waiting until you give me permission to start rubbing my thumb around my swollen clit and getting closer and closer… I will not go over. I will stop at whatever number you tell me. Will it be a seven? Maybe an eight or nine today. The way you start talking dirty to me and then we play out a fantasy that you know will make it almost unbearable for me. I know better though.


take your time

Kiss down the winding road of my spine,
and maybe you’ll just find the secret spaces of me.
Find doors that open only for moans and whimpers.
your lips are the key, come unlock me.
-and take your time doing it.


Beg me

For all of you who were wondering if I like talking dirty let me fucking tell you it’s one of my favorite things in the world, especially over the phone. Hot, Nasty, Phone chat is so gratifying because you are completely at my mercy and nothing gets me hotter than hearing someone whimpering or moaning or begging me to let them cum. Will you beg me?



Are you ready?
for your hands to fist white sheets,
for my fingers to claw down your skin,
for the bed to move in a rhythm of our own composition.
for my teeth to dig into that neck of yours.
for your breath to be lost in the pleasure from the meeting of our thighs?
– You know exactly where to find me.
Come get lost in the passion with me.


I’ll leave you aching

Tell me my love, What makes that cock twitch?
Tell me how you wish to make that bed rock, with my bewitching body beneath you.
Teach me the angles in which you’d like my back to arch against you.
Show me how you wish it to be and I will make it a reality.
I will learn the pathways to your pleasure and I will not stop until you beg me too.
-I’ll leave you aching


And I’m Back!

I’m back! I had such a great time traveling down the coast and back here,
but it’s so good to be back. It was 90 degrees down in California so I
got plenty of beach time and a pretty rockin’ tan. I went topless most of
the time, but I love the way a tan line looks on my sexy ass so I kept the
bottoms on. You’ve gotta leave something to the imagination ;) I hope
you didn’t miss me too much and I look forward to to hearing about how
hard your cock was while I was away.


make me ache

“Tell your neck
I am coming near,
I want my lips to feel your heartbeat
and smirk slow when they know
they are the reason behind
the racing.
Tell your chest
to rise and fall and rise
and fill with enough air
to rise once more
once I’ve stolen all I can steal.
Tell your hips
I will match their pace
and loose happily the race
if it means tying you
at the finish line.
Tell your toes
to learn the angles
They’ll be curling,
I’ve lips to lent
and skin to send
into constant states
of shivers.
Tell your lips
mine are coming home.
Lost on the road
that winds its way across
your body,
tell them to open slightly
and I’ll give back that air
I have thieved.”
-Tyler Knott Gregson
I’m more than ready for my skin to be sent into a constant state of shivers, and to feel your hands, lips, hips, and cock everywhere.


I’ll be your play toy

bind me and break me baby,
tie me up and make me beg baby,
tease me and then fucking take me.
-I’ll be your play toy