Peek-A-Boo !!

Look who was able to sneak in early tonight! Lets see what nasty little desires we can play into, I know how dirty your mind is.  I know you have been waiting all week to catch a taste of your naughty little slut and here I am, wet and thirsty for you. I can’t wait to get your cock out of those pants and finally in my clutches……



Happy Anniversary to US!

It’s hard to believe that next week will mark our one year anniversary! Did you remember? Did you make reservations? Is there a gift? Did you buy a card? I am so excited for us! A whole year already and we still love fucking! I can’t wait to see what the second year will bring! Ciao baby!


Loving this sunshine

Feels so amazing to lay out in the sun, but I really need some one to come put sun tan lotion on my pretty little back.


Deep dark desires….

Embrace your deepest darkest desires

Let those delightful little embers burn into a flame

Lets dance in that flame that burns deeper and darker than any you have felt before.

Come play with me with— it is some of the best foreplay and pleasure your body will have the thrill of feeling.


Only a few hours left…

My long weekend is coming to an end and it has been a great one! I don’t think I’ve ever cum so much in my life! I’m only here for a few more hours, but there’s still time for you to call and be a part of my record. My pussy is still so juicy and begging for more! Cum and play with me!


Daddy loves….

Daddy loves seeing you all dolled up and looking slutty. Oh the way, you look in those torn stockings and your lip stick smeared like the fucking slut you are. I love the way you beg.

Daddy loves how you suck his sweet fucking cock and chokes on it like a good little bitch.

Come be Daddy’s sweet fucking slut tonight!


delight all 5 of your senses with me!

See my gorgeous eyes begging you to entertain me

Smell my desire for you across the room

Hear my soft moans as you speak my name over the phone line

Taste this sweet tantalizing pussy

Feel this soft skin bend to your will and your leather.



New toys!!

Amazon just delivered a box of new toys to my door! Who’s going to help me take them out of one box and put them into another? 😉


I want to get nasty!

I’m so horny and in a giving mood. 😉 Won’t you come let me sate your desire? I have all kinds of sexy ideas to get that cock rock hard and satisfy your every need. Give me a call and let’s get dirty together.


and I am back darlings

Feels so good to be back in the house 🙂 with all of my lovely phone sisters!!!