I’m in love with my new showerhead and boy oh boy is it a powerful force to be reckoned with!!!!

I ordered one of those shower heads designed to remove chlorine from your shower water and after realizing I needed to get a hose to install it right, I got excited!  A shower hose w head vs just a shower head is a GAMECHANGER!!!!!   After living a short while without a removable shower hose and now having one again, it has occurred to me that no woman should ever have to go without one of these amazing tools for orgasming!!!  I’m in LOVE with my new tool!!!  It makes shower time soooo much more enjoyable!  I had no idea that my shower head could have so much force.  The last one was weak so it was a pleasant surprise to have this one work so well.  It was zero to orgasm in like 69 seconds . . .  mmmmmmmmm!!!!  What makes it better than just masturbating with my fingers is the ability for the shower hose to just keep going and going after I orgasm.  When my hand is in charge, I always take a break after orgasm before I try again, but the shower hose is not attached to my body and doesn’t listen when I say I can’t handle more yet, that lovely tool just keeps on forcing a hot, powerful stream onto my clit and pussy that throws me into a perpetual state of orgasm where i cum and cum and cum again.  I am greedy with orgasms so I’ve been known to lay in the bathtub receiving multiple orgasms until the hot water runs out.  It might be time to get a bigger water tank for the house, lol!!! But seriously, why stop if the orgasms just keep cumming.  I want them all!!!!!!


Let’s Take A Break

The weather is pretty gross and the news is even worse.  I know I could use an escape and I’ll bet you could too.  Let’s build a roleplay together or even just have some hot jerk off time together.  The world out there can wait while we get naughty in here.  I’ll be playing from 3pm-7:30pm today and back on Wednesday at 6:30pm.  I’m sure we can think of some distractions.


Monday The 20th

If you’ve missed me taking care of your morning wood then you’re in luck.  I’ll doing a little switch up this coming Monday.  Instead of my regularly scheduled playtimes I’ll be playing in the morning.  8am-11am to be exact.  Let’s play, my dears, I know you’ve missed hearing my voice first thing in the morning.


What Are You Doing On Saturday?

I hope it’s chatting with me.  I’ll be playing from 8am-11am on Saturday, January 11th.  Weekend playtimes don’t happen every week so catch me while you can, darlings.


Mark Your Calendars

The countdown has officially begun.  My birthday is only one month away and I’m sure you know what that means.  I’m ready to be spoiled, pampered and worshiped like the Goddess I am.  My favorite gifts are tips, tributes and hearing how much you adore me during our celebratory call (or any combination of the three).  So, mark your calendar for February 6th and let’s get this party started.




Mondays:  6pm-11pm

Wednesdays:  6:30-11pm

Saturdays:  By Appointment

Twitter:  @SuperSexyAutumn


Happy 2020

I hope you celebrated hard and got the new year started off right.  I know I did and the celebration didn’t end last night.  I got here bright and early this morning for some playtime and it didn’t disappoint.  I’m sorry if you missed me, but I’ll be back on Monday the 6th for even more fun.


Mondays: 6pm-11pm
Wednesays: 6:30-11pm
Saturdays: By Appointment

Twitter @SuperSexyAutumn


It’s Your Last Chance

I’ll be available tonight (12/30) from 6pm-11pm and it will be your last shot at playing with me this year AND this decade.  Let’s end this year with a big, huge bang!  If you’d like to also start 2020 with me, I’ll be here on the 1st from 8am-11am.


Happy New Year!


My Christmas Schedule

As a special treat, I’ll be playing Wednesday morning (Christmas!) from 8am-11am instead of my normal evening times.  If you’d like to wake up to a treat under your tree then I’ll be waiting.


Counting Down…

Only a couple days left until Christmas! Lets see how naughty we can get. How many times we can come together? Let me give you your xmas present early this year!!


Santa Is Cumming Early

I’ll be popping in on Saturday (12/21) for a Christmas surprise.  I’ll be playing with all you naughty boys and girls from 8am-11am.  Know of any laps that I can sit on or candy cane sticks I can suck on?  Let’s get festive and fun!