A little extra fun

I’m here a bit early tonight because I just couldn’t wait to start my Friday night off right! Come have some fun with me and make tonight one to remember ;)


Have you seen?

I’ve updated the pictures on my bio.  I’d love to know what you think.  I’ll around Saturday 8am-5pm and you can tell me all about it.


Feeling Witchy

Hello lovelies,

I’m feeling very magical today. There’s a fantastic seductive energy following me around and I want an opportunity to try out my magic on you. I know you’re already under my spell, so why don’t you give me a call? Xoxoxoxo


great news!

I know it can be frustrating when the girl you want to play with isn’t available during hours that are convenient for you… that’s why I am adding another night to my schedule! You can now catch me Sundays from 7pm-midnight; Monday, Tuesday and Wednesdays from 8:30am-2pm; and Thursdays from 7pm-midnight (PST). I’m so excited to be available to you for even more fun, SEXY phone time! Let’s play this Sunday and end our week on a high note!


Happy Hump Day, Guys!!!

Wednesdays are quite possibly my favorite day of the week….if for no other reason than because of the dirty/sexy/funny little jokes that people come up with for it!! Humor is super sexy to me:) Call me up and lets see how much u can make me laugh w/ all ur hump day jokes….and I’ll show u just how hot it gets me;) *Muah*


Learned about new fetishes this last week…

As well as new cravings. Call me tonight and let’s chat about them. I would love to share my new kinks with you….


Up and at em!

Ready to play?

I’m going to have so much fun you darling.

So come elope with me.

Love Penelope xoxo


Birthday Week!

My birthday is Thursday. I will be closer to 40 than 30 now!!!! I wish you all much love, joy, peace, health and wealth! THAT is my birthday wish, I use it on YOU!


It’s warming up…

As the weather gets warmer I wear less and less… feeling the warm sun kiss my skin evokes urges from deep within me. I want so badly to cum but I need your help, your voice, the sound of your excitement – I need you to help get me there. Call me – lets cum together!


So Long Sundays!

This is going to be my last Sunday morning (I’ll be around Tuesday evenings instead) so if you like hearing my sexy voice bright and early before the week official starts today will be your last chance.  Don’t worry, weekend players, I’ll still be around Saturdays.  Hope to talk to you before I leave at 10am.