My Favorite Position Is Doggy Style! What’s Yours?

Your throbbing hard cock entering my pussy from behind in the doggy style position is my absolute favorite because of how deep you get your cock inside me!!! MMMMMMMM, I so love the anticipation of you behind me pulling my hips tight to you so you can get your dick in there deep. When you first get the tip in and tease me not letting me get it deep right away, it really drives me crazy. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. Shit, who am I kidding, I’m such a horn ball that my pussy is almost always wet so it’s damn near dripping wet thinking about you behind me. Call me soon ish so we can talk about your desires for your favorite position. I’d love to be your regular phone sex girl XXX!!!


Afternoon Delight

Who’s in??? I’m sitting here horny and alone!!! Call me so we can have fabulous afternoon delight phone sex XXX!!!! I’m more than ready to tell you all about my desires for afternoon delight sex. I’m leaving this blog short on purpose so you call me for the sordid details.


Softer form of domination

I wanted to share a glimpse into how I was introduced to dd/lg
I don’t remember everything exactly, but this is close to what he said (and did) to me, it’s making me wet just thinking about it!
“Are you familiar with the Dd/lg style? Yeah? Never tried it though. Are you open to it? Not entirely? Ah no no that’s fair, many don’t feel comfortable with calling their partner “daddy”. But what about the rest? Yeah exactly. The pet names are nicer than “slut” or something similar. It’s commonly used as a gentler form of Domination.
Are you ready? Yeah? Kiss me again  Mmm yes my dear kitten, show me you want this. Oh you are certainly impatient now. Good. Come with me.
 How do you want to cum first?  Oh that blush is so cute on you. But I think I can guess. Spread your legs, nice and wide. I’m just going to kiss and lick  up this gorgeous thigh, making you tremor in frustration, getting closer, closer, until you can feel my breath on your panties, oh that buck of your hips. I think I guessed right. Now, let’s slide them to the side, show me that little pussy, poor thing is starved for some attention. Mmm, beautiful, lets have a closer look.
What a sweet little clit you have, so sensitive and pretty. And if I place a finger down here?  Yes, very warm, and wet, do you want this kitten? My finger inside you? Ask me nicely.  Hmm good girl, ahhh beautifully tight. Oh yes, moan for me little one, I want to know just how much you’re enjoying this. Slowly, in and out, do you want a second one? Yeah? Say please…good girl, mmmm soooo silky smooth in here, and eager, I can feel you gripping my fingers as they slide in and out. But lets not forget that clit now, mmm yes kitten keep moaning for me, and ahhh, look little one, my fingers are soaked, lets have a taste..mmm, very nice but I think I need it straight from the source.
Ah, oh kitten that’s not even fair, you’ve kept that taste locked away? What a crime sweetness. Mmm, you should have shared something so delicious sooner. If you weren’t such a good girl I’d consider punishing you….”
Hope you guys enjoyed ;) Call and tell me what you guys think!

Morning Sex

Every morning when I wake up I start my day with a little teasing.  Rubbing my pussy and reminding myself to be patient until I come in and have a chance to really play. I’m so hot and ready this morning, and I’m only one quick call away <3

xoxo, Ava


Newly SINGLE and more HORNY than usual.

What are ya up to today? Are you horny like me? I have this incessant need to masturbate while I’m newly single and not so sure I’m ready to mingle yet.  Call me so we can work out our frustrations together. I don’t want to sit here and twiddle my thumbs when I could be on the phone with you diddling my pussy. Cum tell me about your desires.  I love talking about sex with you.  Let me be your favorite phone sex girl.  I even make a good backup phone sex girl when your favorite girl is busy.  Let me help you with that HARD DICK in your hand.  Call and find out . . .


Happy Humping

It seems like Valentine’s Day was so long ago and yet I am still in a pink & horny haze. I’m spending my free time in bed with my pink lacy lingerie cascading down my plump breasts and gripping my tight ass as I roll around in my queen sized bed. Call me so I can put this lingerie to good use and pussy to work.






I want to wrap you up tight in some cling wrap so that you cant move anything. I’ll leave your mouth, eyes, and cock unwrapped so you can ache for me and please me as I see fit. I can just imagine you helpless and writhing in your plastic prison while I sit on your air hole and stroke your cock so well that you don’t even care about breathing anymore. In fact, why not die this way? You’ll never have a better moment. May as well end it here. What was that? I can’t hear you….oh dear….lost another one.


It’s Your Favorite Day Of The Week

Who doesn’t love Hump Day?  We’ve only got a few more days until the weekend AND you get the chance to play with me.  I’m not here very much during the week (I know, it makes me sad too) so Wednesdays are exxxtra special.  I’m here tonight and EVERY Wednesday from 6:30pm-11pm.  You deserve to treat yourself and I’m always up for treating myself.



Naughty thoughts

I am badly in need of a butt plug and prefer to get it in a set of varying sizes so I can start stretching my tight little asshole so it can be better at handling hard cock!!!  And even big, hard cocks!!!  If it were to vibrate, I think I might cum so fucking fast, I’ll be in seventh heaven.  Who wants to be my knight in shining butt plug armor????  Send me a nice vibrating butt plug set for a nice tip after one of our conversations as a thank you for helping you cum really hard.  I’ll save it to be opened and used when you call next.  Let’s create some lasting memories and long, intense orgasms!!! Amazon is fast and our mailing address is on the website.  Just add attn:  Ella and I’ll be ecstatic!!!!  And oh so thankful!!!


Tantalize me <3

I’m back from my weekend and craving some really kinky play. I’m in the mood to play with some toys and different treats from my pleasure chest. Let go and let our minds start exploring all the reasons why I have become your muse <3 Let’s make the most of the day and try some new things ;)