Finley’s Fantasies

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Finley’s Fantasies

There we lay, a tangled mess of limbs. Only ten minutes ago or so that hand, your slowly trailing down my arm, was fisted in my hair. I was bent over before you. Face shoved into the pillows, hand on my hip as you pounded into me as if you couldnt get deep enough or close enough, or Just enough of me. That firey little scene ended with you shooting your hot load deep inside me. I blinked and was brought back to the present. I stared into the blue, green and gold eyes of yours, now glazed with either the post orgasm haze or desire I couldn’t tell. You shifted and I got my answer. To say the least you didnt have a small cock, or even an average sized one. That quick I was ready for you again, That little bundle of nerves at the top of my thighs aching.

You kissed my neck then. and I spazed in your arms. Which in turn made you chuckle right agaisnt that sensitive skin. It was shivers that rocked through my body then. I wanted you, every inch of you. Your teeth came down right at the spot where my neck and shoulder meet. My eyes rolled back into my head and I groaned. You released and went to nibble on my collar bone. Putty- I was putty in your hands. Your fingers toyed with my nipples as you kissed over the tops of my breasts. I tried to push your head lower, I wanted your mouth wrapped around my nipple. This made you pause your menstrations to smirk up at me as you slowly moved lower. Eyes still locked on mine. Your tongue peaked out between your lips, And ever so gently, like a whisper on the wind. Grazed over that sesitive little bud. I arched up and you sucked it in between your teeth. Gently nibbling. Moans and gasps were falling off my lips. You switched then. Only quickly sucking and biting down before letting it go with a pop. You then licked down my ribs and torso.

I knew where this was ending. You didnt seem to have a care in the world that your cum was still inside me. you flicked your tongue over my lips and my hips arched up. You parted them then. Tongue instantly finding my clit, sucking on it hard and fast before dipping down to taste the mix of me and you. Shoving your tongue deep inside me. Fuck, I couldn’t stay still. I was grinding all over your face. Your tongue rubbed right up against my gspot. I couldnt see, couldn’t form words even. The only sounds escaping my lips were groans and growls. You with drew your tongue and started a full frontal assult on my clit. First just flicking over it with just the tip. Then long lapping strokes. My hands gripped at the pillows and blanket. Then you sucked into your mouth, teeth gently grazing as on of your hands found my nipple and rolled it between your fingers. I was on the edge. So close. I wanted to explode. To go tumbling off that cliff. You knew it too. You simultainiously sucked and lapped over my clit, in a fast pace. That threw me over the edge. My hips arched up and I let out a moan so loud it was almost a scream. you lapped and licked at my clit through every wave of my orgasm.

When I stilled you pulled away, not before placing a kiss over my lower lips. Your face glistened in the dim light. Completly coated in both of our cum. You lips dripping as you climbed up my body and pressed your mouth to mine. I couldn’t stop my self from letting my tongue slip out and taste myself off your lips. If I had to say so myself, we tasted pretty damn decadent. You laid next to me then. Pulling me back against your chest, as you played with my hair until I fell asleep.

Your fingers trail down my arm in a feather light graze. You stall there, as if you don’t know which path to take across my body. I can see it on your face, you searching for the one that will turn my
skin into that of goose flesh. The one that will make my eyes roll into the abyss. You decide to take the road less traveled up my neck, then down across my collar bone. Goose bumps left in your feather light touches wake. Your hot breath follows down my neck and I can’t breath. the you bite down and I thrash. Fire building in my gut. your teeth release my throat and then your lips are on my collar bone and your fingers are on my nipples as you toy with them gently.

I’m all twitch, and ache. The word more falls off my lips in a plea but you have no intention of giving in. You kiss down between the valley of my breasts. Over my rib cage. Across my stomach. All the while your fingers unrelenting on my nipples. My eyes long since rolled back into my head. My hands gripping the sheets. My body is burning. I want more. I need more. Then your tongue is lapping over my lips and I cant stop my hips from rising to grind against you. You groan at the taste of me and then loose control.

Your hands move from my breasts with lighting speed to find my hips and hold them in place as you let your tongue part my lips and start your aching assault on my clit. My hand fists in your hair, and I’m gasping. A second later and one of your fingers is inside of me, Curling up at precisely the right angle to graze my gspot. I cry out. Your finger is gone then and I whimper, Actually whimper out loud. The loss of contact to much to bare. Seconds later your back inside me this time with two finger, both feverishly working that yummy spot on my upper wall. You suck my clit into your mouth then and start flicking the tip of your tongue on it as you softly nibble. It throws me over the edge with out warning and I cum gushing all over your face, and you stay down there lapping up every last drop.

I was relaxing in the huge, jetted tub. The water hot, steamy and thick with the oils and salts I had put in. I rested with my head back against the edge of the tub, eye closed, Completely enveloped in the hot water. When I heard you enter the bath room, you sat on the rim of the tub, and ran a hand up my torso to my neck. “You look pretty serene like that, Almost makes me not want to fuck with you. ” you said in a voice that was half growl half whisper. I kept my eyes closed, but a small smirk settled on my lips. Serene I may have been moments ago, but now? Now I was aching. I fucking love it when you talk dirty to me like that. It had been So long since the last time you had me. Since the last time I had you all the way inside me. All these months only late night phone sex session held us over. Your voice sounded impossibly sexie with out the mild phone static.

Your hand dipped deliciously lower. Your fingers spread my lips, and your finger started circling my clit. My eyes shot open, a moan erupting through my calm poker face. I found your face, smirking at me. Then you pinched down on either side of my clit, and I thrashed gasping. I was reading to beg you. We ould play later. I needed you now. “Please” I growled out.

“Please what my love?” you said back, cool as the winter breeze. Fuck me. Need was no longer a good enough word to describe how very much I fucking wanted you.

“Take me to that bed, and fuck me. I need you, I need your fucking cock inside of me right fucking now. ” I growled out. Moving to get out of the bath. I knew my words had hit there mark when you scooped me up in those strong arms of yours. It seems I am not the only one who enjoys a little dirty talk.

You wordlessly laid me out on the bed, but you weren’t done playing. You went face first for my pussy and started lapping at my clit. And I forgot for a moment what I truly wanted as my eyes rolled back into my head, and your lips encompassed that sensitive ball of nerves sucking hard. I growled and thrusted up against your face. Then my hand wove its way into your hair and I fisted a hand full of it as I pulled you up by it. ” Play. Later.” I growled in finality. I don’t care how good it felt. This was going to be so much better. I ripped open your pants and pulled your cock out. I was so close to getting what I had been aching for since the day you left. I lined it up with entrance and when you didn’t instantly slam in I huffed. “Please?” I whimpered. You smirked. Then you were all the way inside of me bare. We were both groaning. More, I needed more. So did you, You pulled almost all the way out and then thrust into the hilt again. Your lips found my neck and latched on, as you set your hard and fast pace. I was so close already. “Don’t fucking stop.” I Half begged and half demanded. you pulled out all the way again. And I growled. “Roll over.” You commanded. As if this wasn’t a ploy to sass me slightly. I obeyed. my back arching low, ass high in the air. Pussy wet and dripping. You teased my slit. Letting your head go up and circle my clit. “Play later!” I moaned into the sheets. Then you rammed inside of me so hard and so deep the head of you hit my cervix. Your name came screaming out of my lips, and I quivered around you. You pulled all the way out and slammed back in again before settling on a hard and fast pace that had me throwing my hips back to meet you.

“Play with your little clit for me, I love the way it makes your pussy twitch on my cock” You leaned down and whispered in my ear, before nipping at my ear. There you were again saying such yummy things to me, talking dirty, and not missing a stroke. My finger found my clit and I turned into putty before your eyes. You fisted a hand in my hair and Started slamming into me impossibly harder. I was teetering on the edge, So fucking close. My pussy spasming. “Cum with me, Right fucking now Finley” You groaned out
and I was thrown over the edge, as I felt your first stream of cum inside me. My pussy milking out every drop as I throbbed around you. We were both panting as your rolled off of me. “Now I’d say its time to revisit the bath.” You half joked.

We spent the rest of the night teasing each other, covered in bubbles. Like I said, Play later.

There we laid all snuggled up, when her hand made its slow ascent up
between the valley of my breasts to my throat. Where it clamped down
lightly choking me. She then sucked my earlobe into her mouth and lightly
nibbled, her hold on my throat tightened. I started squirming
involuntarily as a small soft choked moan crept past my lips. This is when
she slipped her other hand into my tiny Pj shorts. More, I wanted more.
Whimpers were coming out of my mouth half choked, my only way of begging.
Her fingers slowly started to circle my clit, teasing menstruation. Her
hand vanished from my throat to take a new perch on my left breast. I was
putty in her hands. A twitchy wet moaning mess in her arm. She growled
into my ear “Stay Still Finley.” her fingers dispensary from my clit. A
second later her hand came down and spanked my pussy. I groaned. Her
fingers sheathed themselves inside of me an instant later. I took a deep
breath willing my legs not to twitch as her fingers curled upwards and hit
my gspot. I was gasping moaning and begging her not to stop, as she picked
up pace, and then bit my neck hard. My breath hitched. Her fingers
withdrew and moved up to my clit stroking in hard fast circles. My orgasm
was building, and I could no longer control my thighs, or any other part
of me. I started squirming, my hips thrusting trying desperately hard to
get more. She raised her hand and spanked my pussy again as her other hand
tweaked my left nipple hard. Fuck. ” I said stay still.” she growled
against my neck. I went taught. She went back to teasing my clit. Feather
light touches. I begged softly for more. Whimpering. She pinched my clit
then, but I didn’t twitch. Only a loud groan escaped me. “Good girl.” she
murmured against my neck before biting down again. She started stroking my
clit again, and I was instantly on the edge. my whole body tingling as I
begged it to stay still. She rolled my left nipple between her fingers and
put more pressure on my clit. My eyes rolled back into my head. Still I
willed my muscles to obey. She kissed up to my ear. “Cum for me” She
growled and then sucked me earlobe into her mouth. I exploded and she
shoved her Fingers into me. I was moaning and twitching on her had, as she
finger fucked me through the waves of my orgasm. After my pussy stopped
milking her fingers, she withdrew them and stuck them instantly in her
mouth. and then came to lay beside me and wrap herself around me. We fell
asleep like that an entangled, cum soaked mess of limbs.
It was a Friday in the middle of December, when your name lit up the
screen of my phone. It had been months since I last heard from you, and
you hadn’t lost you ability to be cryptic. The message read: “meet me at
the cabin tonight.” I sighed. I didn’t need clarification on what cabin
and where. There was only one cabin you could be referencing. I opened our
text messages and I first typed “No.” Then erased it, replaced it with,
“Fine” and hit send. I had no idea what you could possibly want from me,
our last interaction ended in hate fucking and no follow up conversation.
I started the 4 hour long drive to the cabin. Memories flooding my mind as
the mile signs passed by rhythmically. One memory specifically kept
cropping up, The first time we went to the cabin. Flashes of me pressed
between you and the door, your mouth on my neck. Over and over again the
scene replayed.

I snapped back to reality as I turned off the old state highway onto a
dirt gravel road. The sky dark, and starts bright and glistening. Nerves
built in my stomach and my hands started to shake. 3 miles later, my hands
white knuckling the wheel trying to stop the shaking, I pulled up to the
cabin and parked right by your car. I looked up at the porch and there you
stood, Taller than I remembered. I got out of the car and bounded up the
stairs. You smiled, blue eyes bright in the moon light. ” You look good
Fin.” You leaned in and kissed my cheek. I froze as your scent overwhelmed
me. You still smelled exactly the same and it made me ache.

“I know,” I said back my sassy nature holding true. I ran a hand through
your hair feigning an air of confidence. ” Care to tell me why you dragged
me all the way out here?” My blue green eyes bore into his trying
desperately hard to read him.

“I missed you” you shrugged, I knew it was a half truth. My only response
was the raise of my left brow and my eyes narrowing in on him. he sighed
then, as if trying to shake something. In an instance everything changed.
I was pressed up against the door and your hands buried themselves in my
hair. our lips meeting hungrily, my arms wrapping around your neck as your
hands moved down to cup my ass. you picked me up then. I couldn’t think,
all questions of why I was here left my mind. All I knew was that I didn’t
want you to stop touching me. I don’t know why i thought it would be any
different every time we touch it sparks a wild fire. My legs wrapped
greedily around your waist. One of your hands moved from my ass and opened
the door behind me. My mouth moved to your neck where I kissed sucked and
bit you and you carried me to the bed where you laid me down on my back.
You were ripped open my red blouse buttons scattering on the floor as you
hiked my skirt up around my hips. Your mouth was back on mine in an
instant as i clawed at the shirt you were still wearing. you broke away
from the kiss to strip it off, and i smiled in approval. my hands slipped
between us to unbutton your pants. Your mouth found my nipple and my
breath hitched in my throat. You still knew exactly how to touch me. As if
no time had past since the last time I was under you. Moments later my
hand wrapped around your hard cock and you hissed. I pulled your cock free
from the cotton prison of your boxers and immediately rubbed it up against
my soaking wet black lace panties. you bit down on my nipple then and we
both let out a groan. Then your face was in front of mine Blue eyes
burning bright. I moved my panties to the side then and pressed the bare
head of your throbbing hard cock right up to my soaking wet clit.
“Such a cruel wicked thing you are.” you groaned out as I started moving
against the head of you.
“Cruel am I?” I smirked then as I moved the head of you to my tight little
entrance. I let it slide in just an inch. you were done playing games. You
grabbed both of my wrists and planted them firmly above my head. Leaning
down to kiss along my jaw to my ear.
“Your mine.” you growled out and shoved yourself all the way in. I groaned
and whimpered squirming against you trying to get my hands free because
god did I wanna touch you. But you kept my hands firmly in place as you
started a pace so fast and so hard I couldn’t tell where you ended and I
began. Your name was falling off my lips in gasps and moans. my back
arching up as I squirmed to get more of you. You finally let my hands free
and my hands found your back instantly, Finger nails digging in and
clawing down. This made you growl and you eyes locked with mine again. “I
love the way you move against me.” you breathed and your pace faltered for
just a second like you were trying to commit this moment to memory.

I took this as my chance to push you on to your back and you effortlessly
pulled me on top of you. I started to slowly ride you. Your hands found my
hips and I could feel your fingers twitch as you contemplated moving my
hips faster. I picked up the pace a little and moved one of your hands
from my hip to my little clit. You looked at me and smirked as you let a
finger trace around my clit. My hips stuttered for a moment. but your
other hand guided the pace. Then you were rubbing tight circle on my clit
as my hips bounced up and down at an impressive pace. my tit bouncing with
them. I was getting closer and closer and you knew it. You stopped my hips
then and removed your hand from my clit. I whimpered. you moved me off of
you and flipped me on to my stomach pulling my ass up into the air. Your
cock was back inside me in an instant. I felt you spit down at my asshole
and as you set the pace for fucking me you slowly rubbed tight circles on
it. Which in turn made my whole body shake. Your pace quickened and you
pounded into my tight little cunt hard. One of my hands found my clit and
rubbed it in rough spastic circles. ” I fucking love it when you play
with yourself for me” you groaned out and your thumb slid into my ass,
effectively fingering my ass. I was getting closer and closer. my hips
throwing themselves back to meet your thrusts. I couldn’t get enough of
you. you felt to fucking good. Your hand come down between my legs moving
mine out of the way. i could feel your breath on my ear as you pinched my
clit and said “Cum for me, cum all fucking over me.” I fucking lost it,
your words, the way your breath tickled my ear, and your fingers clamping
down on my clit threw me over the edge dragging you with me. your name
came out in screams and my pussy clamped down on your cock pulling every
last drop of cum out of it.
I stood in the full length mirror of my bedroom. turning this way and
that, looking and judging the way my dark red lacy crop top fit, the way
it cupped my breasts. i turned completely around to analyze the way the
black daisy dukes I was wearing fit. It all looked amazing, I looked like
dripping sex appeal. My curls down and framing my face, my pretty blue
green eyes rimmed with kohl and thick lashes. I slid on my little black
boots and made my way down out of my room. Skipping school was risky,
moreover skipping school so that I could finally loose my virginity… Oh
god, If my parents ever found out I would be grounded tell the end of
time. These thoughts encompassed my mind as I came around the corner to
enter the kitchen. I nearly screamed. “FUCK! Fallon, what the hell are you
doing here?” I shouted as I tried to restart my heart.
“Why are you dressed like that?” my big brother said eyeing me like I was
” NONE, of your god damn business” I snapped back as I moved to push past
him through the kitchen. He Grabbed my arm and pulled me back, pushing me
up against the counter. ” And just what the fuck do you think your doing?”
I snarled out.
“Do mom and dad know your not at school?” you said mischief playing in
those blue green eyes of yours that matched my own. My eyes narrowed.
“Maybe I should call and tell them” you moved to reach for your phone with
your free hand.
“W-wait! Don’t call them. Please?” I put on the pulled out my puppy dog
eyes, my bottom lip pouting out. You contemplated for a second.
“What are you willing to give me in exchange?” my brother replied. The
fingers wrapped around my wrist loosing slightly.
“I’ll do your chores for a week.” I offered, but before I could even
finish my thought your head was shaking. not good enough. “Two weeks?” I
negotiated. Your head shook no again, and then your eyes wandered down to
my cleavage.
“I don’t need a chore lackey little sis, I had something else in mind
entirely.” you said, a sinister grin creeping across your features. my
senior by four years, nerves grew in my gut as I gave you a look that said
spit it the fuck out. ” strip.” you commanded and my mouth dropped open in
“No!” I exclaimed immediately and tried to squirm away. You reached for
your phone again.
“I guess I’ll be calling mom and dad after all.” you pulled your phone
out, and my heart beat doubled. If he told I would be grounded for
weeks… and I would miss homecoming. I begrudgingly reached for the hem
of my crop top and pulled it over my head. my sixteen year old c-cup
breasts bouncing free. You smiled. “Good choice sis.” condescension
dripping on every word, as your hand moved to tweak my nipple. It became
hard under your menstruation’s. you grabbed my arm then. ” Come up to my
room with me.” it wasn’t a question rather a command. I followed
wordlessly. my thoughts spiraling out.

You shut the bed room door behind us, the click of the lock unnerving me.
You took a seat on the bed, and motioned for me to continue stripping. I
looked down at the floor as i unbuckled my shorts and slid them down my
legs with my panties. As the pooled at my feet I could feel your eyes
taking in my completely bald pussy. You patted the bed next to you. I
nervously made my way over to you. “now what?” I said an edge to my voice.

“Lay back” you said and brushed a hand through my hair. I laid back on the
soft pillows of your bed. Closing my eyes briefly. they shot open when I
felt my big brother move off the bed. I watched him kneel between my
thighs and it took everything I had not to clamp them shut. ” Baby sis you
have such a pretty pussy.” you said running a finger down my lips. You
parted them and I heard your breath hitch. “your a virgin after all then.”
you said mostly to yourself. “That’s my price.” you said looking up at me
from between my thighs.
“What?! no! Your my big brother no fucking way.” I started to roll away
but your hands stopped my hips holding them to the bed.
“Relax, Finley. ” you said, your arm now holding my hips down as you
lowered your mouth to my pussy. You lapped at my clit and a moan fell
involuntarily off my lips. it only encouraged you. You started feasting
upon me and I can’t lie it felt really really good. eventually you moved
your arm and slowly slid one finger inside of me. You felt the wetness
seeping there. ” Is my little sister getting excited?” you murmured
against me. and I growled. You pulled my clit into your mouth sucking on
“Oh fuck, Fallon” I breathed back arching up off the bed. I swear I could
feel you smile around me. That’s when I felt you graze your teeth on that
sensitive bundle of nerves. which made me all but scream. you chuckled
then and started backing away. I whimpered. You pulled your finger out of
me then too. I looked at you then. You crawled your way up my body and
hovered over me. your lips glistening with my juices.
” For someone so against this your awfully wet… ” you noted as your
nipped at my nipples, making me gasp. ” oh little sis whatever will we do
with you?” it was a rhetorical question. You sat back on your heels
between my legs, pulling your cock out of your basketball shorts. You were
huge. My eyes widened. you started rubbing it up and down my slit
spreading my juices even more. ” what do you say? do you wanna feel your
big brothers cock?” you asked. secretly or maybe not so secretly any more
I did. the way he touched me made me feel like I was living flame.
” Promise you’ll pull out?” is all I said. You didn’t respond as you lined
the head up with my virgin entrance, you leaned down and kissed my lips
softly once.
“take a deep breath through your nose.” you commanded. I started to pull
air in through my nose slowly and you kissed me again deeply this time, as
your slowly started pushing in. My hands instantly found your shoulders. I
gasped against your lips as I felt your huge member stretch my hymen out.
you grunted as you finally hit my cervix. you stopped moving for a second
giving me the opportunity to adjust. You were so big. ” How does that feel
baby sis?” you asked honestly. I just nodded in response and you took it
as your cue to start gently moving in me. a hand slipping between us to
play with my little clit. moans started erupting from my throat, my
fingers digging into your shoulder. ” mmmm you fit me like a glove. how
does it feel having your big brother cock all the way inside of you?” you
” its so wrong but you feel so good. ” I mumbled and hid my face. You
picked up your speed then, that being all the encouragement you needed. my
hands were clawing at your back, your name like a prayer on my lips. My
back arching up off the bed. my ending getting closer and closer. i could
feel it building, and then you pinched my clit and my pussy clamped down
impossibly tighter around your cock. It sent me screaming over the edge,
my pussy milking must of made you follow because you groaned my name and
then spilled yourself inside me.

I knelt on the floor completely naked bound by handcuffs, blindfolded and
gagged. you paced around me, I only knew because of the way your feet
padded on the ground. ” you look divine like this baby girl” you said
somewhere off to my left and I felt the heat rise to my face.

I heard your foot steps pad over in the direction of what I’m guessing
must of been the bed, because when you returned you dropped something
light a few feet behind me, then you brushed a hand over my cheek and
circled down to my chin and said gently “lay back princess.” excitement
built in my gut. I laid back and felt a pillow sink beneath my head. my
bound hands rested on my rib cage. ” put your arms above your head, and
don’t move them unless I say.” you commanded and I instantly obliged
pressing my bound hands against the carpet above my head. ” good girl, now
spread your legs nice and wide for daddy. ” anticipation grew as I spread
my legs as wide as I could. I felt you kneel next to me then and goose
bumps rose on my skin, god I wanted you. You got real close to my ear,
your breath sending shivers down my spine. ” here are the rules my sweet
girl, the second you move your hands from above your head, or close your
legs even a fraction of an inch I stop touching you in any way shape or
form” I whimpered around the ball gag as you whispered in my ear. you then
sat back on your heals ” nod so I know you understand” and so I did. You
brushed my hair outta my face with one hand as your other started tracing
patterns on my inner thigh. it was an effort to not press my thigh against
your hand. you rewarded my resolve by occasionally tracing a finger over
my pussy lips, every time it happened I would gasp around the ball gag and
ball my hands into fists. you were driving my mad. Your hands vanished
completely and I growled at the loss of contact. and then heard a soft
buzzing, and I felt you place the vibrator on my nipple which instantly
perked up. Small moans escaping my mouth around the ball gag, you removed
it from my nipped and very quickly parted my pussy lips pressing it right
up against my clit. my breath caught in my throat for a second and then my
heels pressed into the carpet and my back arched up trying to get more.
the vibrator was gone a fraction of a second later ” that was naughty, so
very naughty, roll over and put that as in the air for daddy” I
begrudgingly did what you said, my clit aching between my thighs. You
undid the ball gag and let it fall out of my mouth. “naughty little girls
like you get spankings. I want you to count after each one do you
understand?” your tone had an edge to it that told me you were going to
more then enjoy this.
“yes daddy.” I said in a voice soft as honey. and immediately your hand
came down, and I gasped before exhaling the word “one” again your hand
came down harder this time and closer to my pussy, “two” I moaned. ” your
hand came down one last time hard as ever it kind of made me jump as I
cried out ” three!”

“Such a good little girl you are. taking daddy’s spankings like a champ.”
You started rubbing my ass cheeks then. “I must say baby girl, with you
bent over like this all i can think about is how lovely it would be to
fuck you, feel you wrapped around my cock like glove” I whimpered then. as
you moved to be right behind me, I heard you undo your pants and seconds
later you were teasing my pussy lips with your cock. “beg me for it
princess.” you commanded.

“Daddy, please? please just let me feel it. let me feel your huge cock
stretch me out? Daddy I need you. Fuck please?” I barely got the last
syllable of please out before you slammed all the way inside of me. my
head fell back and I cried out in pleasure, but you stalled there all the
way inside of me. your hands on my hips to keep me from squirming against

“how does that feel baby? do you like having Daddy’s cock all the way
inside of you? pressed right up against your cervix?” you pressed in even
harder and all I could respond was a long moan. You then wrapped my hair
around your fist and pulled me back by it. making my back arch and moving
your cock inside of me. ” answer me!” your growled and then bit my neck.
this in turn made me quiver around you.

“Daddy you feel so fucking good, please pound into me until I don’t know
where you end and I begin ?” I begged, desperation in my voice. then you
pulled all the way out of me and i would have started crying if you hadn’t
of slammed right back into me. Then you stalled again. the long whimper
that came out of my mouth told you just how unimpressed I was that you
were not about to pound me into oblivion. I think you knew then that you
little girl was done playing, that she needed a good fucking. I was
begging now, pleading, and then you started in on me. One of your hands
snaked around and found its way to my clit. You instantly started pounding
into me. Daddy was falling off my lips like it was a damn prayer. my hips
were sliding back to meet your thrusts.

“That’s a good little slut. I love the way you move on my cock baby girl”
you whispered in my ear between soft groans. I was getting closer and
closer, your fingers working my clit like magic. You could tell I was
teetering right on the edge. ” Give it to me. let daddy have it. ” and
then you pinched my clit and my climax washed over me in tidal waves. my
breath panting my hips sputtering. moans falls off my lips. I think it was
the way that my pussy started milking your cock because you followed me
right over the edge. Shooting your hot load deep inside me, ” your so
pretty when you cum for me, oh god baby girl, fuck. ” and the only thing
following that was grunt and groans, you rolling off of me and then
pulling me to your chest where we both fell asleep in a post orgasmic
I had just gotten home from a long over night shift to find you sound
asleep in my bed… Completely undressed. the sheet only covering your
favorite part, I stood in the door way of my room contemplating my next
move. I bit my lip a few times as thoughts of teasing and taunting you
danced around my mind.

I danced away to the kitchen, getting all of the ingredients to make you a
fresh pot of coffee. If i was going to wake you up, I was going to do it
right. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee over took the air,. I grabbed
your favorite mug put 2 spoon fulls of sugar and a splash of milk in it,
before pouring the coffee in.

I silently stripped off my clothes, before quietly sneaking back into the
room, setting the coffee down on your night stand. I gently moved the
sheet off of you. Underneath I found your morning wood. I climbed on to
the bed softly. Leaning down, I licked from base to tip, where I pulled
the head of your delicious cock into my mouth, giving it a nice long suck.
My eyes looking up at your still sleeping face, I took a deep breath
through my nose and forced your big member down my throat, it wasn’t until
the head of you hit that back of my throat that your eyes finally
flickered open. they Took me in, your cock all the way down my throat, my
eyes slightly bulged out completely naked. I pulled my head half way up
your cock before I slammed down again deep throating you effectively. you
groaned then “Oh fuck… Finley. mmmm. ” I let you fall out off my mouth.
” There is a fresh cup of coffee for you right there.” I pointed, with a
smile, my finger tracing idle patterns up and down the length of you. You
shuddered and reached for the cup. Shooting me an look of appreciation you
took a long sip. Which I took as my cue to get back to work. My hand
wrapped around the base of you, as my tongue licked around the ridge of
your mushroom head. your hips squirmed, and I took the head of you in my
mouth sucking and licking as my hand stoked the bottom half of you.
Eventually my hand moved from the base of you to your balls, I massaged
them gently as I deep throated you over and over again gagging
occasionally around your girth.I knew you were getting close when your
hand found the back of my head, and you started thrusting up into my
mouth. Your grunts and groans picking up in frequency. Then you slammed my
head down as you thrusted up and started spilling your load down my
throat, I moaned savoring every drop. after your hips stopped squirming,
and your hand let go of my head. I slowly drew back and let your cock fall
out of my pretty little mouth with a pop. “How was that for a wake up
call?” I smirked at you.
” That… was fucking amazing.” You huffed out between breathes. I kissed
your lips softly a smile playing on my lips as I crawled over to my side
of the bed got comfy and fell asleep.
Kinky Fuckery on The lake

It was the hottest day of the year, even as the sun dipped over the
horizon the thermostat was still sitting at 80 degrees. I was sitting on
the back porch trying to get some relief from the blistering heat. when
your jeep came pulling into the drive way. You hopped out and told me to
grab a suit and a towel because you had a surprise for me.

I quickly ran into my house grabbing my most revealing suit. A hot little
emerald green bikini that pushed my tits up in the most yummy way. I
dressed in said bikini and put on a pair of daisy dukes right over the
thong bottoms. Grabbed a few towels and headed out to hop in the jeep a
mischievous smile on my lips. I saw your eyes dip and look down at the
swells of my breasts. I also saw the way your facial features twitched
trying to remain neutral. Trying to not look smug about the obvious affect
I was having on you was a difficult feat.

We drove for a while, maybe an hour or so, listening to music, and my hand
occasionally tracing lazy patterns on your thigh in beat with the music.
Finally you took an exit off of the freeway, we were on some old high way
driving for about 15 minutes when you turned on to an old gravel road
which ended up leading to a beautiful turquoise blue lake that sat crested
between to large hills covered in exquisite evergreen trees.

As soon as you put the jeep in park I hopped out running down to the long
dock that stretched out from the rocky shore. You were busy fumbling with
something in the back of the jeep. eventually you joined me on the dock a
box in hand and a flash light . I didn’t realize what the box contained
until you were right next tome. You had bought one of those inflatable
kiddy pools, that are shaped like a rectangle. I had to admit that you had
put a lot of time into planning this. I almost felt bad for being such a
tease. you quickly laid the pool out on the wide dock and set up the
battery pump. it took less than 10 minutes for the pool to be fully
inflated. I had doubts about weather this would keep us afloat. but you
seemed sure enough. you took the pump off and went back to put it in the
jeep. you grabbed some pillows and an inflatable cooler. You really had
thought of everything.

you placed the pillows in the pool and then we gently pushed it off the
dock into the water. You held it up against the deck and offered me a
hand to get in. Sitting on the pool bottom felt like sitting on a water
bed. I held on to the dock so you could climb in beside me and then we
pushed off to go float in the lake under the endless night sky. We both
got situated laying side by side the gentle waves of the lake carrying us
further out and rocking us back and forth. The night air was still warm
around us. I turned slowly on my side to face you, it rocked our make
shift raft back and forth ever so slightly. you had discarded your shirt,
so I laid my head right on the skin on your chest, peppering soft kisses
there. My hand roaming and exploring your abdomen. you shivered under my
touch, and i turned to look up at you, it wasn’t a half second later that
your lips were passionately pressed up against mine. your hand getting
lost in my hair practically pulling me on top of you. we made out like
that for quite some time, little moans escaping here and there as i ground
myself against your leg needing some kind of pressure to relieve the ache.
it wasn’t long after my grinding started that you pushed me on to my back,
and started kissing down my body. your fingers hooked into my shorts and
swim suit bottoms pulling them down in one sweep. My breath caught in my
throat. Fuck you were so sexy. you nipped at both of my hips before
kissing over my pussy lips. I gasped each time your mouth made contact
with my skin. Then your tongue parted my pussy lips licking right over my
clit. I moaned softly my hips rising trying to get more. you pressed them
down firmly and then started to ravish me. your mouth alternating
between licking over my clit, and pulling it into your mouth and sucking
on it. It was driving me insane. your name was coming out between gasps
and moans, I think it only encouraged you. Soon after two of your fingers
found there way inside of me, you started with slow long strokes that had
my choking on air, begging for more. then you started going hard and fast.
Slamming into me with those very skilled fingers whilst your mouth worked
my clit over. It lasted only a few minutes before i was begging for your
cock, you pulled your head back from my pussy and looked up at me with
lust and passion filled eyes. Fingers still inside me as they curved up
to find and brush up against my G spot, my eyes rolled back into my head
as a half moan half growl came rumbling out of me. Your fingers where gone
a second later and I whimpered at the loss of contact. you Moved to lay
beside me and moved me so i was once again laying on my side, but this
time facing away from you, your were kissing my neck when I felt the head
of your cock tease my entrance from behind. You thrust-ed in then and the
pool shook softly. I groaned and you set a rhythm in pace with the waves,
slow and steady. hitting my g spot with every in stroke, I was begging
panting for more. Instead of obliging your hand snaked under my bikini
top and you whispered in my ear something about wanting to touch and play
with my breasts from the first moment you saw me in my bikini. I was
getting close but your pace was keeping me right on the edge. You rolled
my right nipple between your fingers and it sent me wild. i started
thrusting back against you trying to get more. My wild abandon must have
broken your resolve because you let go of my breast and moved your hand to
my hip and started to ram into hard and fast, exactly like how I wanted. i
went from teetering on the edge to being thrown off of it, I came so hard
all over your cock, it set you following me off that cliff. You bit down
on my shoulder as you shot your hot load deep inside me. my pussy milking
every drop out of you as i moaned and panted through the waves of bliss.
Last night I was all snuggled up in my reading chair, wearing a pair of
Lacey burgundy boy shorts, and a white tight tank top. I wast lost in a
new novel, that took an unexpected erotic turn. the main male character
had his face between her thighs, worshiping her like it was his dammed
job. Right in the middle of her throne room. I must admit it was turning
me on, but I so was lost in the writing. In the scene that I hardly
noticed I was rubbing my thighs together trying to get any kind of

Once I finally noticed that I was so soaking wet that my panties couldn’t
contain it. I rested the book on the arm of the chair and went off to
search for my vibrator. on the way back I discarded said panties and sat
back in the chair. I spread my legs nice and wide and got lost in the book
again. My free hand turned my tiny bullet vibrator on the lowest
vibration. I started to tease my lips as the male protagonist picked her
up to carry her to her rooms. once they got there, he stripped her bare,
and started worshiping her beautiful breasts. that was when my vibrator
found my clit and little moans started escaping my lips. he moved them to
the bed and be for i knew it her pert little ass was up in the air and he
was teasing his perfect member up and down her already soaked lips. That
is when I turned the vibrator up, rubbing it in tight circles on my clit.
he started pounding into her, with out warning. my hips started to squirm
and I was rubbing that vibrator hard and fast up against my little bundle
of nerves. I couldn’t focus on the book any more and me head fell back
against the chair as my hips writhed and withered under my hand and toy.
my moans coming fast my breath coming hard, as my orgasm tore through me.
my thighs trembled. my skin was flushed, and i couldn’t stop panting as I
turned the vibrator off and laid there in complete and utter bliss…
You saw me across the bar as soon as I walked in. It took you less than
five seconds to decide that I was to be your conquest of the night. Was it
my piercing blue green eyes? Or thew way my little black dress hugged all
of my curves?

You had the bartender make me a drink before I even made it up to the bar,
vodka tonic, I gave you a sweet sultry smile, one that said you didn’t
know just what you were getting yourself into . You came up to me with a
shot while later, asked me if i wanted to have some fun. My only response
was to down the shot and lead you on to the dance floor.

We grinned-ed up against each other; my pert little ass rubbing right up
against your bulge. I felt you grow harder with each sway of my hips. Who
could blame you? Your lips brushed crossed my neck and a shiver ran down
my spine. You then kissed up to my ear. After sucking on my ear lobe for a
few fiery seconds you whispered an invitation back to yours. I nodded
coyly: you weren’t the only one who was getting really hot and horny. The
little back thong I was wearing was already soaked between my thighs. Oh
how I wanted you.

You lead me out of the bar your hand on the small of my back. We walked
down the block to your apartment, and didn’t even get the door opened
before I was pressed up against it my ass in your hands and my legs
wrapped around your waist. My hands getting lost in your hair as you
kissed, sucked, and nibbled on my bottom lip. I felt your left hand leave
my ass and heard you fishing around in your pockets for the key’s. your
fumbled to find the key hole, but eventually the door was opened and you
were carrying me inside to have your wicked way with me. You kicked the
door shut as your hand found my ass again. We didn’t even make it to the
couch. You pressed my up against the foyer wall and your hand moved
between us, quickly pulling your member out. You pressed the head right up
against my clit and my head fell back against the wall as a moan escaped
my throat. My nails dug into your shoulders as my hips started to squirm.

“Good girl,” you breathed as you felt my wetness seeping through. “Fuck
Your soaked. I need you.” You had growled the last bit. The engorged head
of your cock nudged my panties out of the way before you quickly sheathed
yourself inside of me. My mouth found your neck immediately I started to
suck and kiss on the skin there to muffle my moans. You started pound into
me then and my teeth sunk in as your cock teased my g-spot. A groan came
rumbling out of you with that and you picked up speed. thrusting into me
so hard that the painting on the wall fell off not that we cared to
notice. I knew you were getting close when you you moved a hand to rub my
little bundle of nerves. Fire built in me as I approached the edge my
mouth letting go of your neck to moan your name like a prayer. “Cum for me
Finley. Cum all over my cock,” you commanded me, and I fell off the edge
my pussy clamping down and milking your juicy dick and dragging you with
me. You gasped my name as you pumped me full of your hot cum. You rested
your forehead on mine. “Well that was… fun ” I smirked at you in reply
before pressing a kiss to your lips.
Road Trip Part One

We’d been driving for hours, and the entire time I was being such a tease,
hands roaming over your thighs while you try to focus on the road. Some
times roaming higher and finding your bulge just begging to be left free
from its denim prison. you would of had me convinced that I was having no
affect on you, if you hadn’t been gripping the steering wheel so tightly
your knuckles turned white.
After an hour and a half of my relentless teasing you had finally had
enough and pulled off the the old highway on to some back country road.
You looked at me over the center console eye’s alight with mischief. all
you had to do was point to the back seat and I was crawling back there
sitting and waiting for your next instruction. you climbed in to the back
and immediately captured my lips in a searing kiss. It left me aching. you
laid me back across the seats and started to kiss across my cheek to my
ear, where you whispered,
” Do you think its fun to tease me like that darling?” the domineering
edge your voice sent chills down my spine. a devilish smile overtook my
“It’s more than fun too me.” I said in a sultry naughty voice that I knew
was just begging for a punishment. I heard the growl build in your chest
before it escaped your throat. The guttural sound made my smile widen. you
kissed down from my ear, to my neck and right when your lips made contact
with the crook of my neck where my shoulders and neck meet you bit down
and hard. My fingers found your hair immediately as a soft breathy moan
came through my parted lips. The sound only encouraged you. your hand
quickly slipped up my tight tank top and with in seconds your fingers are
brushing over my already hard nipples and teasing them in a way that
makes me squirm under your touch. my skin flushed a subtle pink color as
your kisses travel further south, across my collar bone. you start to lift
my top over my head, so you can see my beautiful breasts and pert little
nipples. I watched as you slowly… so painfully slowly, leaned down to
lick my nipple, another moan came rising up my throat. it took all my
will power to remain patient… to not beg you to push my skirt up my hips
and ram in to me…

i think that you could tell that I was loosing my patience because right
before your teeth sunk into my nipple you pressed a finger between my legs
under my skirt right up on my sensitive little bundle of nerves. my back
arched up and i groaned out trying to squirm my hips to get more friction.
Your hand quickly moved from my clit to my hip, where you slowed my
squirming and moved your head to peer into my eyes. ” Finley… if you
can’t behave your not going to get to cum.” you said sternly, the playful
tone absent from your voice. my eyes widened and small whimper rose from
my throat.

“Yes sir. ” I pouted but remained still waiting for you to play with me
more. you gave an approving smile, and i heard the sound of your button
popping open before the sound of your zipper coming undone. I bit my lip
as I watched as you pulled your hard uncut cock out of your pants. I was
aching for you. “please?” I breathed whilst looking up at your handsome
face. Thats when I felt the head of your prefect cock press up against my
clit as you rubbed against me there. Moans were coming out of my mouth
like a promise. I threw my head back and moaned loudly shutting my eyes
and that when you finally lined the head of your cock up with my entrance
and slammed into me bare and hard….

To be continued Darlings 😉
It’s early morning, the sunlight is peeking through the curtains. My heads
on your chest and I slowly turn to look at you. Your eyes are such and
your breath is even. My hand trails down your bare chest and abdomen. my
hand finds your boxers and your cock is already rock solid. I trace a
finger over it and start to tease you softly. I kiss down your chest
waiting for you to slowly wake up. My hand gently pulls your cock out as I
kiss down your abdomen. You stir a little, but you remain asleep. I
finally reach your throbbing member, and I lick the head tentatively,
which makes you stir some more. I keep my eyes on your face as I slowly
wrap my mouth around your beautiful big dick and then slam my head down
deep throating every inch. Your hand finds my hair and your eyes flash
open, a sexy smile on your lips as you say, “and just what do you think
your doing Finley? ” my only response is to pull back up to the head and
swirl my tongue around it before deep throating you again. You half growl
half moan and pull me off your cock by my hair. I give you a questioning
look. You move wordlessly pulling me by hair until my head is hanging off
the side of the bed. That’s when I know exactly where this is going. You
rub your prick around my lips and my tongue darts out to lick it and you
give me a warning glance before you slip the head into my mouth and then
thrust all the way down my throat. I moan around your cock as it hits the
back of my throat. your eyes are staring down at me as you toy and tease
my breasts, thrusts coming fast now effectively throat fucking me. Your
thrusts are coming harder and faster now, and I gag occasionally around
the girth. Your hand moves from my breast to the aching between my thighs.
You find my clit in less than a second and a moan erupts from my throat
around your cock. My sounds encourage you to fuck my throat harder and
faster your finger rubbing my clit in clock wise circles. My hand moves to
cup and massage your balls. This makes your thrusts become erratic, as
your teetering on the edge. You pull out of my mouth fisting your
throbbing cock as you shoot your hot load all over my face and tits. I
lick around my lips trying to gather any spare drops to get a taste of you
and you smile down at me, whispering something about the greatest wake up
call ever. you wipe some cum off my cheek with your thumb and then offer
it to me. I lick and suck on your thumb getting every drop…
Get in the car lets go where we’ve never been before.
We can drive all night and stop when the feelings right.
Hopefully at a lake or somewhere else as naturally beautiful.
Maybe we’ll get there just before dawn, get a blanket out of the back of
my car, and find a nice secluded place along the shore, we’ll watch the
sky change colors between passionate tongue kisses, where I’ll slowly but
surely climb on to your lap so I’m straddling you. The sky will shift to a
beautiful periwinkle blue, one that matches the color of my bra, something
you’ll notice and comment on when I finally shed my shirt. You’ll gingerly
reach behind me and unhook the clasp, pulling away from our intense kisses
so you can fully appreciate the way the my breasts bounce as you slide my
bra off my shoulders. You’ll kiss down my neck and give a soft little
bite, where my neck meets my shoulder. Then a small kiss over my collar
bone. Now the top of my breast as your hand reaches up and cups the bottom
up it lining my beautiful pink already hardened nipple up to you lips.
Your tongue darts out between your lips and licks my peak, a breathy moan
escapes my parted lips, and my fingers will find your hair grabbing a
fistful of it as my back arches in such away that presses my nipple right
up against your lip but also shifts my hips forward making it so I’m
sitting directly above your cock. Your lips wrap around my nipple and you
pinch the other one between two fingers. I moan louder this time shifting
my hips and grinding my pussy right up against your cock your only
response to the friction is your teeth biting down around my hard little
pebble. This sends my hips squirming needing more of you… all of you.
The sky is now a light blue and the sun is coming over the horizon slowly.
You move your mouth to my other nipple, this is when I loose all sense of
patients, I need to feel your cock. My fingers make quick work of your
pants button and zipper, my small hand is in your pants in a flash
wrapping around your hard member giving a gentle stroke before pulling it
out of your pants. I move onto my knees pulling my skirt up and moving my
matching periwinkle blue thong out of the way. I line the head of your
hard cock up with my entrance making eye contact with you before leaning
into kiss you as I slowly slide down your cock. A half moan half growl
comes out as I throw my head back loving the feeling of every inch of you.
I stay there for a moment just enjoying the feeling of having you inside
me. Then I raise my hips and slam down setting a fast and hard pace, one
that makes you grip my ass nails digging it because it feels too good. As
I ride you into oblivion the sun crawls up the sky lighting up the world
and when it finally is completely over the horizon we cum at the same
time, I bite your neck as I ride out my orgasm to keep from screaming….

Now think of all the creative situations we could get into… I’d love to
learn what makes you tick, look for my name on the schedule and don’t be
shy. Lets get more than just your creative juices flowing baby.