Been swimming all day and really need a good hard rub down

So do you have the strong hands this tight body needs?

I need to feel you pushing me down on the bed, hear you ripping my tight bra off and moan while you pull these tight yoga pants off of my strong legs and you whisper in my ear telling me not to move a fucking muscle.

I crave feeling you flip me over on my back as you tie my hands up above my head and tell me to shut the fuck up and take it like a good little bitch.





I’ve missed you…

I’ve been away for far too long. I missed your hands on my body, your lips on my skin, your cock in my mouth…

Call me baby, I’ll be patiently waiting.




Time moves so fast…

But one thing is for sure- I freaking love getting to come here and play with my callers. I love the connections we have, the fun we enjoy, and the places our minds can take us!


I am here today for some fun so pick up that phone and lets play darlings!!!!!!!


Happy Holidaze

A little bird told me it was a special holiday today for all you free loving flower children out there. If you find yourself in a HAZE and need someone to free your mind and your secret desires give me a call. I’ll be here all morning, my loves. Spark it up and let’s let our imaginations wander. ;)


Amber is back darlings

Finally kicked that flu’s ass with these strong beautiful legs and sexy ass feet!

It took a bit but I am back and I am so ready to play, so who wants to join me?

So many things we could do and so many ways we could have some fun. Lets find some trouble to get into!!!


Wet warm and wondering

Came in today just dripping with excitement…


I need it bad

I’m here bright and early today and I must say i’m feeling VERY naughty this morning. My mind is racing with all the different ways i’d love to take your cum. Why don’t you give me a call today and let me blow your mind? I promise you’ll be under my spell in no time. ;)


Going Away Presents

Hey babes! I’m off to Europe to become a model! I’m so excited! That being said, you only have a few days left to play with me, so get it while you can! My last day is Friday the 20th, so call me and set up an appointment to make sure you get your turn! Let’s make this fun and see who came make me cum the most in one day ;)


Call me to make sure you can give me your own going away present ;)


CUM Play With Me

Hey babes ;) I’ve decided to come in a little early today to give all of you more chances to play with me! I know how horny you all get to just the sound of my voice… CUM play with me and I’ll show you a REAL good time ;)


Play with me!

Hey guys!

I just had 2 days off and i’m so excited to be back here today. I’m ravenously horny today and I can’t get enough orgasms. Give me a call and I’ll let you listen to me fuck myself. I’m already nice and wet. <3