Daily Orgasms

An orgasm a day, keeps the doctor away. Will you be my doctor today….I’ll show you where it hurts so good!!!


Let me

I just love telling you what to do. How to touch yourself, how to cause pain and pleasure…but most importantly how to please me. Its rather
simple really, You just have to do everything I say and don’t fucking argue with me. I know what’s best for you, your weak will, and your
pathetic small cock. Give in, pet. You’ll come to understand that I can do better for you than you can for yourself. Why don’t you stop hiding and
let Goddess Odessa take over.


Exclusively Yours! Try Me On for Size This V-Day!!

Whether your making plans for that special day or would like to add a little something extra to your Valentine’s Day just for you, then here it is….Make your appointment early for this Valentine’s Day with me, Jasmin. I have several slots available for next Wed., Feb. 14th from 10-2pm PST. Email or Trillian me today. Let me show you how my chocolate lava can flow for you and you can also try your best to pop my sweet, dark, juicy ripened cherry!! Either way, we both will have smiles on our faces!! Try me on for size!!


Guess What Today Is!

It’s my birthday!  I’m out having fun and getting in to trouble, but I’ll be in tomorrow from 6pm-10pm if you want to celebrate with me!


Changing my schedule a bit…

But now you can have me at all different times of the day! Morning, noon and night… Ready to play with you! Email me for my new hours and lets start playing!


Who’s Ready For Some Football?

I’m just kidding.  You know I don’t care one bit about football.  The only sports I care about are made up by me and can’t be shown on television.  I will be here playing those games today until 5pm and for a couple of hours tomorrow morning.  Let’s play!


Let’s play a game!

Let’s write a fantasy, one comment at a time! Just add on….leave it open ended or wrap up a particular topic so a new one can be added!!!!! I will start!

It was really hot that afternoon. The weather forecast had said sunny with cool a breeze but there was no breeze, it was just hot. That morning I decided to wear a light green cotton skirt that started snug at the hips but flared out as it went down and landed mid-thigh. It reminded me of the dresses I wore as a little girl that would fly up if you twirled around fast! I matched it with a form fitting, spaghetti-string, white tank top with lace trim at the top and bottom. I grabbed a cute little 3/4-sleeve, button down blouse to go over the tank, put on my tan, high-heeled, strappy sandals, grabbed my purse, my sunglasses and my car keys. It was my day off and it was just beginning…



It is almost St. Valentine’s Day

We should celebrate it together by seeing how many times we can make the other girls in this house scream while they are soaking our faces!

I would love to cover you in sweet chocolate and play with amazingly tight cunt while she licks your cock and balls clean and then shares it with me in a long soft kiss right over the head of your cock.

Could you just imagine how luscious creamy white chocolate would tasted all nice and warm from a sweet young pussy while I am fingering her and bring my hand up to your mouth to lick it clean before you suck it straight out of her?

Yes, you so should give in to your temptations, honor your desires and give us all a night we won’t soon forget!!!


sex rain and magic

doesn’t get much better than that!  The rain is pouring here, the wind is howling and I know we could conjure up one hell of a good time!!


so who gets to be a bitch tonight?

You? Me? or maybe another girl that we can use and abuse??

All you have to do is call and you get to decide– Maybe!  I am in a hellva mood to play so be ready, if you think you can handle it!