Hey boos and ghouls! It’s Odessa your favorite creep here to play all day on ALL HALLOWS EVE! Come get spooky with me!


It Sure Is Tough Work

I’m heading home after a fun night of teasing and taunting all of the hard cocks that were lucky enough to catch me tonight.  Tying people up, dressing sissies up, and letting one lucky panty sniffer buy a pair of my wet panties.  This Goddess is exhausted, but will be ready to celebrate Halloween after a good night’s rest.

Happy Halloween, my darlings.  I look forward to hear about how you celebrated when I come back in to play on Monday.


Waiting for YOUR call tonight

Late Nights Make Me Naughty… wanting so badly to hear your blissful moans. Knowing I have the power to bring you to your knees and beg me for more. I may look sweet but in the end I get what I want and tonight I want you. Don’t be shy tonight you wont regret spending time with me. I long to hear my phone ring and your voice on the other end ready to indulge in Your Desires.


Happy Halloween

Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday.  I love all things scary, creepy and dark.  I love dressing up and, of course, I love candy.  I start my celebrations a bit early so I can get all of my tricks and treats in before the season is over.  This past weekend was the majority of my planned fun and it left me nice and sore.  I wasn’t in the mood for switching, but my body still aches.

Saturday morning started with a chilly 5k race.  It was a silly costumed race, but I manage to get a personal best even while wearing a tutu and a cape.  Saturday night was when the real fun happened.  I attended an annual Halloween dungeon party.  It’s usually a pretty big turnout and I’d guess there was about 75 people in attendance.  I put on my favorite black outfit.  Shiny.  Tight.  Black.  I looked absolutely stunning.  I brought a selection of crops, floggers and other toys for maximum impact.  I even brought my favorite purple bondage rope just in case.   When the night over I was sweaty, exhausted and smiling from ear to ear.

If you’d like to know all the juicy details I’ll be here tonight until 11 and then back on Wednesdays at 6:30.


A day in the office.

I know I have been dressing a little risque around the office. Hmm. He said we have to have a meeting when I get in tomorrow. I guess a meeting is needed to discuss it. Maybe he will bend me over his desk to teach me a lesson about what my short skirts and unbuttoned tops do to him and the others around the office… Ohhh! I hope so!


Another Happy Hump Day!

Today was such a fun day!  I love my Wednesday playtimes and today didn’t disappoint.  I got to chat with a couple of people I’ve never spoken to before.  It was nice to get to know a stranger and dig into their perverted brains.  I love hearing secrets and creating hot roleplays based on their kinky desires.  Sex is best when we both get to be open about our desires and play those fantasies out until we are both satisfied.


What do you want to share with me?


Bow Down Bitches

Hmmm, not sure if I’m more in the mood to tell you how I’m going to dominate you and peg your tight little asshole, or if I want to watch you sissy sluts spank yourselves over Skype and tell you how worthless you are. Give me a call, who knows… maybe I’ll let you have the privilege of helping your Goddess decide, looking to hear from you soon bitches ;)


It Sure Is Getting Stormy

There is something about the first REAL rain of the season here that really gets me going.  It’s time to bundle up in my coziest sweaters and spend all day in bed or warm baths.  Comfort is key to getting through these months.  One of the other ways I stay as cozy and comfortable is by putting my submissives to work.  There are lots of little tasks that I just can’t be bothered to complete when I’m working so hard braving this windy and rainy weather.  It’s always a good time to be worshipped, but Fall is an extra special time.


How would you like to worship me this season?



The nights have been dark and stormy, naughty thoughts have kept this kitten awake. So tonight come and play with me, let me hear you begging to make you MINE. My hot wet pussy needs to be filled and fucked, I think you know how to please me and I defiantly know how to please you. I want to know what goes bump in the night.


You’re In Luck

I promised that I would be here and playing one Saturday a month.  That day has come, my darling.  I’ll be here October 19th from 8am-1pm for all of your weekend desires.  My dance card fills up fast so I recommend dropping me an email so we can set up an appointment.


Talk to you then!