Hi There!

I am so excited to be here and looking forward to playing with you!


Cock Sucking 101


I really feel well qualified to teach a cocksucking class.  First off, it’s not a blow job to me because I don’t ever view it as a job of any kind.  I thoroughly enjoy sucking cock and I think that is the first thing that matters when it cums to sucking cock.  You must enjoy doing it.  If you’re trying to please your partner and there’s not many folk with a penis that don’t enjoy getting it sucked on so you might as well get good at it and enjoy  doing it for goodness sakes.

So, #1  Enjoy sucking the cock while you’re sucking the cock!!!

#2  Breathe heavily, kiss and lick the cock and balls lightly teasing him.

#3  Start flicking your tongue around the tip, licking from the tip to the balls.

#4  Take the tip in your mouth and start lightly sucking and still licking the tip.

#5  Now, deep throat that cock and choke on it!!!!

*I know it seems early in the process to be choking on the cock, but I insist that it be done early for 2 reasons.

-The first reason is that he is not expecting it so soon, so when you do it, it will pleasure him a lot!

-The second reason it’s good to choke on the cock right away is because choking on it produces the super silky, wet spit that makes a perfect slippery environment for sucking his cock!

#6  At this point, you could do damn near any combination of licking, sucking, twirling and blowing with your tongue, just add both of your hands to the base of his cock and take a nice firm                      group working the bottom of his cock up and down while you play with the tip and just below it.  Make different combos and vary your speed.

#7  When you’re at the point where you want to finish and you’d like him to cum, start twisting your two  hands on the base of his cock in opposite directions and focus your mouth on just the                 tip sucking the tip consistently with a tight wrap around his cock.  The combination of the hands twisiting in opposite directions while suckly intently on the tip will most likely make him                   feel like blowing his load.

#8  If you want to be a cocksucking rock star then shove that cock back down your throat again deeply and let him shoot his huge cum load down your throat and swallow it like the good little                   cum slut that you are.

#9  Go for a good amount of time so it’s not a rush job and truly let him enjoy what you are doing for him!!!!

#10  Be a slave to his cock while it’s in your mouth.  This is most definitely to your benefit because the better you take care of him orally, the better he will take care of you orally.  It’s a win win                  for everybody!!!


Ella’s adventures being a unicorn started here . . .

Being a unicorn for a couple friend of mine is one of the best decisions I ever made.  It all started one day when I was approached by my buddy Tim telling me that him and his wife Janet had decided to start sleeping with other people with each other’s consent and he had picked me to approach.  I’ve always been attracted to Tim, but had never had too many naughty thoughts about him because he’s married and I have a strict “I don’t jump over other people’s fences” rule.  Now I was having all sorts of thoughts swimming around in my head about Tim and his obvious attraction to me making me wonder about our hang out times in the past wondering how many times he was smiling at me and now I know he was probably undressing me with his eyes.  Naughty naughty!!!  I was leary at first because I didn’t want to cause any strife between them, but I was definitely interested in seeing what could transpire.  Especially now that I know he’s got the hots for me.  I shied away from playing with both of them feeling too uncomfortable with doing her because I didn’t know her well.  So Tim and I made plans to hang out one night and the anticipation was starting to build.   I got very excited about having a new partner to play with and with our standing friendship, I was very comfortable about it.  I knew I could trust him to keep me safe and keep my best interest in mind.  The night arrived and it went even better than I thought it would.  The initial weirdness wore off fast when I saw how excited he was and he knew I was too.  I had a feeling he was going to be good with my body and boy oh boy was I right.  This boy did me so good!!! It was like we had been together forever with the way things just flowed.  He took such good care of my body and my needs.  Half way thru him eating me out and filming our endeavor, I kept thanking him for getting me off over and over and then blurted out that he had the best wife ever.  I said next time we play that he must bring his wife with him because I was so turned on and thankful for her sharing him with me.  Man, that was such a good night and the start of something amazing!!!



Fuck Me Daddy

I try to be a good girl, I really do!

It’s a real shame that being a bad girl is so much more fun! I want to disappoint you daddy. I want to disappoint you because then you’ll punish me but I won’t make it easy for you. I’ll scream and yell and beg and plead and try to trick you into doing what I want because I am a brat! I don’t want to be good daddy, I want to be your bad little girl. Punish me with that hard cock and make it worth me breaking your rules again!


After my days off.

I love cumming in after a couple days away and seeing these sexy ladies!! What really tops it off though is hearing my phone ring and your voice on the other end ready to share that sexy fantasy and tell me how much you have missed me or how you are going to make me pay for leaving you waiting all weekend. Hmmmmm. What will our next call be like?!


Devil Woman

Hello lovers! I’ve been feeling quite naughty lately and I really want to make you cum in some frighteningly delicious ways. It may hurt in the beginning but worry not my little pets, the reward is worth the torment. ;) How about you give me a call whenever you feel that dark hunger set in. I long to hear you scream.



I’m in love with my new showerhead and boy oh boy is it a powerful force to be reckoned with!!!!

I ordered one of those shower heads designed to remove chlorine from your shower water and after realizing I needed to get a hose to install it right, I got excited!  A shower hose w head vs just a shower head is a GAMECHANGER!!!!!   After living a short while without a removable shower hose and now having one again, it has occurred to me that no woman should ever have to go without one of these amazing tools for orgasming!!!  I’m in LOVE with my new tool!!!  It makes shower time soooo much more enjoyable!  I had no idea that my shower head could have so much force.  The last one was weak so it was a pleasant surprise to have this one work so well.  It was zero to orgasm in like 69 seconds . . .  mmmmmmmmm!!!!  What makes it better than just masturbating with my fingers is the ability for the shower hose to just keep going and going after I orgasm.  When my hand is in charge, I always take a break after orgasm before I try again, but the shower hose is not attached to my body and doesn’t listen when I say I can’t handle more yet, that lovely tool just keeps on forcing a hot, powerful stream onto my clit and pussy that throws me into a perpetual state of orgasm where i cum and cum and cum again.  I am greedy with orgasms so I’ve been known to lay in the bathtub receiving multiple orgasms until the hot water runs out.  It might be time to get a bigger water tank for the house, lol!!! But seriously, why stop if the orgasms just keep cumming.  I want them all!!!!!!


Let’s Take A Break

The weather is pretty gross and the news is even worse.  I know I could use an escape and I’ll bet you could too.  Let’s build a roleplay together or even just have some hot jerk off time together.  The world out there can wait while we get naughty in here.  I’ll be playing from 3pm-7:30pm today and back on Wednesday at 6:30pm.  I’m sure we can think of some distractions.


Monday The 20th

If you’ve missed me taking care of your morning wood then you’re in luck.  I’ll doing a little switch up this coming Monday.  Instead of my regularly scheduled playtimes I’ll be playing in the morning.  8am-11am to be exact.  Let’s play, my dears, I know you’ve missed hearing my voice first thing in the morning.


What Are You Doing On Saturday?

I hope it’s chatting with me.  I’ll be playing from 8am-11am on Saturday, January 11th.  Weekend playtimes don’t happen every week so catch me while you can, darlings.