I want to to play dress up

The town seemed to shimmer with a glow that he could seldom remember ever seeing before. He began to worry as his excitement began to manifest physically; both terrified and aroused at the idea that someone might catch him. He continued to saunter with ease in the clacking heels down the bustling sidewalk, savoring the brush of the flowing skirt against his legs. Each look and glance that his slender frame racked up only intensified the pressure building in his erect penis; the tight panties rubbing his sensitive cock as precum seeped into the fabric.
He managed to make it to the public library before giving in to his insatiable lust. Hurrying to the bathrooms he paused for only a second before he chose the ladies room with an excited jolt. As he slipped into the stall he quickly began to stroke himself through the thin skirt before latching the door. His purse dropped to the floor and he quickly dove after it, remembering the vibrating plug within.
Positively shivering with lust, he wrenched his pantyhose down and pushed the panties aside while sucking the brand new plug before hurriedly inserting it. A moan fell from his glossy lips as it began to vibrate, his throbbing cock harder than he had ever experienced before. he began to stroke and tug at his swollen cock, whimpering with pleasure at every touch of his extremely sensitive head.
He came in minutes that felt like eons, savoring every twitch and stroke even long after he began to soften. Sitting on the toilet seat he stared at his cum filled panties realizing that he couldn’t wear them back without the cum seeping through the skirt….
A smile broke over his face as his excitement grew once more.
“I’ll just walk home without them then.” He smirked to himself, wondering if he’d even make it home without having to stop once again.

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