I’m Back (Diary of a Phone Sex Addict)

Been gone for awhile and am back and ready to play!

Ready to be fucked hard and hear you cummm good.

Call me up and be ready to play!

If you don’t know me my name is Hollie- I am a true blue, down to the bone sex and phone sex addict.

No rehab for me I will Love cock 24/7 forever. I love to suck cock, fuck cock, stroke cock, titty fuck cocks, I just love COCK!

I love when my dark side comes out and for those of you that do calls with her you’ve met Mistress Hollie.

I love to treat my pets dirty, I love putting you on cum restriction, I make my real time pets be just that. From the time they get to the front door their clothes are off and their collars on! As long as they are inn my house they are mine to do as I wish! I make them go to their fuck chutes lock them in and have my way with them. I love to use my speculum to spread their pussy’s and ass wide open- I will stretch those holes till they beg e to stop and the I crank it one more time. when I need a break I sit back and let the dogs in to have their way with them, They eat and lick and fuck what they want. Since they are locked in mouths hove a o-ring holding it open wide, and their hole spread wide open what are my pets going to do but take it. when the dogs get done I play some more, while I’m getting some cock I give them no rest – I put my most powerful vibrating dildos in there spread open holes and let it vibrate on that metal making them come without stopping, in a case my batteries don’t hold out I pull out my electric fuck machines out!….


I know how these feel because when I have my weekend gangbangs I have them used on me if there is time with 20+guys waiting to fuck me sometimes we don’t get to the toys. I got to have the fuck machine used on me through out  the 1st 2 quarters of the superbowl .. I was on the lazy susan built onto our table the fuck machine was set up and I was strapped to the lazy susan. I was on all 4 at first the dips on my back shoulders. we taped Velcro to me and the bowls so the movement made when they would turn the machine on high. my boyfriend made a bottle opener on a mouthpiece for me to hold while they opened their beers. The guys sat around stroking their cocks watching the machine fuck my pussy!  if they had to cum they cam in a jar, they poured it into my mouth watching me drink every thick lumpy drop. by halftime the guys were so hard and horney we missed the rest of the game.

Then their are my special fuckers-” my daddies”  I was my own daddy fuck toy from my earliest memories, he is made me fall in love with cock and men watchin me while I get fucked.   I love play my daddies little girl making daddy feel so good for the start of his day. And when I got older9 he would pimp me out to his friends and watch while I was in training.

I have lots callers they call  and listen to my stories and let me relive those wonderful fucks when I hear them getting excited like he and his friends did. Are you going to be my next cum while I tell you all about it?  Cum get off to your phone sex fantasy.

“I’m Sugar and Spice and every thing nice and Cock is what Hollie lives for!” “Hollies  Daddy’










“If you love sex talk- and having sex on the phone If you have used other-adult phone chat lines, dirty phone sex- xxx phone chat, xxx phone sex – xxx phone sex girlstalking on phone sex lines, adult phone chat lines, talking dirty on the phone, hot nasty adult phone sex, phone chat – what ever they call it you have never had Phonesex like you will with Hollie at your desires because I am a true phone sex addict that just can’t stop I tried and I’m back.  Give e a try- I will leave your balls dry!


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