Red Hot Hump Day!

I have switched my schedule up a bit and I am now here Sunday through Thursday 2pm to 10pm… And damn I am happy I am working Wednesday nights!! Look at all the other sexy Redheads I get to play with! Give me a call. Maybe you want to hear how amazing it is to have more than one redhead? We can always bring one of my sexy friends in too!


Date Night

What’s better than a date with a handsome and big dicked fellow?  How about a date paid for by a lowly cuck who has recently been trying to get back into my good graces?  He’s tried to serve and obey me a few times over the years, but his poor ego always gets in the way.  I knew he’d crawl back to me because he always does.  Hopefully this time he truly recognizes his place groveling at my feet and begging to show tribute to the men who give me pleasure.  Time will tell if really deserves to worship me as the Goddess I am and the men in my life as the Gods they are.


Moody Mondays

Mondays sure can be rough.  How about we start the week off right?  I promise to get you in the right mood for the long week ahead.  Is that mood frustrated?  Satisfied?  Aching?  Smiling?  Drained?  I guess that all depends on what mood I’m in when you call and we all know that it changes by the minute.  I’ll be playing until 11pm.


Red Hot Wednesdays

Have you noticed about many redheaded hotties work on Wednesdays?  With such great (and sexy) company it’s impossible to not love hump day.  I’m here until 11pm if you want me to show why it’s my favorite day of the week.  Maybe one of my redheaded friends can join us.


Secrets from Your Desires

My time here at Your Desires has been some of the most exhilarating I have ever had. I have met some wonderful ladies and had the pleasure of playing with a few. So many fantasies are being fulfilled daily, leaving me wanting more. I want to hear your deepest darkest thoughts, they make my knees weak and my pussy warm. I touch myself and become empowered as you lay yourself bare including me in your fantasy. Sharing naughty phone time with you has become my driving force, I long to hear your voice. The sounds you make as I weave my web and bring you to the edge. Call me, make me wet, hear me cum and let me hear you.



Check It Out!

I’ve finally archived ALL of my stories, thoughts and fantasies.  If you’d like a little trip down memory lane I recommend you head over to read them.  They may be a little out of order, but I don’t think any of you will mind too much.


What are some of your favorites?


Autumn’s Busy Autumn

Not only is Fall my favorite season (obviously), but it’s also my busiest.  My day job amps up this time of year so in order to maintain my work/phone/fucking balance I’m going to be adjusting my .  Starting in October, I will be available on Saturdays by appointment only plus one 8am-1pm playtime shift a month (check the schedule or email to know which one).  If you’d like to set up some naughty fun drop me a note and we can work it out.


Hello There

My name is Robyn, and I want YOU. I am an insatiable creature who loves to hear you cum and will always want more. Talking dirty to you on the phone brings me much joy and makes my panties all wet and cummy. I have always been this way, sex addicted wanting more then my share getting off on others pleasure. My voice can intoxicate, talking to me will pull you into a fantasy world where anything is possible and everything is intensified. Spend time with me and you wont be able to think of anything else.


Welcome aboard!!

I finally finished my bio. I hope you’re pleased with it. It is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to getting to know me. I’m always ready to play.




Cum Play with Mommy…

I love age play, are you a young man just waiting to be taken control over?  Cum give Trinity a call… I am here until 8 PM tonight.