Almost My Birthday!!

The day is getting so close! I just wanna have some fun with you and maybe another YD girl?! Call and tell me what kinda fun ideas you have for me!


Don’t Worry, Darlings

You’ve probably noticed that I’m not on the schedule for the time being.  I promise I’m safe and healthy.  I’m going to be locking down in my home for next little bit.  It will be a bit lonely without your voices, but I have food and plenty of toys to play with.  With so much pent up sexual energy I will be blogging a bit more and updating my Twitter.  You can also email me if you miss me too much and I *might* be able to do appointments.  Also, if you need any recommendations for which of my sexy friends to play with while I’m gone please reach out.


Talk to you soon,


Twitter:  @SuperSexyAutumn


Phone sex is the safest sex

Here at YD we are committed to giving you the safest way to explore your fantasies as possible. ;)


let me peg you

it’s so big

I brought my big black cock with me to work today. It pokes out of my purse ready to stretch some tiny little asseholes. He’s ready to have you worship his length, girth and ability to rip your asshole apart. Cum play with Mistress Jada. You’ll sit on my big black dick until you can’t handle it anymore and your cum is seeping onto the floor.

It’s so big let me peg you.


Oh, but Doctor!

For this next part, it’ll be much easier if you lay back. That’s right, just lay back. I’ll lift your legs into the stirrups.
I’m going to work my way down your body. I’ll be as gentle as I can. First I’m going to check your breasts.
See? Just cupping them and gently massaging them in my hands to make sure everything feels normal.
You like that, don’t you? It’s alright, it’s very common to feel pleasure while being examined.
Plus, I have to admit, I love making a very good girl feel extra pleasure while in my care.
You deserve nothing but the best, and I’m here to see you get it.
Not to mention, who doesn’t love feeling up the tits of a girl in a plaid skirt?
That’s literally every man’s fantasy.
They are so lovely. Perfectly soft and round. Nipples are… *so* responsive.
Oh yeah, they just really come to life in my mouth, my tongue swirling around them,
closing my mouth around them to suck on them, and then finally my teeth clamp down on them.
Oh yes, that got quite the response.
You know, I thought about it and I think we can leave the skirt on for the rest of the exam.
Makes things a bit more fun, don’t you think?
That being said, I think I will take the liberty of sliding my hands up your thighs, under your skirt…
and removing your panties.
It seems you really have been enjoying your first physical!
My goodness your pussy is a wet little mess. I think you might need this lollipop for the rest of the exam. The best way to keep a little girl quiet is to keep her mouth occupied.
Now you’re going to feel my finger slowly enter you. That doesn’t hurt right?
Do you feel that extra sensation when I curl my finger inside you?
That’s called the Grafenberg spot, most commonly known as the g spot. It connects to your clitoris, both of which might as well be imaginary to lesser men, but I know you’re a smart girl who will pick only the best to pleasure you.
Keep sucking on that lollipop, honey. We don’t need you getting too loud and making a scene now, do we?
I’m going to conduct a few tests on your clitoris while I have you like this.
Mmmmm, good. Your cunt contracts nice and tight when I rub your clit.
You’re doing wonderful. Just suck on your lollipop and relax while I do my inspection.
[Light slapping] Does that hurt?
Oh I see. Such a little slut for being so innocent. [More light slapping]
But for this next test, I’m just going to keep rubbing your clit and working my finger inside you against your gspot. From the looks of things, this won’t take very long.
That’s it, girl. Roll your hips with me. Just stay quiet. You’re almost there, I can tell.
Come on, just let it go. Its okay. Its okay to feel pleasure. To orgasm. I’ve got you. Just stay quiet.
That’s it. Good girl. Cum for the nice doctor.
Such a young, healthy girl. Look at all the fluid dripping off my glove.
(tasting it) Delicious. So sweet.
You’ve done so well, I think you deserve another treat. I don’t think you’ve ever had a lollipop like this before, have you?
Yeah, its quite a bit bigger than the last one. Now just slide it all the way into your mouth. [sigh in pleasure] Yes, just like that.
Damn, you’re doing so good. Take it just a little faster.
This really is a fantasy. Fucking the mouth of a desperate, slutty catholic schoolgirl after she just came all over my glove.
 You’re really working to earn my load, aren’t you? With this type of eagerness, I bet your grades are spectacular and all the teachers just love you.
Ah, there we go. A nice little protein shot to keep you nice and healthy.
Once you’ve started your pills, I want you to come back and see me. I’ll need to make sure you’re not having any bad side effects and I’ll need to test *a little deeper* to make sure they’re working properly, understand?

Sexy Travels

Hello Lovers,

I just got back from a lovely vacation to Austin TX and BOY DID I HAVE FUN!

Call me and I’ll share some of my naughtier adventures with y’all.



Please Insert Here!

I have a brand new toy! It is pretty and sparkly, with a pretty diamond on it and it vibrates at several different speeds! I love wearing it under my pretty panties, secretly hidden away and tucked nicely in my tight little ass where no one can see it! The way it makes me feel when I am walking around really excites me! I would love to bend over and shake my pretty bare bottom in your face and show it to you! ;-)

OxOxOx  Lennox


Smack my ass!

Hello there…

I had such an awesome weekend. I went to visit a friend and we went out for a girls night out. First we had an eventful day of shopping and lunch and then back to her house to get ready for our evening. I had been feeling flirty and horny all day and I couldn’t wait to go out for some drinks and dancing. I bought a really sexy off the shoulder navy & white striped dress that fit my body like a glove and a pair navy patent leather open toe pumps. Which were super hot and sexy!

We got to the club around 8:40pm, which was a little early when we got to the bar, I ordered a margarita on the rocks. This is my go to drink and I am one of the only people I know who can drink it without getting a hangover. After we got our drinks, we walked out near the dance floor and found a booth so we quickly sat down and took in the view for a bit. As the evening went on we started dancing and enjoying ourselves and the club started to get more and more packed. I was glad we found a booth when we did or we would not have been able to sit down at all. The early bird always gets the worm I always say!

When I went to take a break, I could see this couple making out in a corner and doing some pretty heavy petting and I could see the guy running his hands all over the woman’s body and grabbing her breasts and her ass. She seemed pretty into it and then I saw her lower her hand down to his crotch and begin to rub him. It was a complete turn on watching them and definitely got my engines running.

It was a pretty packed and bodies were rubbing and mashing against each other. A man came up behind me and asked me to dance. We went out to the floor and danced for a bit then whispered in my ear “you are very attractive” I said “thank you”! He stood back kept staring at my ass, making sure he had just the right view of it, as if he were looking at a painting in a museum. He seemed overtaken by it and he just kept repeating “it is beautiful!”, it’s so beautiful!” I was flattered by this of course, as well as loving the fact that this guy was appreciating my ass. We danced for a while and then we sat down and started talking.

As we were talking, he leaned over toward me in the booth and started to whisper in my ear how sexy he thought I was and how nice he thought my ass was and he asked me “would you be offended if I ask if I can smack your ass?” “You have one of the nicest asses I have ever seen!” I said thank you! I don’t think so.” Then we laughed a little.  The smell of his cologne was so nice. I love the smell of nice cologne on a man. There is just something about it that really gets to me. I was feeling so horny and hot, I felt like my pussy was on fire. The next thing I know he started to kiss my left ear and my neck and whispered to me “can I touch you?”  Then he reached down and started rubbing my thighs and slowly started moving his hand under my dress and he began to rub on my clit.

I started to breathe pretty heavy and I looked around wondering if anyone was watching and my heart was racing. I thought for sure I was going to cum right there and then! The next thing I know, he slowly grabbed both of my legs just above my knees and pulled me slightly toward him, lifted my left knee onto the seat, pulled my thong to the side and started to rub the tip of my clit with his thumb. He whispered in my ear that he just wanted to please me and kept kissing me on the ear and the neck.

Then we started to kiss and I could feel my body warm up and the sensation coming over me and he lowered his head down and started kissing my clit and very softly licking my pussy. I was not able to hold back anymore. It was so exciting and he was making me so hot, that I started breathing really heavy and began having one of the most erotic and intense orgasm’s and he made me cum several times consecutively.

I must say this was one of the more magical nights I have ever had, the guy was magic and his tongue was even more magical

I will never forget this night…







Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex???

Now that I’m asking you all where the craziest place you’ve ever had sex, I have to ponder thru the fun times I’ve had to pick the craziest place I’ve had sex . . . hmmmmm!!! This is super fun because all these fun and crazy memories are flooding thru my brain. What day, place and space will I pick??? I think it has to be the greens on the golf course. We were outside and wide open for anyone coming by to see us. Yes, it might have been dark out when we started but that sun was surely coming up and it was bright light enough for anyone to see us if they happend to be coming by at 6am at the golf course. I didn’t think anyone walked by but the thrill and possibility of it was exhilerating.  I had never had outside sex until then.  I had no idea that I would enjoy this exhibition stuff, but I really did a lot. Like a lot more than I thought I would. I’m a pretty easy to cum girl to begin with if you know what you are doing, but adding the exhibition stuff in, I was very easily stimulated and got off over and over again out in the open with bare ass for anyone to see. It was liberating to say the least. Titties, ass and vajayjay wide open for the world to notice if they wanted to. I think this is when I first realized how much of an exhibitionist I was. Well even though no one walked by that I noticed, I must have wanted to be seen pretty bad because just before we finished, I heard a noise in the underbush of a low overhanging tree nearby and sort of froze and clung tight to my lover as we both stopped moving and looked over to the tree. We couldn’t see anyone so we kept going and finished. Well promptly after we got done and were laying back basking in the sun rising and the immense and multiple orgasms we both just had we saw a guy climb out from the underbrush of the nearby tree we heard the noise from prior and just walk on by with the biggest shit eating grin on his face. He had quite a show watching us that late night into morning. I’m not sure how long he was there, but talk about funny. Holy shit, that will forever be in my memories as one of my favorite places to have sex!!!! Call me and lets have some damn good phone sex talking about this in more detail and you can tell me your favorite place to have sex. I’m waiting . . .


My Favorite Position Is Doggy Style! What’s Yours?

Your throbbing hard cock entering my pussy from behind in the doggy style position is my absolute favorite because of how deep you get your cock inside me!!! MMMMMMMM, I so love the anticipation of you behind me pulling my hips tight to you so you can get your dick in there deep. When you first get the tip in and tease me not letting me get it deep right away, it really drives me crazy. My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it. Shit, who am I kidding, I’m such a horn ball that my pussy is almost always wet so it’s damn near dripping wet thinking about you behind me. Call me soon ish so we can talk about your desires for your favorite position. I’d love to be your regular phone sex girl XXX!!!