I had a nice day…

Of relaxing in bed… Now I’m ready for for a long and hard night of play!!

A big cock in my mouth…

One of my favorite fuck buddies came over to play with me last night. I wore a sexy satin little black dress and no panties to give him a nice surprise.  He kissed my neck, which always gets me wet. Then he grabbed my vibrator and started teasing my slutty little clit telling me how all I deserved was a “big cock in my mouth”. I was feeling especially salacious, so I got down on my hands and knees and started sucking his huge cock, going up and down, and up and down, while he teased my little fuck hole. The more he played with my pussy that tighter it got and the harder I sucked. My clit was screaming and dripping with “fuck me juice”. I wanted his cock in me so badly, but all I could do was suck his cock. What a torturous game!


Needing a real cock!

I talked to a man yesterday, if you can call him that, that had the smallest penis I have ever heard of .  Less then 3 1/2 inches long and less then an inch wide. I have decided to call him weenis boy, do to the fact his weener is smaller then a baby penis and his little balls are no bigger then the tip of my finger. How sad right? Unfortunately after talking to him I have this image stuck in my head of a tiny little penis. Now I  need a man with a real cock to fuck me and remind me that only this “weenis boy” could have a cock so small.

Im here today from 9am-7pm PST.


Happy Saturday!

I’m here until 5pm Pac time and I am ready to Rock Your Cock! You can call me at (360)943-6464.


suprise suprise

I’m here tonight from 6:30 to 11 pst. MMMM I wanna see how many times I can cum in that time? call me and make me moan!!!!


Hot & Horny!

I’m ready to play! I’ll be here until 10pm Pac Time, so give me a call 😉


Little Dick

Spanking call went awesomely, he was slow to respond to my message to call me, so he ended up with an hour instead of 30 minutes. I had him show his dick cage to me, show me the lock, that it was closed and clicked, I noticed how he doesn’t even fill out the device, his poor little thing is just too small.

Starting with a rug beater, moving though his toys, literally spanking the bristles off a back scrubber. The handle of this, the flat side of that, now use the paddle with the holes. Higher, lower, slower, faster, harder. He grew out of breath a few times, panting in his pantyhose, the bruises and welts starting to show through the reinforced panty. He took it so well.

Now, because he is in chastity for not being able to stop playing with his little peepee, I have suggested to his Mistress that he continue the next 3 months in his cage. Lessons need to be learned. Think with your big head, not your wee one.

I’m so looking forward to next week’s lesson!


I love to play!!

I am ready and waiting right now… and ohhh soooo wet;)



Finally Friday

I love ending my week with you! The tease and build up going into my weekend plans, the extra orgasms before dinner dates or dessert dates, role playing being that sexy girl you see at the club or maybe that hot woman at the table with her bitchy friends, not even making eye contact with you. What do you have for me today?

I know one of the things I have today is a nice, long spanking scene. The goal at the end is a red hot ass. His, of course.


Call me tonight!

I’m taking a long weekend which means I can have some more time for sexy adventures.  A girl like me just needs a three-day weekend once in a while for no reason.  I plan to get dressed in my favorite low cut, tight, and short red dress and go out on the town as much as possible and see how many guys are going to try and fuck my brains out.  I’ve got a hot, wet, willing pussy that is ready for some huge, hard cock.  Mmmmmm.  I am going to be dripping wet in anticipation for this entire shift.

If any of you boys would like to send my sexy ass on my long weekend freshly fucked then you’ve got to call me tonight or I won’t get hear from you until Monday morning.  I am here until 9pm PST and my schedule will be back to normal next week.