Morning sexxxxx….Morning wood….yummm…I’m hungry

Jade Jaguar here……oh waking up without you was not fun this morning.  There is nothing better than getting woken up by a poke from your hard cock tapping me awake.  I love morning sex. I smile into to my pillow .  I cant wait for your hands to be all over me.  I am half asleep, half awake in a dream state.  Somehow my kitty is always wet.  Especially in the morning. I would love to role play with you.  I want to know your morning wood, thick and throbbing, long and standing at attention, short and stubby?  Yummy.  Send me your best bedroom selfie.  Cant wait!  jade@yourdesires.com               www.yourdesires.com   polishedjade@yahoo messenger xoxo.

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