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Finley’s Thoughts

Find me in the back of the bar,
follow me to the bathroom,
Press me up against the wall,
Bite my neck and fuck me rough.
Cover my mouth to hide my moans.
Pound into me harder,
and when your hand can no longer contain my sounds,
let your hand wrap around my throat.
Feel me loose control
and fall over the edge as your hand clamps down.
-You know where to find me

I know you like it when I beg,
When desire floods my eyes and puts a rasp on my voice,
Overwhelmed with this consuming need for you.
but what you really love,
Is when my moans turn to the screaming of your name like a prayer,
Daring you to push me over the edge,
or rather fall with me darling.
– Jump with me

my skin shivers, at the graze of your teeth on my neck.
Your breath on my ear makes me twitch, but its the talking dirty that makes me writhe against you.
The way your fingers flit up my back steals the breath from lungs, and then you scratch down, nails digging in hard and I can’t stay still.
But the thing that takes away my sanity is the flick of your wrist and the surprise of your hand coming down hard on my ass.
-baby come drive me insane

Kiss down the winding road of my spine,
and maybe you’ll just find the secret spaces of me.
Find doors that open only for moans and whimpers.
your lips are the key, come unlock me.
-and take your time doing it.

Are you ready?
for your hands to fist white sheets,
for my fingers to claw down your skin,
for the bed to move in a rythym of our own composition.
for my teeth to dig into that neck of yours.
for your breath to be lost in the pleasure from the meeting of our thighs?
– You know exactly where to find me.

Come get lost in the passion with me.

Tell me my love, What makes that cock twitch?
Tell me how you wish to make that bed rock, with my bewitching body beneath you.
Teach me the angles in which you’d like my back to arch against you.
Show me how you wish it to be and I will make it a reality.
I will learn the pathways to your pleasure and I will not stop until you beg me too.
-I’ll leave you aching

“Tell your neck
I am coming near,
I want my lips to feel your heartbeat
and smirk slow when they know
they are the reason behind
the racing.
Tell your chest
to rise and fall and rise
and fill with enough air
to rise once more
once I’ve stolen all I can steal.
Tell your hips
I will match their pace
and loose happily the race
if it means tying you
at the finish line.
Tell your toes
to learn the angles
They’ll be curling,
I’ve lips to lent
and skin to send
into constant states
of shivers.
Tell your lips
mine are coming home.
Lost on the road
that winds its way across
your body,
tell them to open slightly
and I’ll give back that air
I have thieved.”
-Tyler Knott Gregson

I’m more than ready for my skin to be sent into a constant state of shivers, and to feel your hands, lips, hips, and cock everywhere.

bind me and break me baby,
tie me up and make me beg baby,
tease me and then fucking take me.
-I’ll be your play toy
“Roses are red that much is true,
but not as red as my ass cheeks are thanks too you.”

This is a shout out to that special someone that made my ass blush more
crimson than my cheeks.

Find me in your room on your bed.
legs spread, and my pretty little fingers,
dancing to a beat of they’re own.
Watch how my moans help them keep pace.
See my back arch up as your name falls off my lips in gasps.
You decide then that this is a duet after all and join me on the bed.
hovering over me, ripping my shirt off. you tell me I’m yours.
Your mouth finds my breast and you work your way inside of me.
With each thrust my fingernails claw down your back in a dance of they’re
own now. Closer and closer we get to the grand finale.
you cry out my name and find your ending in me, my legs wrapping around
you, pulling you closer as I twirl over the edge.
-We left the room Spinning.
lay me out on your alter,
gentle caress my rose petal soft skin,
then taste me, first at my neck.
hear the moans and gasps fall off my lips like a symphony,
as you journey down across the peaks and valleys of my breasts.
leave love bites as you go my love.
and when you finally reach the promised land at the meeting of my thighs
worship me like your new found goddess.
taste the holy water that pours out of me, or better yet dive into it
tongue first, and you’ll hear my symphony of moans crescendo and taste the
holy water change to wine on your lips.
-I’ll turn you into a born again believer.
A YD sleep over.
oh my lovely lads and lasses do I have somethings to tell you. 😉

Last night Alexis, Kennedy, Emma and I had a little bit of a sleep over,
and lets just say it turned a little naughty. ( that may be a gross
understatement ) oh I wish you could have seen the way that Kennedy,
dominated us all. had us all on our knees, begging for her attention.
Worshiping her pretty little toes. making us do naughty things to each
other for her enjoyment. if you wanna know all the details, you know where
to find me.