It’s Your Last Chance

I’ll be available tonight (12/30) from 6pm-11pm and it will be your last shot at playing with me this year AND this decade.  Let’s end this year with a big, huge bang!  If you’d like to also start 2020 with me, I’ll be here on the 1st from 8am-11am.


Happy New Year!


My Christmas Schedule

As a special treat, I’ll be playing Wednesday morning (Christmas!) from 8am-11am instead of my normal evening times.  If you’d like to wake up to a treat under your tree then I’ll be waiting.


Counting Down…

Only a couple days left until Christmas! Lets see how naughty we can get. How many times we can come together? Let me give you your xmas present early this year!!


Santa Is Cumming Early

I’ll be popping in on Saturday (12/21) for a Christmas surprise.  I’ll be playing with all you naughty boys and girls from 8am-11am.  Know of any laps that I can sit on or candy cane sticks I can suck on?  Let’s get festive and fun!


Hoe, Hoe, Hoe, Merry Christmas <3

The holidays have been keeping us all busy, running around and making sure things are just right for the new year, everybody hustling and bustling around. As I walk around shopping for the new year, seeing husbands and boyfriends curiously sneaking a peek at my hard little nipples poking through my t-shirt, with their cocks swell becoming visibly hard through their pants. Of course Santa already knows I’m a naughty girl, and that will never change, so what’s the harm in having a little fun and making these men squirm? Giving them a wink, I let them sneak a glance of my pretty brown erect nipples, the excitement of getting caught only makes my pussy grow warm and wet. I boldly lean over ask “do you want a taste of some of some of my hot chocolate?” seeing their jaws drop as I  lift up my skirt and slowly rub my swollen pussy lips through my tights. Pulling my skirt back down, I excuse myself stating I need to use the restroom, I give them a wink as I leave the store. Let’s see how many men will be on the naughty list with me this year, who knows… I may have already convinced your wife to be on there ;)


Here I Am, Boys and Girls!

I’m popping in for another Surprise Saturday.  I’m playing until 11am so catch me while you can.  I’ll be hot and ready!


Needing to hear YOU

Nothing can describe the feeling of power I get when I make you cum. The sounds of your climax bring me pure joy and make my panties so very wet. I would love to guide you through a thorough masturbation or describe in excruciating detail how I would love to stretch and peg your sweet little asshole. There of course is my all time favorite of licking your balls and taking that cock of yours deep down my throat. Then of course there is my tight pussy wet and wanting to be stuffed full with long deep thrusts of your throbbing cock, squeezing you tighter and tighter the deeper you go. I want to hear my name on your lips as your whole body tenses, ecstasy takes over and you lose control and spray thick long ropes all over me.


What A Great Day To Be Thankful

I know you’re incredibly appreciative of all of the time we’ve spent together.  It’s the night before Thanksgiving so tonight would be the perfect night to show it.  I will be around until 11pm taking your calls, taking your tributes or even emails of worship.

If I don’t talk to you tonight, I hope you fantastic holiday weekend and look forward to playing next week.


What is a Horny Girl Supposed to Do?

It is so very hard to surrounded by such beautiful sexy woman. My hands want to touch and my mouth wants to taste. There is nothing quite like the feel of another girls soft body against mine, the tiny sounds that escape our lips as we kiss and fondle one another. These thoughts make my tight little pussy warm and wet, my hands traveling down. Teasing and taunting. I really hate masturbating alone, I want to hear your whimpers and cries as we climax together making a naughty naughty mess. So incredibly satisfying.


A Sexy Sunday Surprise

I’ll be popping in to play on Sunday (11/24) to end your weekend right and to get your holiday week started right.  Set a reminder for 8am (pacific time) and I’ll be around until 11am.