My Collar

Thank you for training me, Sir. You asked me so many times if I knew what I was getting into and I agreed. I do want to be your girl. I know that
this collar makes me yours. I will wait patiently in my corner until you come back and give me further instructions. Every time I hear your keys in
the door I get so excited and dripping wet. I am grateful you are back but I have to remember not to be too eager. I remember the last time I was.
Now I am waiting. Maybe today will be the day you will let me cum.


Pretty For Daddy

I always get excited when I know I’m going to go see Daddy again. Something about him turns me into this naughty little girl who wants nothing more than to please Daddy. I spend so much time picking out the perfect tight little outfit to cram my ass and tits into so Daddy only has to take one look at me and his cock will be rock hard and standing at attention for his baby girl to come and take care of. I love to wrap my lips around his hard cock while he plays with my hair and is talking dirty in my ear. It makes me so wet when Daddy tells me how bad he wants my sweet little pussy on his face. I’d love nothing more than to be sliding Daddy’s cock inside of me right now…


The Darker The Better

Maybe it’s this upcoming eclipse, but my thoughts keep traveling to the
darker fantasies. I absolutely love dark and twisted fantasies. The more
twisted the better. I love kidnapping fantasies where I can trap you in
my special basement to use however I’d like. I’m sure you can imagine the
things I’d do to you when I got you alone and tied up. You’d be completely
at my mercy. I can be very cruel, but it’s all for my amusement and it’s
not like you could stop me. You probably wouldn’t want to stop me
anyways. Who could say no to me? I am certain that you are not strong
enough to.

What’s your darkest fantasy?


poor pet

He really can’t help himself, Another Pathetic email.
“I have to admit, I have missed you reminding me how insignificant I am to you and how you can mindfuck me at any time you want and how disrespectful you think I am. You do have a way of breaking me just with the tone of an e-mail. I’ve always been impressed by that.”
If you had only obeyed my pet, you would have never had the opportunity to miss me. I think I’ll make you beg a little longer.


Phone Whore

I want to give you the best xxx phone sex call you have ever had! Stroke your cock for me and make my pussy dripping wet. Tell me how you want to
fuck me and every place you want to slide your dick into. Don’t be shy. I want to hear you! I want to know what gets you squirming and pushes you to
the very edge until you can’t handle it anymore and have to shoot that huge load of cum for me. Let me know right before you cum. I want to cum
with you! I can’t wait to be a dirty little phone whore for you!


Brrr… let’s warm each other up!

It has been so chilly… wouldn’t it be nice to snuggle up under a soft blanket and whisper our dirtiest secrets to each other?


Are you Afraid?

I was talking to a gentleman the other day, you know the usual…humiliation, degradation, torture. He told me that I frighten him, he actually told me I instill fear in him! How delightful! I cannot even describe in words what those words do to a woman like me. I only wish I could smell that fear on him. Knowing how his blood rushes, adrenaline coursing through his body, because of little ol’ me? Wonderful! I wonder, does flight or fight kick in for submissive men when they feel this way? I guess that is what bondage is for!


Caught by Daddy

Daddy caught me today. I saw him in the shower and just couldn’t help it. I started rubbing my pussy. Daddy asked me what I was doing. I got so shy
and bright red cheeks. I didn’t know what to say but he made it all better and sat me down to talk. Daddy said it was ok and showed me that I make
his dick get hard when he sees my in my cute little panties. Daddy started to tickle me and then showed me how to rub my pussy even better than I had been doing.
Guess what happened then? Daddy showed my how to play with him too! I was daddy’s good girl! Wanna find out how I learned how to play with daddy?
Pick up the phone for some xxx phone sex! Maybe you want my panties too so you can remember what a good girl I have been for you!


Oh how he begs

Another pathetic email
Thinking about how I am so beneath YOU that I would develop any fetish and obsession YOU gave me. Knowing I would live to lick the used condoms, bottom of shoes and sweaty cum filled shorts of YOUR GOD lovers because I am so beneath YOU. Knowing I would be a cock addict for YOU. Knowing I live to be YOUR cuck and crave gym girls and be YOUR humiliation toy because I need YOU like a drug and always will while YOU have no need for me. Knowing I disgust YOU so much but I love YOU and am more susceptible to YOU than ever.
I can’t stop from laughing at this, naughty subs really will say anything to get back into your good graces. I can’t blame him though, so pathetically addicted, how could he stay away honestly?


Sofia Back in Action!

Hi guys!

I was gone for a few weeks, but now I am back and ready for action! I missed you all a lot and can’t wait to get back on the phone with you. I’m super excited to get more experience, more taboo calls, and some sexy new ideas from you…

So give me a call, let’s play. I know I was gone for a while, and I’d love to make it up to you guys ;)