Just Can’t Get Enough Hollie 405-366-2187

Staying on for a few hours today! 405-366-2187

Simply can not get enough, can’t seem to quench my thirst!

Anyone want to help me quench my ……Thirst????

But then what do you expect from a real life SEX ADDICT!

Some need food, some need drink,  but  all I need is SEX, SEX & more SEX!!!

Call today and lets quench each others ……Well let say –

what you need to empty from your balls,  is just what I need to quench my dreadful thirst….

Call before I go #405-366-2187



Diary of a Phone Sex Addict Hollie 3405-366-2187


feels so good to be home

but now I want to have some fun- Call me…. I need your cum…


Dear Jane…

Happy Birthday to you, beautiful!!!!!!!


Why Isn’t Every Day Valentine’s Day?

Every Valentine’s Day I treat myself to fancy lingerie. It’s a way to celebrate the love I have for myself. What is sexier than new silky, lacy and naughty underthings? I lay each new piece out on the bed so I can see all my new lovelies. Then I run myself a warm bubble bath, light some candles and drink champagne. After I’m all relaxed and my body is all soft it’s time for the try on. I put on a fashion show just for myself. I put on each piece and admire myself in the mirror. I look so fucking sexy. I choose things that will show off my body so I can admire all of my shapely curves. The first showing is always for me and then in the days to come I’ll be showing it off to guests. I guess you could say that I’m so much of a tease that I even tease myself.
What did you do for Valentine’s Day? What sexy piece of lingerie do you imagine me in?



I love it when the coffee kicks in and I realize what an adorable badass I’m going to be today.  I am your one-way ticket to your darker side.  Let’s get kinky baby!


Hot and Sweaty

Going to the gym in the morning never fails to make get all how and sweaty… And not just because of all the working out! Seeing the personal trainers in their tight clothes, and their tight asses as they walk… Not to mention all the flexing muscles… It’s hard for a girl to not start fantasizing about all the possibilities


Change of schedule for this week

I will be leaving on a jet plane Wednesday for business but will be back on Sunday, so if you want to spend some time with me-  best pick up that phone tomorrow night because this nasty cunt whore needs a taste of your cum before I get all dolled up and bring home the bacon.


Monday Monday- I need to cum

So I am here with my lovely callers cumming like the bad little slut I am.

Next please…


Sunday afternoon surprise!

Finally kicked that flu to the curb and have so much pent up energy! I wanna play play play and what a better place to come here and do that with all you lovely callers!!!

So pick up that phone and let’s have some fun, but only here till 5 pm PST time so better get dialing and come find me!



Early Bird

Hey there!

I came in a bit early tonight so all of you naughty boys that don’t get to play with me because of my schedule here is your chance! I hope you cum and play with Me ;)