Super secret special!

Not so secret now! Call me and ask me about the special we have going until 8pm PST Thursday, November 15th! 🙂


This slut indeed is a slut in need.

I really need to feel a big cock sliding in and out of me, anywhere! I want to feel some hot cum hit my body! mmm come on boys I need a good fucking ! send me an IM on yahoo or AOL at kisses4kimberly and ask about the special 😉



Sexy mood…

I’m am so hot and horny today, I just want to be on my knees like the little slut I am! Who’s going to call me and make that happen? If you talk to me on AOL or Yahoo, you might even get a special! Ask me about it!


Special events.

Sometimes Melanie is kind enough to give you boys special treats for your dedication to us girls.  Make sure to IM me (on Yahoo or AOL) and I can tell you what’s happening!



Like every Monday, I’ll be around until 5pm this evening.  Then I’ll be off adventuring until Thursday morning.  Wanna chat before you have to wait 2 long, cold days before I’m back?  Of course you do!


A new week!

Hey lovelies,

I am back from my long weekend, and boy did I see a lot of cock.  This little slut sure had her work cut out for her.  Maybe you want to call me and hear all about my sexcapades.  Or maybe you want to put my weekend on extended play.  Wherever your perverted mind is wandering, I am here until 5pm today to fulfill your every desire and to start your week out with some fun!


Slippery When Wet

I love my Sunday overnights- 1) I’m here with Gwen and Chloe, and I like to have contests of who takes my strap-on better or who has the better mouth, either for kissing or licking. 2) I get to play with my fellow night owls, 3) I just finished whatever weekend plans I had and love to share the stories with you 4) I’m usually in a different mood than when I’m here during the day. Nights are so my time!


Its so cold and wet outside…

Why dont you give me a call and help me make it hot and wet in here;)


Hot Call

I just got off (pun intended!) a very hot call. How about you next? (360)943-6464


I Really Need to…..

suck a cock right now! Call me and it will be yours 😉 (360)943-6464.