How Could I Have Forgotten?

I have been such a busy bee this month that I completely forgot to wish you all a happy Valentine’s Day.  There’s still time to send me all of those sweet notes you’ve been saving up.  You know how much I love being showered with affection and attention.  If you want to tell me over the phone, I’ll be here this morning until 11am and back on Wednesday at 6:30pm.





I’m Back!!!

Trinity has been under the weather, but now she’s back!  Cum give me a call so we may play together ;)


An Offering

I want blood offerings, pets.

I want you on your knees ready to please me in any way which could mean tasting my delicious nectar from the spring between my creamy thighs. It could mean that I take your riches and leave you poor and hanging on my every word. It could mean that I take your heart and mind and make you so addicted to me that life becomes meaningless unless you are pleasing me. It could mean I hurt you in delicious ways just to hear the whimper of a man under my control. It could mean the best orgasm of your life. The choice is yours…are you feeling lost? More importantly…are you feeling brave?


Give yourself to me

I know you all have strayed in my absence. I’m giving you little sluts a chance to absolve yourselves from sin and come under my guidance once more. Get on your knees and pray to my big strap on cock to bless you with a nice hard fuck.

Repeat after me:

Forgive me Odessa for I have sinned.



OdESsA’s bAck BiTcHes!!!!

Missed you all so much and cant wait to get wild with you all again!


Worship my ass you say?

Who wants to talk about worshiping my ass???  I’ve been trying to learn more about being dominant and keep being told that I need to pick a body part for the sake of worshipping.  I can’t think about a better body part to worship.  My ass has so many desires that I’ve yet to give it.  It is the strongest, most intenses orgasm I’ve ever had and I have certainly not had nearly enough of them.  I’m pretty greedy with orgasms and have been blessed to have partners that indulge in giving me orgasm after orgasm for hours on end sometimes.  I love that I can stay in a suspended state of orgasm sometimes.  It’s divine and the only thing comparable or that tops multiple orgasm’s is an anal orgasm.  Did I mention how intense they are??? Phew, just thinking about it gets me soooooo horny and also tired thinking of how it will drain me, but oh dear is it worth it!!!!!

I would love to be more dominant if it involves worshiping my ass!!!  I love and hate being teased.  It’s amazing but also torturous.  Worshiping my ass would definitely involve teasing me with lots of light touching, cupping, grabbing, caressing, kissing and licking.  Eventually it will lead to your cock in my ass deep and hard, but so much teasing on the way to there.  I especially love a good rim job and badly need a butt plug.  Let’s make it a vibrating butt plug because I love to have penetration and vibration there.  I’d also like to have it come in several sizes so I can start stretching my tiny little butt hole because I still have a hard time fitting cocks in there and want it so bad sometimes.  I’ve had to give up and go without anal because I couldn’t fit the cock in there.  I know the more I try, the easier it will get.  I’m working on it.  Who wants to be my hero and send me a vibrating butt plug set of varying sizes?   I’d be ecstatic to get a  remote control one where you can control it from states away.  Let me know if you’d like to tip me in the form of a butt plug set and I’ll use it during one our calls for the first time.

Call me so we can talk about worshiping my ass.  I bet you have other ideas to help with this.


The Day Is Here!

Happy birthday to me!  Tomorrow I will be celebrating my special day (actually I’ll be celebrating all weekend because that’s just how I roll).  I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat wondering what a girl like myself gets up to during the most special time of year.  I keep things pretty fluid, but I do know I’ve got some pampering on the schedule.  A lovely sub has a whole spa day planned for me which I’m sure will leave me relaxed and ready for the weekend.  If he’s a good boy, I might let him see me in the lingerie he bought me.  I know at least one person who will for sure get to see that lacy number.  I have a special friend with a very special tool who will be making a visit for some  birthday bedroom adventures.  He may not be enough for me and we’ve had group fun before so maybe I should just make it a party.  Those are just two of the many treats I’ll be getting in the next few days.  I’ll be playing tonight (2/5) from 6:30 to 11pm if you’d like to wish me a happy birthday, tip me, tribute me or just let me know how much you appreciate me.

I hope you can tell I’m getting pretty jazzed about possibilities.  I hope you’re just as excited to hear about them on Monday.


Mondays:  6pm-11pm

Wednesdays: 6:30-11pm

Saturdays: By Appointment

Twitter  @SuperSexyAutumn


Hi There!

I am so excited to be here and looking forward to playing with you!


Cock Sucking 101


I really feel well qualified to teach a cocksucking class.  First off, it’s not a blow job to me because I don’t ever view it as a job of any kind.  I thoroughly enjoy sucking cock and I think that is the first thing that matters when it cums to sucking cock.  You must enjoy doing it.  If you’re trying to please your partner and there’s not many folk with a penis that don’t enjoy getting it sucked on so you might as well get good at it and enjoy  doing it for goodness sakes.

So, #1  Enjoy sucking the cock while you’re sucking the cock!!!

#2  Breathe heavily, kiss and lick the cock and balls lightly teasing him.

#3  Start flicking your tongue around the tip, licking from the tip to the balls.

#4  Take the tip in your mouth and start lightly sucking and still licking the tip.

#5  Now, deep throat that cock and choke on it!!!!

*I know it seems early in the process to be choking on the cock, but I insist that it be done early for 2 reasons.

-The first reason is that he is not expecting it so soon, so when you do it, it will pleasure him a lot!

-The second reason it’s good to choke on the cock right away is because choking on it produces the super silky, wet spit that makes a perfect slippery environment for sucking his cock!

#6  At this point, you could do damn near any combination of licking, sucking, twirling and blowing with your tongue, just add both of your hands to the base of his cock and take a nice firm                      group working the bottom of his cock up and down while you play with the tip and just below it.  Make different combos and vary your speed.

#7  When you’re at the point where you want to finish and you’d like him to cum, start twisting your two  hands on the base of his cock in opposite directions and focus your mouth on just the                 tip sucking the tip consistently with a tight wrap around his cock.  The combination of the hands twisiting in opposite directions while suckly intently on the tip will most likely make him                   feel like blowing his load.

#8  If you want to be a cocksucking rock star then shove that cock back down your throat again deeply and let him shoot his huge cum load down your throat and swallow it like the good little                   cum slut that you are.

#9  Go for a good amount of time so it’s not a rush job and truly let him enjoy what you are doing for him!!!!

#10  Be a slave to his cock while it’s in your mouth.  This is most definitely to your benefit because the better you take care of him orally, the better he will take care of you orally.  It’s a win win                  for everybody!!!


Ella’s adventures being a unicorn started here . . .

Being a unicorn for a couple friend of mine is one of the best decisions I ever made.  It all started one day when I was approached by my buddy Tim telling me that him and his wife Janet had decided to start sleeping with other people with each other’s consent and he had picked me to approach.  I’ve always been attracted to Tim, but had never had too many naughty thoughts about him because he’s married and I have a strict “I don’t jump over other people’s fences” rule.  Now I was having all sorts of thoughts swimming around in my head about Tim and his obvious attraction to me making me wonder about our hang out times in the past wondering how many times he was smiling at me and now I know he was probably undressing me with his eyes.  Naughty naughty!!!  I was leary at first because I didn’t want to cause any strife between them, but I was definitely interested in seeing what could transpire.  Especially now that I know he’s got the hots for me.  I shied away from playing with both of them feeling too uncomfortable with doing her because I didn’t know her well.  So Tim and I made plans to hang out one night and the anticipation was starting to build.   I got very excited about having a new partner to play with and with our standing friendship, I was very comfortable about it.  I knew I could trust him to keep me safe and keep my best interest in mind.  The night arrived and it went even better than I thought it would.  The initial weirdness wore off fast when I saw how excited he was and he knew I was too.  I had a feeling he was going to be good with my body and boy oh boy was I right.  This boy did me so good!!! It was like we had been together forever with the way things just flowed.  He took such good care of my body and my needs.  Half way thru him eating me out and filming our endeavor, I kept thanking him for getting me off over and over and then blurted out that he had the best wife ever.  I said next time we play that he must bring his wife with him because I was so turned on and thankful for her sharing him with me.  Man, that was such a good night and the start of something amazing!!!